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Jul 30th 2019 at 6:52:41 PM

Hudiemon - Mean Streets of Downtown

The digital hero didn't have much time to watch the two she kicked off fade into the distance. It seemed their heavy-set friend did not appreciate her act of heroism. Defying all expectations, the man leapt gracefully into the air with some sort of spear pointed in her direction. Unfortunately for him, gravity is predictable and she could fly.

As Hudiemon gracefully swooped out of the way of the spear, she twisted her body in the air to deliver a kick to the man's arms in an attempt to knock the weapon from his grasp. At that same moment, a pale woman in a black outfit sailed by, delivering a kick of her own at the same moment. When the blind-folded woman landed on the truck, Hudiemon flew alongside it and gave her a nod of thanks.

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Jul 31st 2019 at 12:29:25 PM

World History Museum — Doppio

A minute passed as Epitaph stubbornly refused to show him anything. And then suddenly, Doppio could see a vision playing out across his hair. A bench hurtling towards him. Just a split second later, 626 leapt up and chucked the object at him as if it were no heavier than a baseball. The stand user's reaction was immediate. The young man reached out with his hands and made to seize the bench... just barely managing to catch it. The momentum caused Doppio to skid backwards slightly, but he scarcely had time to recover before 626 was gobbling up the distance between them at an alarming clip.

"Hah, got you!" Doppio decided the best defence was a good offence - he charged right back at 626, hoping to catch the diminutive alien with the bench and use it to immobilise him. It was still an awkward grip, however, so 626 could potentially either unbalance the young super or use his momentum against him.

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Locking you up on radar since '09 Hand out the arms and ammo, We're gonna blast our way through here!
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Jul 31st 2019 at 1:11:31 PM

Ironhouse District

In response to the gunshots coming her way, Godzilla’s skin became covered in a scaly armor that protected her from the onslaught of bullets. It appeared from a glance that no one had anything that would pierce armor, explode, or had any sort of “anti-super” properties that would force her to retreat. After ducking so that she could enter the building, the giant began her rampage.

She stomped around, threw hapless henchmen into the walls, and broke just about everything that was in her path. She didn’t know where the leader of this operation had gone off to, but honestly she was having so much fun right now that she didn’t particularly care. This was her time to let loose and enjoy being a creature of mass destruction.

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Morph Moth HL (Art by Ushiji Draws)
Jul 31st 2019 at 3:04:06 PM

Curtis Knox - Cheese Factory

This young man certainly knows what he wants. He would make a perfect apprentice in Curtis's mind. But he's too damn shy. Curtis only wants firm, confident people as his apprentices. Maybe a little feedback will help that nerd out.

Curtis criticizes, “An excellent response, young one, but you need to be more bold about it. You have the right approach, but a nervous demeanor won't get people on your side. I want you be to be more assertive.”

Great, the tourists are getting lovey-dovey with each other. But one name bothers Curtis Cox the most. It sounded like Nyaruko from what he remembers. Is this girl an otaku or something? Come to think about it, Nyaruko sounds a lot like Nyarlothep from the HP Lovecraft lore. Just how old is this strange girl if she could influence HP Lovecraft himself?

“Excuse me, child,” said Curtis as he tried getting the silver-haired ditz's attention. “Do you mind repeating your name again?”

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Jul 31st 2019 at 9:44:37 PM

Downtown Heist

Flying off as he took a full metal boot into his side and a less solid one to the hand, the man with the spear said something like "YEEEEEAAAAAAAAARRRGH!" as he cursed his misfortune to both run into multiple supers at once, and be the Spear Guy this mission. 2B landed on the roof of the truck about the same time as he landed on some unfortunate sedan's bike rack.

One guy was nailed...with a nail, and the other one found himself in a sticky situation. With little else to do but curse their fate as they were left in the dust, one guy threw his hockey stick blade at the escaping car in anger. It didn't even come close to hitting it.

There were still a large detachment from the Bug Gang trailing the van as they caught up, most focused on making it up to their ill-gotten prize but a few leaving their safety in numbers to engage in vehicular combat with Tawna and Medusa. This probably wouldn't end well for them, as the most advanced weapon amongst them seemed to be an extending back scratcher converted into a tiny polearm, but they gave it their all.

Pod received a panicked communication back from the people in the van, the distress obvious from the older-sounding guy behind the wheel. The gunshots stopped soon after.

"Whoever you are, just get these guys off of us! We're gonna run into traffic sooner than later; we can't keep playing grabass with them!"

