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There and Back Again: A Fantasy Crossover Game (Interest Check/Signup Thread)

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LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
Toa of Anarchy
Dec 29th 2020 at 3:43:01 AM

Apologies for the lateness of my reply. For the most part, all seems pretty well. Not sure how I'm going to work out how a country full of people who all turn into king kong once a month is going to leave the continent it's on intact, but none the more for that.

Character stuff is solid, so I'm gonna say Accepted.

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ZodanTheUnbounceable "YOSHAAA!" from Everywhere, Nowhere, Somewhere Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Dec 29th 2020 at 5:48:12 AM

Awesome! Thank you!

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MasterOfAntics Deliverer of Chaos from Cardassia Prime Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
Deliverer of Chaos
Dec 29th 2020 at 1:57:16 PM

Eh, I'm sure we can work something out on the Oozaru. Maybe make it a rarer occurrence than canon. Maybe... have it happen only on Geheimnisnacht and Hexennacht (the two nights a year when both moons are full and all sorts of spooky shit already goes down)?

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MasterOfAntics Deliverer of Chaos from Cardassia Prime Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
Deliverer of Chaos
Jan 19th 2021 at 12:36:23 PM

So... is anyone else up for this? Been about a month since we had our last sign-up.

Blue-collar mad scientist, at your service!
ZodanTheUnbounceable "YOSHAAA!" from Everywhere, Nowhere, Somewhere Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Jan 21st 2021 at 6:13:18 PM

(For Team B)

