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HeraldAlberich from Ohio Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
Mar 1st 2021 at 8:07:58 AM

[up] Agreed, and I think it goes deeper than that. It seems to me like this whole mess is a result of the tension between two sides of Google's corporate culture. Google is the epitome of the tech startup made good; everyone who comes up with an idea for an app wants to be the next Google. Even Google itself is interested in finding the next big thing, and they have the resources to throw money at a promising idea and see if it sticks. Heck, Alphabet now has an entire corporate division devoted to funding such things.

At the same time, that very success has made Google one of the largest companies in the world, with all the inertia and need to hold onto what they have of any huge corporation. Especially if that corporation grew so quickly that many of their executives didn't grow with it, but were hired away from established behemoths where they learned to be conservative (in a corporate sense).

This makes Google willing to fund offbeat ideas, sometimes grandly, but less willing to continue authorizing large expenditures if they don't see immediate returns, even if, as in the case of tech like Stadia, what the venture really needs is time to grow and mature.

Reflextion from 2020 (Ultimate) Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
Mar 1st 2021 at 2:03:40 PM

Also, shareholders. They want their short-term profit and they want it now.

Satire has been obsoleted by reality.
Mar 1st 2021 at 3:25:51 PM

Google can totally take it and play the long game if they really wanted. Microsoft lost a ton of money on the OG Xbox but stuck with it to get where they are today. But Google is impatient and it's clear they're not going to commit.

Microsoft was also making a genuine effort. Investing in original titles for their platform.

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