"That's why I'm telling you to slow down so I can shoot at them!"

"Shut up, Bill! It never works! It literally never works!"

Then, as the van took a turn, things similarly took a turn for the worst.

"Guy, the hill! THE HILL!"


Emerald City had not changed from its previous incarnation in one way: it was still a very vertical place.

The whole vehicle took to the air like a majestic bird as it went to the left and over the edge of a steep hill, managing to get quite a lot of airtime as it soared over a grandma in her old station wagon, oblivious to it all. The van, the supers on it, and the bug guys attached by hook to the bumper all flew along with it...

But, unfortunately, it had to come down eventually, you know? The car didn't gain superpowers just because it was getting attacked. Better solve thaaaaat~

Fremont's Catch the Rainbow Music Festival

Ryo Saeba would be known amongst historians of this time period as a man most notable for his poor decision-making skills.

First of all, the time and place being as they are, the crowd around Ryo seemed to immediately turn on him. Cries of "dude", "what the fuck" and "pig" could be heard amongst the crowd, though most remained in a stunned, expectant kind of silence. A lot of glances were traded between the weird Japanese guy and the floating mushroom girl, waiting for something to happen.

One guy threw a croissant at Ryo. Would he have quick enough wits to dodge it, before it hit him in the face and possibly decapitate him?

Up ahead, away from the dumbass who was about to have some problems, Junna and Toph would find it easy enough to clamber onto stage. The security team was already on alert, figuring that this kind of talk from a weirdo in a costume was a great excuse to call the police, but they had already started to quietly try pushing people away from the stage and out of the area.

There was one guard whose tired eyes came into view of Junna, briefly stopping his attempt to move an occupied stroller over a ledge, but after raising his hand to stop her he sighed and waved her on up. He knew a Cape when he saw one.

The young artist on stage with too many tattoos to count was already being escorted backstage by a number of burly men in suits, so his mic was currently yours.

However, be careful. With Puff-Puff Patty the Phantastic Phungi Pal directly overhead, the only thing keeping you from taking in the shower of soporific spores was the stage's roof. If she moved, or the wind shifted in the wrong way, things might get funky!

With everyone's attention turned towards the freak in the sky, the pervert down below, or slowly turning towards the three people on stage, Akali found it easy to avoid notice from virtually anyone as she found her way to the edge. There were trees lining the edge of the bowl that were thick enough to hide in, but you'd still have to go upwards a little bit to get lateral with the villain. The roof of the stage was directly underneath the fungal foe, but dealing with the spores coating it might prove a challenge. There were tents on the outskirts that were not high nor low, and still had people in them, but provided cover from any aerial assault if it did come her way.

Though hard to tell from a distance, Puff-Puff Patty the Phantastic Phungi Pal seemed visibly chuffed that at least one person was playing along with her song-and-dance...even if it was in a very obviously rude fashion. She didn't seem to mind that much.

"That's great, pal! Hey, listen, I'm gonna personally make sure this is a night to remember for ya. I'll come down to you in just a bit, sure, but let's not get greeeeedy, right?" She shook her head in a mocking pout. "I'll start with you, then these guys, then we can do whatever dumb stuff you're asking about. Soooo..."

She twirled about in a circle on the stem of her shroom...


And shot forth her fist, the reddish sac on her arm disgorging a vile load of spores out like a rocket aimed right at Ryo! The crowd was more cognizant of it this time and immediately panicked, but the shot was too fast and the people too packed to move far enough!

The Ironhouse District

The true body of Blake found no issue in taking down Xiubai, as his attention was already taken in response to...everything else that was going on. He fell on the ground with a immediate and varied pallet of swears coming from his mouth. Mr. Chun was already scrambling to get back up, but it wouldn't be hard at all to pin him down by his own actions.

Now, his bodyguard, on the other hand...

The wrinkle-faced short guy's immediately lashed out at Blake, taking a hidden tonfa of his own and swinging it fast and hard into her gut! Even if she was quick enough to parry, he was just as lightning-fast with a response. His eyes were wide as he stared at her with an almost meditative glaze over them, and his movements suggested nothing short of an expert in this field of combat.

Warwick found no issue getting close to that group of tactically-retreating triads, Godzilla's rampage making it just a manner of weaving in between cover and darkness. They seemed just as frightened as the giant wolfman barreled in on them as they did when first seeing the kaiju, though they could at least retaliate with the knives and bats that they hid in their clothes.

It didn't matter too much, though. He found himself on the receiving end of a few blows, a few knicks leaving red coming out of his dusky pelt, but there wasn't much around to bother him when he was done and alone in that stairwell.