  • Name: Shantae
  • Franchise: ...Shantae
  • Age: At least 18 (as confirmed by series creator Matt Bozon), if not early 20's
  • Race: Half-genie
  • Appearance: Relatively thin and with a purple ponytail that goes well past her knees, Shantae does not look remotely intimidating for somebody who's supposed to be fending off pirates...
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Class: Half-Genie Hero (Dancer)
  • Personality: Upbeat, optimistic, energetic...annoying...Shantae is a determined young hero who will stop at nothing to help those around her. Fiercely loyal to a genuinely infuriating degree, she can't seem to help but keep getting fired from her job.
  • Skills: Dancing, singing, magic, the astounding ability to eat an entire tub of ice cream in one sitting, sufficient speed-eating talent to shove the contents of an entire bento into her face in one go.
  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Hair Whip: Shantae's hair can be manipulated through magic, and she usually uses this ability to whip it towards enemies at high speed like...well, like a whip. So that's what happens when you actually bother to use conditioner...
    • Fireball/Triple Fireball/Flamethrower: Shantae can generate flames from her hands using magic. These can vary from single fire blasts to a triple shot to a constant stream of flames.
    • Bubble/Mirror/Invincibility: Using differing amounts of magic, Shantae can project a barrier around herself to reduce incoming damage, bounce projectiles back at their source or make herself temporarily impervious to harm (though the latter takes a tremendous amount of magic to maintain).
    • Storm Puff/Mega Puff/Super Mega Puff: Shantae can summon miniature lightning clouds which acts as floating electrical mines, shocking anything that comes near them.
    • Pike Ball/Super Pike Ball/Scimitar: This spell allows Shantae to summon a set of floating spiked balls around herself, or even a circling halo of blades to slash anything near her.
    • Magic Dances: Shantae's inherent genie ability is to perform a brief dance to cause more potent magic.
      • Transformation: Shantae can transform into a variety of forms, from a mermaid to a monkey to a harpy, each with their own unique abilities. Normally, most of her forms require a brief dance to change into, but those marked with "Fusion" can be changed into on the fly without requiring a dance.
        • Monkey
        • Crab
        • Mermaid
        • Spider
        • Mouse
        • Elephant
        • Harpy
        • Bat
        • Dash Newt (Fusion)
        • Gastro Drill (Fusion)
        • Bonker Tortoise (Fusion)
        • Sea Frog (Fusion)
        • Jet Octo (Fusion)
      • Revive Dance: While it uses a ton of magic to perform, Shantae can heal herself with this dance.
      • Obliterate: Using next to all of her energy, Shantae can dance to create an immense blast of magical energy around herself to cause heavy damage to anything unfortunate enough to be nearby.
      • Warp Dance: Shantae can use a special dance to teleport to another location she's already been to. Obviously, this means that if Shantae has never personally been to a location, she cannot use Warp Dance to go there for the first time.
    • Wish-Granting: Being half-genie, Shantae naturally possesses the ability to magically grant a wish. However, this requires more magic than Shantae herself typically possesses, requiring her to absorb a significant quantity of light magic to actually perform. Should Shantae absorb too much dark magic, however...
    • Nega-Shantae: More an evil side than an ability, Shantae has had her normally good magic turned into dark magic on more than one occasion. Should this occur, she becomes a pale version of herself with blood-red hair and glowing, yellow eyes. Nega-Shantae seeks nothing but the destruction and suffering of those around her, and wields Shantae's existing abilities in a more potent and brutal manner.
  • Equipment:
    • Fusion Stone: A souvenir from a recent adventure, the Fusion Stone allows Shantae to temporarily "borrow" the powers of another person, incorporating them into her own. These usually manifest as a new form she can take, resembling herself imbued with the power of the donor. The power transfer can be reversed by Shantae at will whenever she chooses.
    • Magic Tiara: A reward from the mayor of Scuttle Town for some meaningless and long-winded fetch quest, Shantae's tiara grants her a steady supply of magic that she would otherwise have to wait a significant amount of time (or down an energy drink) to recover. Shantae is not always wearing this tiara for fear of being turned into Nega while wearing it...which would be bad.
    • Magically-Disappearing Vest: In Pirate's Curse, Shantae's vest would mysteriously disappear when the game used certain dialogue portraits, but then reappear two seconds later. They never explain this, but it's also the case here. The vest does exactly nothing else, but it looks cool.
    • Magic Polarizer: A device crafted by Shantae's clever uncle to combat a recent scheme by the dread pirate, Risky Boots. Used properly, it can reverse evil, dark magic into pure light magic, like the kind Shantae uses. Used improperly and it may have the opposite effect, as Shantae herself once discovered. Magic and the heart are closely linked, so when one is suddenly reversed, the other is soon to follow.
    • Costumes: Shantae possesses more outfits than just her standard dancer's outfit, each giving her unique abilities and drawbacks.
      • Beach: Consisting of a swimsuit, jacket and fashionable sunglasses, Shantae can magically float through the air in a bubble or pelt enemies with a surprisingly powerful beach ball while wearing her summer vacation attire.
      • Ninja: Shantae's ninja outfit (which she ordered through the mail) grants her the typical array of ninja abilities such as swordsmanship, ninja stars, increased agility and a short-range vanishing teleport technique.
      • Jammies: Seriously. While Shantae's pajamas may look comfortable and her hair is certainly in no condition to whip enemies with, she makes up for it with a surprisingly damaging...pillow. Her ability to float on a cloud and magically summon bouncing sheep to attack enemies probably makes up for her lack of appropriate combat attire. Probably.
      • Dancer/"Space Princess": This frankly outlandish outfit was acquired by Shantae during a...misunderstanding with a temple full of fanatic idiots who mistook Shantae for their lost princess. As well as three of her friends, who they also all thought were their lost princess. It's a long story. While wearing the outfit, Shantae's magic abilities and spells are less taxing on her, though her endurance takes a significant nosedive since she now has even less protection from enemy attacks! Side note: the princess wasn't lost. She went to the store for ten minutes and came back to find her temple had kidnapped four people.

  • Background: A half-genie born to a human father and genie mother, Shantae lives in a light house outside of Scuttle Town, a seaside community located in the nation of Sequin Land. Shantae works as the town's guardian genie, protecting it from monsters, the Barons of Sequin Land, and the feared pirate Risky Boots...or she did, until she got fired a few weeks ago. Again. This time, Risky stole something precious from the mayor and since Shantae did not stop her, Shantae got handed a pink slip. This would mark the fifth time Shantae has been fired from this exact same job. In this exact same town. By this exact same mayor.

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LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
Toa of Anarchy
darksidevoid Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
Jan 24th 2021 at 5:21:26 PM

And here is my character for Team B. Our earlier conversation led me to think that you had also played the game, Liz, so if I got anything wrong, please correct me. As I mentioned, I probably won't be available until Friday afternoon, but I thought I would put this up so you have time to review it in the meantime. Thanks!