Godzilla found little resistance from the people in front of her, a few rounds managing to only sting but never causing any lasting issue. The people around her managed to use their small size to their advantage, ducking out of the way of their slower opponent if she got close, but didn't manage as well when the racks and boxes were coming down on top of them. One person screamed in an oddly familiar way as he was thrown a good thirty feet across the room, but you couldn't quite place where you have heard it before...

Just then, as you're pondering that, someone rounds the corner with a ROCKET LAUNCHER! He fumbles with it for a moment getting it over his shoulder, and he remained painfully unaware of the concept of backblast with two guys standing behind him, but there was an obvious intent to use it in Godzilla's general direction!

The Cheesecake Factory

"Of course," the lady said to Curtis, "I'll have that out by the time you're ready to order." I hope you're not expecting it for free, her coy smile hid away from him.

The orders for everything was more warmly received internally by their server, but her smile remained the same as she acknowledged them in turn and then left.

She wondered if these guys were gonna tip well.

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Washington State World History Museum

Hirasaka gave out a low chuckle, though whether it was in gratitude for the man’s words or commiseration with the man’s situation it was hard to tell. “Think nothing of it, my unfortunate comrade.” He said, attempting to lobby one more comforting pat onto the explorer’s shoulder. “I too know the specter of public humiliation—” His voice dropped out, and the vacant stare aimed past Iowa’s shoulder as before took on the quality of a dead-eyed stare into the middle distance. “—all too well.” Breaking out of his stupor by giving Iowa’s shoulder a parting clench and shake, he busied himself with gathering the length of the whip up until he could hold it in one hand, before promptly taking the other and cupping it against to the side of his mouth. “What amazing courage! Iowa Jones himself has offered to escort all of you out of the exhibit, to the safety of the outside! Quickly, as though a boulder is thundering after you!” Sliding the man in question a subtle thumbs-up before flexing his face in such a way that implied a wink beneath his eyewear, Hirasaka turned away from the intrepid adventurer before taking to the task of threading the center of the whip’s curled length around his arm and up onto his shoulder, freeing his hands to grasp the whip’s tip and remold the unfamiliar weapon into a more familiar shape.

Hirasaka came to a stop across from where the undoubtedly and strangely well-muscled handyman had been attempting to hem in the creature from one side, keeping the now thickly-knotted tip of the rope-like weapon clenched in his free hand. Silently, in an attempt to avoiding capturing the creature’s attention, Hirasaka would make to grab the other man’s gaze with an abrupt two-fingered point toward his own eyes, before then using that same hand to stab in the direction of the departing creature’s back, even while the unstoppable force seemed to meet an equally immovable object in the form of the youth who’d just up and caught the monster’s thrown bench. The ostensibly blind man would then grasp the dangling handle of the whip in his free hand before using it to mime a sweeping, scooping motion, before underlining his point by grasping the knotted end and tossing it lightly underhand across the space separating the two of them, following all of this up by offering the man a thumbs-up of his own. If Kiryu caught the whip, or otherwise just showed that he was up for the plan, Hirasaka would do his part to pull the weapon taut, before crouching low and attempting to move parallel with the former gangster in order to sweep the length of the whip behind and under the snarling beast, aiming to catch its ankles, shins, or even the back of its knees, in order to throw off its footing enough for the boy with the bench to pin the beast to the ground and quell this rampage once and for all.

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If I had that kind of power, I'd have dropped a meteor on your house ages ago~
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The Howler- Warehouse- Hunt For Blood

Warwick removed his teeth from the neck of the last thug he killed. He examined the wounds he had on his body. Nothing severe, but he still noticed a few cuts on his chest and left arm which were soaking his fur with blood. The wolfman seemed to let out what semed like a sigh of annoyance.

More scars. As if he didn't had enough.

It'll heal though, knifes are not as bad as his claws. He learned that the hard way when he attmepted to rip out the machinery from his body by force. They still don't heal.

Focus Warwick. The prey await you. Follow the hero's scent. And that he did, running in all fours to his destination, following the scent. Hopefully he's not too late.

....He's feeling the call of the blood now.


For a while, the showdown between Mr Chun, his bodyguard, Joseph and Jacob against Blake and her shadows were uninterrupted, going normally....well, as normal as a drug bust can go.

....Until they heard the sound of metal being ripped away behind them.

If everybody inside would turn their backs, they would see a large metallic claw leaving a huge hole to the upper half of the door to the manager's office. A few seconds later, the same robotic claw ripped apart the lower half of the door. There was nothing but darkness...except for two glowing green eyes staring at the group. The figure would slowly walk inside the room, revealing the wolf-man in his bloody form.

He examined his targets.

The Little Cat. No. Don't harm her. Knock her out, but don't kill her. No innocents.

The man who must be Chun Xiubai, along with his bodyguard. The snitch didn't told him with detail how he looked like, but judging by his smell of fear, and the fact he's on the ground, possibly by the hero, that must be him.


...The Priest from the news? He thought he merely was a crazy priest who preached about a false apocalypse, but was harmless. But seeing him along with this scum, possibly trading him weapons, money or worse, drugs? He'll die next. But first, the triad leader.

After finishing examining the people inside, his glare turned to Chun Xiubai, giving him a threatening growl at him.

"Chun Xiubai...your actions have spilled the blood of the innocents, ruining their lives, destroying families, only caring about furthering your corrupt goals...but now, the blood you spilled called the beast. And the beast...WANTS YOUR BLOOD!"

The Howler immediately attempted to pounce on the downed triad leader. If he wasn't stopped or uninterrupted by either his bodyguard, Blake or the Seeds, he would pin him down with his superhuman strenght, before attempting to bite his neck apart with his sharp teeth.

Hopefully the manager's office would have something to cover the scene if Warwick was successful to keep this PG-13.

eh ahm teh dergenburn
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Ryo Saeba - Fremont Festival

Ryo made a mental note that apparently, people cared more if you hit on the woman that was trying to forcibly drug them than her trying to do that in the first place. He easily caught the incoming croissant and bemusedly stared at it. Who bring their breakfast to a music festival?

Unfortunately, the fungy woman didn't descend. But her attention was now fully on the japanese man, which would make thing slightly easier. When he saw the incoming drug rocket, he acted almost instinctively. He quickly threw the croissant he was now holding at the thing, intent on making it explode mid-air instead of right on Ryo.

"Err... why are you so determined on making everybody smell those spores anyway?"

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Kiryu, 626 Blaze It

The weirdly-dressed youth indeed had superpowers to his name, but Kiryu had little time to ponder on it. Even when Doppio stopped the thrown bench with his power, the sunglasses man's plan presented itself clear as day. Grabbing the other end of the whip and nodding, he advanced forward with Hirasaka on the other end of the weapon, hoping that Doppio can hold the blue alien in place just long enough for this to work.

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Sento - Cheesecake Factory

Ok, this was not what Sento expected to happen to him when he went out to get a bite to eat. Having a girl clinging to his arm seemed more like something Kazumin would have preferred to have happen....but then again he'd only want Misora to cling to him. He tried to weasel his arm out of Nyaruko's grasp before people started thinking they were actually dating. Also the first name she gave made him feel like his eyes might have sand paper behind them for a second, which made him remember a warning he had seen on the internet: 'Do not date crazy'.

"I'm Sento Kiryu, genius and toy inventor. Would you mind letting go of my arm though Ms. Nyaruko? It's gonna be a bit hard to eat with only one hand."

This was not going to end well for him.

"So in his own way, Cao Cao helped defeat the Nazis."
Aug 1st 2019 at 7:38:30 AM

Junna Hoshimi- 'Catch The Rainbow' Festival

"I don't know him. Either a mycophile or under the influence, probably."

Clarifying her position on the man who's earned everyone's ire (even if there was more pressing things to deal with), she continued to approach the stage. At some point, where the crowds weren't paying too much attention, she whispered something.

"I am... reborn."

And with that (and, though not actually visible, a fancy transformation sequence akin to this, albeit swapping the girl out for her, if that's your thing), her current outfit changed to something far more ornate, with a coat draped over her left shoulder like a side-cape, a frilly back-skirt, and now sporting a bow with a jade orb at the end in her hands. With that done, she approached the security and, after briefly being stopped before being let on, went onto the stage. It was then that she saw a rocket of some kind heading towards the man flirting with Patty... and the crowd below. Quickly, she ran over to the mic.

"Everyone, get back!" Hopefully a few people would get snapped out of their panic-induced daze to make a beeline out of the splash zone, if worse came to worst. Before that came, though, she formed an arrow from what seemed like thin air, and shot with the aim to intercept the spore canon... although, was that a croissant?