  • Name: Queen Cassiopeia ("Pea") of Nazcaa, The White Witch

  • Franchise: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

  • Age: Apparent age is early twenties. As an unaging immortal, her actual age is somewhere over 10,000.

  • Race: Human

  • Appearance: "I decided that I must change. I would work for the good of others, and do all I could to eliminate conflict."

  • Alignment: Neutral Good

  • Class: Mage (Wizard)

  • Personality: Growing up, Cassiopeia was a sweet, noble, determined, and wise (if rather sheltered) young woman, and both in spite of and because of everything she has gone through since, those positive traits have endured the test of time. Firmly believing it a wizard's duty to help others, and wanting to atone to the universe at large for her prior crimes, she will almost always put the well-being of others above her own, though her past experiences lead her to be quite deliberative before taking action, rather than blindly trying to fit a square-shaped solution into a circle-shaped problem. Although largely recovered from a literal ages-old psychic break that had left her an omnicidal megalomaniac, she still seems to have a few harmless screws loose - or perhaps that eccentricity is simply a result of seeing the world from a different perspective following so many centuries of life. After thousands of years of despair and self-imposed isolation, Cassiopeia is still in the process of re-learning how to engage in casual, non-intimate conversation, but she dearly wishes to meet new people, and is terrified of being alone for any substantial length of time.

  • Skills: Though somewhat flighty, possesses a keen intellect, a vivid imagination, and a particular talent for learning new magic. Plenty of expertise in things such as courtly manners and walking in a perfectly straight line, etc.

  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Agelessness: Cassiopeia does not age, though she can still die of sickness or injury as easily as anyone else.
    • Wizardry: Cassiopeia's brand of spells require concentrating and drawing visible runes in the air with a focus - for average wizards, that would mean a wand, but she is proficient enough after centuries of practice to use her own hand rather than an instrument. Having two hands, she may therefore cast two spells at the same time. Each spell has one specific rune associated with it. Ability in Alchemy is supposedly also the mark of a great wizard, but Cassiopeia never really bothered with it, and she lacks a requisite alchemical cauldron.
      • Interruption of her concentration will cause the magic of a yet uncast spell to fizzle out. In addition, being immersed in running water (e.g. rainfall, shower, river) negates her ability to cast magic for the duration. Although her magical reserves are quite large, repeated spellcasting, especially of more powerful spells, will gradually sap her and increase her mental fatigue until she is too tired to muster the concentration for more spells. Said fatigue can be remedied either by a long rest or ingestion of substances such as caffeine. Extreme emotional distress, especially long-lasting despair, enhances the raw power of her natural magical abilities, but also greatly lessens her control over her own power, which begins reacting more to subconscious rather than conscious impulses.
      • Click here for spell list! 
    • Familiar: Cassiopeia's familiar, a species known as a "Sweetpea Sprite" (image). As a one-foot tall dryad-like creature, it is exceptionally weak to fire. If injured, it can be withdrawn back into Cassiopeia's soul, where it will slowly recover. Although physically quite weak and lacking in stamina, it is able to cast four spells: Restorer Aura (average-strength area-wide heal), Second Wind (average-strength single-target heal), Sharpen (makes the target's physical attacks hit slightly harder), and Water Cannon (a high-pressure water cannon lasting about three seconds). A familiar's spells require it to concentrate, but do not require the use of runes.

  • Equipment:
    • Bottomless Bag: Ye Olde More-Vast-Within-Than-It-Doth-Appear Bag. Currently contains a Creature Cage, a Heart Locket, The Wizard's Companion, a quill, an inkwell, a stack of unused parchment, and a plethora of mundane flower seeds.
    • Creature Cage: A magical golden birdcage used to house a familiar. Or a bird.
    • Galaxy Cape: The only enchanted piece of Pea's attire. The inner lining is normally dark blue, but displays a scrolling view of the stars (looking much the same as the night sky) when magic is being channeled through it, which includes when Pea is preparing to cast a spell.
    • Heart Locket: A heart-shaped locket used to store portions of the eight "virtues" (Ambition, Belief, Confidence, Courage, Enthusiasm, Kindness, Love, and Restraint) obtained through Take Heart, so that they may be distributed via Give Heart. It glows faintly in the presence of anyone with an abundant excess of one of the "virtues", a person from whom a wizard may Take Heart without causing harm. The locket may only store one portion of each "virtue" at once. It is currently empty.
    • Sky Tree Wand: Cassiopeia's old wand, which she trained with as a child. It is a foot-long branch of a potently mystical Nazcaan flora known as a Sky Tree, and its tips hold ever-fresh blossoms of red, blue, and yellow. On its side, her father's wish for his beloved daughter, doubling as the wand's true name, is carved in Nazcaan script.
    • The Wizard's Companion: A book of spells and worldly knowledge, originally authored as a guide on wizardry by Pea's mentor, Horologium. Includes chapters on magic, alchemy, wizardly equipment, food and drink, creatures, and a series of children's parables based on Pea's region of birth. All except the last automatically update as Pea learns new things, making the book a truly invaluable resource. One day, she hopes to attain the know-how to create copies for students the world over.

  • Background: In a region of Foteinigi that was until recently unexplored and unmapped by the USA lie the Season Isles, a series of islands corresponding to the four seasons. Once upon a time, in ages long past that have almost been forgotten entirely by the people of the world, Cassiopeia was born on the Island of Spring as the sole heir of the Kingdom of Nazcaa's legendary Wizard-King, he revered and beloved by the peoples of the Season Isles for quelling in a single day a region-wide war that had raged for centuries without end. Although her mother had died in childbirth, Cassiopeia's father loved her deeply, and nicknamed her "Pea". Just a handful of years after she was born, however, her father perished as well. Seizing complete control the realm in the resulting power vacuum, the Wizard-King's former council of advisors installed Pea on the throne as a figurehead puppet Queen, and subsequently ran the country into the ground from the shadows for the sake of their own greed and lust for ever-greater power. Discovering in her late teens that Nazcaa was most definitely not the realm of peace and prosperity she had always believed it to be, Pea wrested back some degree of state power from the council, and threw herself deeper into the study of wizardry in order to find more ways to help her people, whose technology and way of life depended upon magic.

    After many months, she discovered a forbidden ritual spell called "Manna", and without the guidance of her mysteriously-vanished teacher in magic, she was too eager to help and yet too unwise to understand its true effects. She invoked the ritual soon after, but instead of purifying her people of malice and suffering as she had believed it would, the crystalline, ash-like snow of Manna turned everyone it touched except herself into mindless monstrosities, kickstarting a region-wide zombie apocalypse that resulted in the deaths of everyone in the entire kingdom save for Pea. Cassiopeia, who had been cursed with immortality by the ritual due to violating the laws of nature, was eventually driven to insanity after thousands of years of isolation upon encountering and magically banishing to elsewhere in Foteinigi a younger version of herself that she had subconsciously split off (also through magic). The original Cassiopeia rechristened herself "The White Witch", appointing herself "Arbiter of the World's Fate" and attempting to use a proxy Evil Overlord, followed by Manna, to wipe out civilization in the Season Isles. She was ultimately defeated by a young wizard from the USA named Oliver, who showed her the error of her ways, recombined her with her "second self", and ignited the will to live within her again.
  • Additional Notes:

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HilarityEnsues Big League Memer Relationship Status: My own grandpa
Big League Memer
Jan 27th 2021 at 10:09:50 PM

I know I dropped without warning last time a looong time ago, but I’m in a better position for doing RP stuff and felt like giving this another go. I cooked up a Danganronpa AU where each character is a Dungeons and Dragons class so that they better fit within the fantasy theme of the RP. I understand that the game might be booked up at this point, but if not I hope this is acceptable.

In 5E terms, Gundham is equivalent to a level 2 Circle of the Moon Druid, which gives him access to Wild Shape, Cantrips, and level 1 spells. I’m not really going to keep super close track of spell slots given that this isn’t a ttrpg, but casting Wild Shape or non-cantrip spells excessively without rest will eventually leave him unable to cast anything besides Cantrips. I just picked a litany of spells I thought fit Gundham, and am willing to adjust it if it looks imbalanced.