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Aug 1st 2019 at 7:49:33 AM

Toph, Fremont Fungus Festival

-Something is happening with one man closer than the rest of the crowd, and the young woman she followed is doing... something before warning the crowd to get back. Toph raises an arm, and a wall of earth begins to rise in a great circle around the stage to protect the crowd from whatever it is that's making trouble.-

Aug 1st 2019 at 9:06:58 AM

2B (The Mean and now Dented Streets)-Oops

2B's HUD had a lot of information on it, as did her map. But one thing her minimap did not give was elevation. Thus, she was as caught off guard by the sudden hill as the drivers. Luckily, she was quicker to respond, and started running up the side of the truck as it started to flip, bouncing off of the top as it shifted 90 degrees. She did a few somersaults in midair as she flew in the same direction that the truck was falling, and then came to a hard landing in front of it, creating a small crater in the street from her landing, although whenever or not this would matter much next to whatever the hell the truck had done to the street was in question.

Alert: The humans inside the truck are still alive. This unit is placing an automated call to local emergency services requesting assistance. Unit 2B's new objective is to defend the truck.

2B nodded slowly. "Understood. Commence fire support."


Pod flew up next to her, and started firing his rapid machine gun like energy bullets at whichever target was closest, shifting as needed. The bullets were set to be non-lethal, and on their own, the shots would do a minimal of damage. But, for anyone who happened to be moving on their skates, even a minor disruption might be enough to throw off their balance and cause them to fall to the ground.

For 2B's part, her short sword appeared in her hand again, and she pointed it directly at the incoming foes, issuing a silent challenge to anyone stupid enough to try to get past her, her back only a few feet from the crashed truck.

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Aug 1st 2019 at 11:25:47 AM

Sabrina, 'Catch The Rainbow' Festival

Before she ended up on stage with Junna and Toph, Sabrina took a left turn away from the crowd, and after making sure everyone around her was focused on something else, she snuck backstage into one of the empty dressing rooms.

Espeon, 'Catch The Rainbow' Festival

And from out of that dressing room came Espeon, who was now in costume, as she jumped onto the stage. Soon enough, she spotted what Puff-Puff Patty was doing, what Ryo was doing, and what Junna was doing and now knew exactly what she should be doing right now. One could even sense a mental sigh coming from Espeon aimed at Ryo and Junna. Espeon focused her telekinesis on trying to contain the now combined Spore Rocket-Croissant-Arrow and stop it from exploding over everyone and funking things up.

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Wizard Needs Food Badly
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Mean Streets of Downtown - Medusa

"Curses, they're going to get run off the road!" Medusa said to Tawna as she felt the telltale signs of the slope starting to level out, and heard that the armored truck wasn't slowing down. "I'll deal with the truck, you handle these fools, thanks for the lift!"

With that, she hopped onto the outside of the car, planting her feet on the window frame. Then she threw herself off of Tawna's car and sent herself flying towards the armored truck, ramming her weapon into the handle on the driver's-side door with tremendous force. With only a matter of seconds to act, there was no time to try carefully opening it and closing it again, so she instead elected to leverage her nail hard to the side like a crowbar. She pried the door open a few inches, and then slammed her foot into the wedge to send the door shooting off its hinges and at whatever Bug was unfortunate enough to get in its path. With the door gone, she quickly threw herself into the driver's seat.

"Hold onto your seatbelts and don't put your tongue between your teeth, this is going to be a rough landing!" She gave a fast warning to the guards as her hands gripped the steering wheel, a pulse of magic pouring into the vehicle to weave a gentle amount of reinforcement into the armored car and - she hoped - enough to keep the undercarriage from bursting in the next few moments.

Then she braced for impact and pressed down on the pedal until the wheels were spinning fast enough to match the truck's current airspeed, trying to make the landing as seamless as possible given the circumstances.

E pur si muove... and yet it moves. Unofficial Game of Gods Data Compendium
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Aug 1st 2019 at 3:10:33 PM

World History Museum: My Hands are Shaky and My Knees are Weak, I Can't Seem to Stand on My Own Two Feet

In his hurry to escape the cage forming around him, the alien had taken his eyes off Pinky the moment his little "restraint" was lugged off to the Stand User. Were it not for his hyper-sensitive ears Pinky advertising his attack like an idiot, the vandal might have found himself pinned on his belly. Fortunately for his pursuit of mayhem, the alien had enough warning to turn around and snatch the end of the bench intended to hold him down.

This was starting to get annoying. Why couldn't these silly humans leave him alone to have his fun? He wasn't even hurting anybody! But if they wanted to keep getting in his—!