  • Name: Gundham Tanaka
  • Franchise: Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
  • Age: Around 17 or 18.
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: "Kehehe, would you like to know my name? Others may see your courage as recklessness... However...I welcome it. In honor of your courage, I shall reveal to you my name. May you never forget is as long as you live! You may call me...Gundham Tanaka! Remember it well, for it is the name that will one day rule this world!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, despite his protests to the contrary.
  • Class: Druid (may sometimes refer to himself as a warlock, dark wizard, or any number of other titles)
  • Personality: Gundham is... strange. He likes to speak in a very grandiose, supervillain-like fashion reminiscent of a typical chuunibyou. And given that the supernatural really does exist in this AU, that only makes it more difficult to hash out when he's saying something real and when he's being Gundham. Despite the front he might put up, he’s a rather sensitive, lonely person who really just wants to have friends. He cares very deeply about animals, and harming an innocent animal is the quickest way to legitimately make him angry.
  • Skills: Gundham is quite knowledgeable when it comes to animals, particularly when it comes to the subject of animal breeding. He’s also proficient in camping/outdoor survival.
  • Powers and Abilities:
  • Wild Shape: Gundham’s most powerful combat ability is to transform into various animals with Wild Shape. He can’t use any of his other spells while using Wild Shape, it takes a few moments to enter or exit Wild Shape, and he can’t use it while he’s badly hurt. The following are all his combat forms. They are Large sized animals, which means they’re about 10 feet long in length.
    • Dire Wolf: A huge wolf with keen hearing and smell. It’s excellent at tracking down targets, and has a powerful bite.
    • Giant Eagle: A large eagle that one, possibly two at most can ride on. It can fly, has very good vision, and sharp talons/a beak for attacking.
    • Giant Octopus: A large sea creature that can attack/restrain foes with its tentacles. It can also spray ink to obscure the vision of whatever is nearby.
      • He can also transform into more mundane animals such as cats, dogs, and hamsters.
  • Cantrips:
    • Thorn Whip: A thorny stalk comes out of the ground and attacks a single target. It can push a target away, or pull it towards Gundham.
    • Shilleagh: Imbues a wooden club or staff with magical power, giving it a green glow. This gives it more striking power than usual.
    • Produce Flame: Creates a small fireball in his hand. This can be used to light up the darkness, start a campfire, or thrown as a weapon in combat.
  • Level 1 Spells
    • Charm Person: If the spell works, the effected target will regard Gundham as a friendly acquaintance for one hour. This spell can fail fairly easily, and there is no tell for Gundham if it does. Attacking Gundham or his target will break the spell immediately, and the target will know Gundham cast charm on them when it's over.
    • Cure Wounds: A healing spell that is slower and requires physical contact with the target, but is more effective.
    • Detect Magic: Can detect if magic has been used in the area, or if a magical being of some kind is present. Lasts for several minutes, or until Gundham stops casting it.
    • Detect Poison and Disease: Like Detect Magic, but for poison and disease basically.
    • Entangle: Many vines sprout from within 20 feet of Gundham and wrap themselves around a single target, restraining them.
    • Fog Cloud: Gundham creates a cloud of fog, obscuring the area. He can’t see through the fog any better than anyone else, though.
    • Faerie Fire: Each object within a 20 foot cube begins to glow. Prevents anyone affected by it from turning invisible until it wears off.
    • Healing Word: A quick healing spell that can heal minor wounds and stabilize someone in critical condition before they can receive proper medical treatment. Doesn’t require physical combat, and can be done from a short range.
    • Purify Food and Drink: Magically removes the effect of poison, spoil, and disease from whatever food and drink it is used upon.
    • Speak To Animals: Allows Gundham to do exactly what it says. Mind, this doesn’t necessarily mean the animal will be receptive to what he has to say.
    • Thunderwave: Creates a shockwave that knocks everyone within a 5 foot radius of him 10 feet away and does mild thunder damage to the effected targets.
  • Equipment:
    • A simple wooden staff for hiking, though it can also be used as a weapon.
    • Not really “equipment” exactly, but Gundham has four hamsters that he calls the Four Dark Devas of Destruction. They’re intelligent enough to follow pretty complex commands, but otherwise they’re just ordinary hamsters.
    • Explorer’s pack: contains a backpack, a bedroll, ten torches, a mess kit, a tinderbox, 10 days of rations, a waterskin, and 50 feet of Hempen rope.
  • Background:
    • Gundham was raised by his mother, and claims to be the offspring of a forbidden love between an angel and a demon. This isn’t literally true, and it’s just Gundham’s of saying he was much more close to his mother growing up – the “angel” – than his father who was rarely around – the “devil”. Gundham had very few friends growing up and found it difficult to make any largely do to his odd behavior. He ended up finding it much easier to befriend animals than people, so he tended to hang around them more often during his younger years. This is when he started building up an alternate persona where he was an evil warlock with poison flowing through his veins, primarily as a defense mechanism for his loneliness.
    • Though Gundham wasn’t really a warlock, he did actually have the potential for magic. He ended up fostering his talents when he went to Hopes Peak Academy, a school for up and coming mages and adventurers who’ve shown they have promising potential. Eventually he learned a variety of spells, including the powerful Wild Shape ability. He and the other students of Hopes Peak became fast friends, and he felt like he had true companions for the first time in a long time.
    • But tragedy struck when Junko Enoshima, a powerful sorceress, brainwashed the students of Hopes Peak and made them commit various foul deeds. What exactly Gundham did during this time is unclear, but it is likely that it either involved harming animals or sending wild animals to harm other people, given his interests and abilities.
    • Eventually, Gundham was found by members of a mysterious group called the Future Foundation. They debated on what exactly to do with the students, and decided that considering they weren’t acting under their own free will, they would not be sent to prison. Instead, they were entered into an unusual rehabilitation program in which their minds would be magically transported to an idyllic astral plane where their minds could heal from the damage Junko had done to them. This was framed as a school trip to an island resort, and because Junko had mysteriously committed suicide some time earlier, they naturally didn’t expect that she would be able to interfere.
    • But somehow, that is exactly what happened. Junko returned as a malevolent spirit and began messing with the simulation. She began using threats and various motives to coax the students into killing each other in this magical plane, with the promise that whoever committed a murder without getting caught would be allowed to leave, with the caveat that everyone else would be executed. Killilngs occurred regularly because of Junko’s meddling, until eventually she trapped everyone in a small circus funhouse with no food, threatening to let everyone starve unless a murder occurred.
    • It’s unclear if Gundham’s motives in this moment were to simply try to escape at the expense of everyone else, or spare them the agonizing fate Junko presented them. But regardless, he ended up killing one of his fellow students. Eventually, fellow student Hajime Hinata ended up deducing that he was the killer, and Gundham was executed for failing the Killing Game.
    • It was believed that Gundham and many other students had suffered brain death in real life as a result of dying in the magical simulation, but thankfully the surviving students ended up figuring out a way to revive him. With a second chance at life, Gundham wanders the earth, searching for a new purpose.
Additional Notes:

V-Alighieri The Pompous Nitwit from The Wrong Side of the Atlantic Ocean Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Jan 28th 2021 at 10:43:46 AM

If you're accepting new players, I would like to join with this character:

  • Name: Erin Ruunaser
  • Franchise: Aurora
  • Race: Human
  • Age: 19
  • Appearance: Short, dark-haired pretty boy (see my pfp) with intricate forearm tattoos
  • Alignment: Pompous Good (LG by standard alignment charts)
  • Class: Mage
    • Specifically, he is the Elemental Magus in his own universe: capable of manipulating the six elements of Water, Wind, Lightning, Fire, Life, and Stone.
  • Personality: Self-important and nerdy, but good at heart.
  • Skills
    • Elemental Magic
    • Knows Stuff: specifically, is proficient in recognizing trace amounts of magic, and where magic was used. Knows more about the Void than he would like to admit.
  • Powers: His magic involves controlling the six elements listed above (insofar as they already have an elemental presence in the area: Fire, Lightning and Life tend to have more of a non-obvious presence.) He's also been known to make elemental shields; e.g. a Lightning shield reflects half of the lightning directed at it and harmlessly absorbs the other half.
  • Equipment: Bag of Holding with camping supplies and informational tomes. His clothing includes protective goggles and a cloak. He also carries an Aseran Emissary Sigil (aka a token that says "I'm a diplomat, respect me"), but plenty of use it'll be here.
  • Background: An nobleman from a very, very distant city who poofed into this continent during a particularly ambitious experiment. Who knows what he was trying to do.

If you want more elaboration on a point, or want me to impose more specific parameters on the magic, let me know!