For a moment, something taught brushed against the fur of the little alien's feet. One mighty pull later, and the leather tail had shifted his balance to a point where he couldn't recover. The vandal fell on his back, the full weight of the bench (along with Doppio's contribution) pushed his belly and his middle pair of limbs snugly against the floor.

The alien growled. Now these pests were bothering him.

"Balugaba laga!" he cried, the bark in his voice being the strongest indicator that the vandal had finally grown angry. Another indicator followed a moment later, as the potential captive seized his end of the bench with his free hands, thrust it off his body, and violently chucked it across the room—perhaps with Doppio still clutching it, if he weren't fast enough.

The bench would fly dozens of feet through the air towards the center of the room, and accidentally strike the sarcophagus of King Huni like a giant javelin.

Rising to his feet (perhaps only to be tackled by the two humans who tripped him) the little alien managed to see the fruits of this happy accident, and cackled with glee! Ha ha! He just broke the most important thing in this room! And he broke it without even trying! Better luck next time, stupidheads! Nobody can stop Experime—wait a minute.

The alien's ears flicked towards the toppled sarcophagus. The noise was soft, like a brush against leaves, but undeniably there. It happened again, maybe even a little louder this time, only confirming to the alien what the humans were about to find out:

Something was moving in there.

"Uh oh."

"I was put on Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I'm so far behind I will never die!"
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Aug 1st 2019 at 3:13:58 PM

Cheesecake Factory

"It's no fair, Touché!", grumbled a dopey voice from a corner of the restaurant. "Why do you get to eat a chocolate mousse cheesecake while I'm stuck with a measly hamburger?"

Patrons who took a few seconds off their precious time to investigate the source of these seemingly inane vocalizations would discover a most peculiar sight indeed. In the manic hustle and bustle of the overworked servers and overbooked customers, no one seemed to have noticed a pair of anthropomorphic animals sitting on a small two-person table, facing each other.

"Don't complain, Dum-Dum", replied a diminutive turtle in a cavalier hat, in-between bites of his scrumptious meal. "You know chocolate is not good for you. Besides, we are not here to stuff our faces!", he lied.

"Uh... Then what are we here for?", asked his scarf-and-hat-donning canine companion.

"Keeping everyone safe, of course! It is a fact that danger always lurks in crowded and busy areas such as this! A fiendish foe could attack at any moment, Dum-Dum! A damsel could be kidnapped! A cat could be trapped on a tree!", said the turtle, his high-pitched, droning voice growing increasingly theatrical. "Just look over there!", he said, pointing over to Nyaruko and Kyriu, sitting a few tables over.

"A couple?", asked the dog again, befuddledly.

"No, Dum-Dum! Harassment! And I'm about to put a stop to it! Touché away!, the turtle yelled, and zoomed towards the pair.

"Is she bothering you, mister?", he asked Kyriu as soon as he reached them.

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Aug 1st 2019 at 4:15:39 PM

The Cheesecake Factory

"Is eating with one hand really that hard?" Nyaruko questioned doubtfully, not letting go in the slightest. If anything, her grip tightened as she took on an almost catlike smile. "Well, even if it is, I'm here for you, Sento! I'll feed you myself if you need it!♥ ...Besides, the food isn't even here yet!"

The silver-haired maiden briefly turned to the scarred man with a disinterested gaze, finally half-registering his question. "What, you mean Ṇ̵̠̱̪͘͝y̕҉͕̜̺̫̝̗̫̜á̬͕͖͎͞r͓l̵̵̫̦̺̥͚̻ͅa̸̸̳͇̤̰͖̘̲t̸̞͈͈h̬̭̺̳̱͢o̷̵͖͍͈̩̙ţ̧͉̠͇̕e͍̩͎͔̬̖̺p̻̟͍̘̦̯͖͡...?"

"Oh!" she exclaimed in sudden realization, smacking herself in the forehead, "D'oh! My switch got flipped so hard I forgot the accent! It's Nya-rl-at-ho-tep. Nyarlathotep! Or just Nyaruko~, heehee!" She leaned her head to rest contentedly on the captive toymaker's shoulder... until a certain swashbuckler saw fit to interfere, that is.

"Huuuh?" The green-eyed woman looked down her nose at the swordsman, eyebrows knitted aggressively. "Mind your own business, Turtle! This is just an expression of my eternal, unmatched-anywhere-in-the-universe love! Of course I'm not bothering him!" Her expression melted into an intoxicated lovey-dovey stare as she returned to gazing adoringly up at the self-declared genius. "Right, My Darling~?♥"

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Morph Moth HL (Art by Ushiji Draws)
Aug 1st 2019 at 4:29:42 PM

Curtis Knox - Cheesecake Factory

After watching the waitress leaving, Curtis had finally settled upon the vegan glamburger. An abomination crafted by those hippies as their way of saying, “We have burgers. Can you let us join you meat-eaters?” To be fair, hippies are annoying moochers who don't do enough to change the status quo. In some cases, they'll encourage the status quo. And that's why he hates them.

Still, he'll try a vegan burger. The novelty of that food item is enough to make him try it once.

After watching the silver-haired girl's shenanigans with the toy-maker and talking turtle (that was a pretty rare statement), Curtis cleared his throat to refocus the subject back on the introduction. Such tomfoolery won't be tolerated in Curtis's new regime.

“A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Nyaruko. And to the turtle who rudely interrupted, I'm Curtis Knox, a modern-day nobody.”

Curtis offers a handshake to the girl and the turtle.

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LittleMako Comes in peace from the Great Indoors
Comes in peace
Aug 1st 2019 at 6:11:25 PM

Ironhouse Warehouse

The shadow on the warehouse floor had pulled Dr Feeney to his feet and half-led, half-pushed him along towards the closest exit, keeping its hand pressed firmly on the top of his head so that it could shove him down if it needed to. As an afterthought, it scooped a vial of Bliss off the floor and shoved it into the man's pocket.

Keeping low, it wove a path between dusty shelves and moldy pallets, pausing every now and then to duck as a crate or a screaming gangster was thrown overhead. If there was one thing to be said about Godzilla, it was that she made for one hell of a distraction.

Once they finally made it out into the cool, quiet night air, they only got halfway down the alley before the shadow just... stopped. Keeping one hand on Feeney, it turned its masked face to look back up at the warehouse, clearly waiting for something...

Jacob's first shot struck home, and one shadow reeled silently and disintegrated into wisps and shreds of black vapor mid-step. Unperturbed by the demise of its sister, the second had enough time to strike at his gun arm with its tonfa, knocking his second shot wide and following up with a baton-enhanced punch to his stomach, trying to grab his gun before he could pull it up again with its other hand.

Before the real Black Cat could process Joseph Seed's apparent surrender, she had to deal with Xiubai's bodyguard. She had let the mob boss himself scramble back for a moment as she sensed, rather than felt, the old man springing into action, her quarterstaff coming up to deflect his blow. A muffled grunt emerged from behind her mask as the blow still forced her back a step.

A super? Or just - shit! As the man struck at her again, lightning fast, Black Cat's body shimmered and blurred and seemed to split in two, one image throwing itself forward into the path of the strike and evaporating as it took the hit. The heroine herself darted back a step before dashing through the swirling remnants of her clone, spinning her staff to strike at him with one end, then the other, then the other!

Pretty sure he's better than me - got to keep him on the defensive - damn it, I don't have time for this!

Her thoughts proved prophetic as the sound of shrieking metal filled the office, and there was a moment of stillness as the Howler squeezed into the office. In the few precious seconds it took for the wold to growl out a monologue, Black Cat rapidly took stock..,

The moment popped like a soap bubble as the Howler pounced, and Black Cat did the same. A replacement shadow shimmered into being and caught one of the wolf's claws, while the one that had been fighting Jacob spring away from him with a parting kick and caught the other claw, the two shadows digging in with bent knees to try and hold back the Howler's strength.

The real Black Cat disengaged from the bodyguard in the hope that he'd, well, do his job, the heroine's eyes darting between the Seeds, the wolf, and the gangsters as she hesitated.

This was becoming untenable... How long could she afford to fight this out?

Formerly known as Gaunt 88
Aug 1st 2019 at 8:24:26 PM

Akali, Catch the Rainbow

Free of a large bulk of the crowd, Akali slowed her pace and put on a more casual air as she moved towards the tree line. Stopping a short distance in, she eyed the nearby trees that made up the front of the line, scoping out a suitable one for what she wanted to do.

Spotting one tree that was slightly larger than the others, and with a sturdy branch facing off towards the festival, the ninja ran at the tree and kicked off. Catching a branch just above her head, she swung up and around; Twisting in mid-air to land on it before smoothly springing off it and to the next one. The climb was swift and easy for her, and soon the young woman was perched on the branch she had spotted down below; Watching the goings on from a distance.

Standing on the branch, Akali pulled one of her kunai free from a hidden pocket on her jacket. She spun it idly on her finger as she sized up the distance and height that Puff-Puff Patty had from where she was, and what throw she'd need to make. At that distance it wouldn't be the strongest, or the most accurate, but it would do. Bringing her arm back, the ninja took aim at her target and with a sharp throw let the blade loose. Aiming for the outside of one of Patty's thighs, not fussed whether it simply nicked her or stabbed in.

Uncandescent One Brunch Man Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
One Brunch Man
Aug 2nd 2019 at 2:39:45 AM

Washington State World History Museum

A slim smile graced Hirasaka’s features as their plan went off more or less without a hitch, the sweeping length of the whip continuing its arc past the creature’s ankles and under the creature’s feet until it gently bowed inward in the air above the tripped beast. Hirasaka would lean into this motion even as he came to a stop, wincing at the rushing air and implied property damage of the thrown bench while he counted on the man gripping the whip opposite to remain as solid and stationary as a steel pole. With almost certainly more flourish than was strictly necessary, the not-quite-blind man prompted the length of the whip to flip over itself with a flick of his wrist, the overlapping sections creating a hole slightly larger than the width of the creature’s clawed arm span. Leaning down almost to the creature’s level, Hirasaka would attempt to lower the opening to line up with the creature’s first waist—between its first set of arms and the second—before then attempting to pull the whip taut once more with a harsh jerk, trying to snare the creature around the area that would be the most awkward for it to get at. Were any of this successful, Hirasaka would then carefully yet steadily rise to his feet, attempting to use the creature’s smaller weight and mass against it by essentially keeping it suspended in the air between him and the man holding onto the whip's other end.

“Knowing when you’re beaten,” he would say, whether his maneuver worked, partially worked, or didn’t work at all, using one finger to push the brim of his cap up and give the creature a better look at the shades covering his eyes, “is the better part of valor, my rambunctious fuzzy comrade. Or, to put it a different way—” Leaning in, attempting to keep out of bite range, he would stick out a scolding index finger and wave it in time with each word. “No, more… smashing…” He trailed off, his ears twitching in a much less obvious fashion as the experiment’s even while his attentions strayed in the same way, toward a vessel where nothing should have moved in millennia…

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Aug 2nd 2019 at 6:06:28 AM

The Museum

It happened very suddenly.

The tomb, having been knocked over by the alien, suddenly burst open without warning. Giant, massive gusts of wind burst forth from it, and sand started to appear in the air, as if they were now standing in the desert. And then, the mummy emerged from the tomb. He lifted his hands to the sky.

   At last! After eons of confinement, I have at last been set free! And now, freed of the chains of death, I can at last reclaim what is rightfully mine! But first, I must find the human who looted my tomb of my treasures, and exact justice for this insult!   

Iowa Jones was now crouching, and trying very hard to remain unseen as he slowly made his way to the exit. Those people recording on their smartphones were still trying their best to do so through the sand, at least one annoyed because he knew the internet was going to accuse the sandstorm of being a shitty photoshop filter.

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World History Museum - Reinhardt - Trying for a HOMESTRIKE!

"Hey there, you old piece of paper wrap!" Were the mummy to turn around towards the source of the voice, he would suddenly find a very heavy, very fast behemoth charging towards him, rocket boosters engaged and hammer in hand.

Fortunately, being away from the others focusing on engaging 626 means he was free to engage against this sudden new threat instead. Normally, he would cry out in joy at seeing how even the average citizenry(that being the yakuza, antique shop owner and a pink-dressed man) tries to do their part at protecting this famed city of heroes, but with what could be a city-wide menace appearing in their midst, he'll have to call off on that.

Seeing that said mummy carries itself as a powerful lich and *not* a squishy human, the Crusader finds himself in a situation where he didn't have to hold back one bit. "Here's a warm welcome from the 21st century!" Thus, should he get close enough, he held his hammer a few ways back before activating its in-built boosters; attempting to deliver an upward strike towards the menace with it through the ceiling and air(thus, sparing the other museum displays from harm) with the combined force of his charge and momentum from his massive weapon.

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Aug 2nd 2019 at 6:16:35 PM

Sento Kiryu - Cheesecake Factory

"uh, well I would like it if you could let go of my arm please? Perhaps we can get to know each other better over dinner Ms. Nyaruko?"

That was about the only thing Sento could really say in this situation, trying very hard to not come off as an asshole while also wanting Nyaruko to let go of his arm and to stop violating his personal space. It was either that, or using the build driver as an escape exit but he didn't want to use it for such a childish reason....yet.

"So in his own way, Cao Cao helped defeat the Nazis."

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