Edited by V-Alighieri on Jan 28th 2021 at 5:53:59 AM

Does the name 'Ruunaser' ring a bell? DOES IT, PEASANTS?
LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
Toa of Anarchy
Jan 28th 2021 at 2:45:18 PM

darksidevoid: Boy howdy that's a lot of spells, and I'm pretty sure some of them were only supposed to be usable by fairies. Still, having looked through them, it seems like they're all balanced enough. Accepted

Hilarity: Long time no see. Interesting character choice. While part of my mind is bristling against the idea of altering a character's canon so much, this game is at its heart an AU and the selection of Dn D spells gives it a good deal of balance and structure. Accepted, and I'll be interested to hear about how the other characters from this setting are thus changed.

V-Aligheri: While what you have is decent enough, there's two major drawbacks preventing me from accepting you.

  • Firstly, not enough detail on certain sections. "Knows stuff" is not an acceptable skill description, I'm afraid, and while I'm not asking for a twenty-page-plus autobiography, I'd still like more depth in the background than a line and a half.
  • Secondly, I'm trying to keep isekai reference to the barest minimum in this game, at least for now, so I'd rather you didn't have this guy brought in from another universe. Please either provide enough details so we can merge your character's canon setting with this one, or at least have it be, say, a different planet or pocket dimension he's been poofed over from.

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V-Alighieri The Pompous Nitwit from The Wrong Side of the Atlantic Ocean Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Jan 28th 2021 at 2:55:22 PM

Lizardof A Us: I've emended my entry to cut out explicit alternate universe content, and increased specification as to his areas of knowledge. Let me know if I should fix anything else!

Does the name 'Ruunaser' ring a bell? DOES IT, PEASANTS?
LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
Toa of Anarchy
Jan 29th 2021 at 2:41:48 PM

Well, like I say, I would like to see more of a backstory to this guy. Can you put in anything about where he comes from, his upbringing his motives, anything about him that informs us about the setting he inhabits?

"Let me give you a piece of advice... don't circumcise the Mad Hatter."
TheGeekArtist08 Parotia sefilata from Japari Park Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
Parotia sefilata
Jan 31st 2021 at 1:15:51 AM

I have literally no idea if y'all are still open to sign-ups, so here goes nothing. Let me know if I need to add and/or fix anything.

This sign-up is for Team Angst.

  • Name: Percival "Percy" King
  • Franchise: Epithet Erased
  • Age: Around 29 years old.
  • Race: Human
  • Appearance: A true officer of the law indeed.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Class: Fighter, although I might have to note that her stamina - a stat similar to an HP in the Epithet Erased canon - is abysmal compared to most Fighters.
  • Personality: Percy has a strict moral code and values order and safety. However, she doesn't have many social skills and tends to speak in a flat monotone voice, as well as having a dry sense of humor. She can also come off as insensitive, often talking down people without epithets without realising it.
  • Skills: She has excellent swordsmanship, often using it when her Epithet's powers won't work in the current situation.
  • Powers and Abilities: Her Epithet, Parapet, helps her construct little towers for multiple purposes, such as healing, increasing defense stats, and even shooting lightning at the opponent.
  • Equipment: A, quote on quote, "real-ass goddamn" sword, which is just a regular sword.
  • Background:
    • Her childhood was fairly ordinary - two caring parents, a supportive environment, and a generally happy life. She couldn't ask for more, she always thought.
    • One thing she was always interested in was sword fighting. Ever since she was a young child, both she and her parents were aware that she got an interest in the art of sword fighting, though she hardly thought about it until she was 13. At that age, she asked her parents if she could take sword fighting courses. At first, her parents were a little worried; What if she got hurt badly in the process? However, she managed to convince them to let her in a sword fighting course.
    • Funnily enough, while she knows she has an Epithet and she knows what it is and what it does since her middle school years, she never really uses it until late high school. One day, she was walking after a sword fighting practice, when she suddenly encountered a bunch of thieves who just robbed a nearby shop. She decided to chase the thieves, catching them rather easily. However, their boss was a tough one, and no matter how hard she tried, she was no match for his skill. So, she gathered all her energy and zapped him using her zapping towers, knocking both him and herself out. When she woke up, a police officer told her that the thieves were caught, thanking her for helping. She was rather proud of that achievement, wanting to be a police officer ever since. And she did!
  • Additional Notes: "Speaks in blue text."

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LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
V-Alighieri The Pompous Nitwit from The Wrong Side of the Atlantic Ocean Relationship Status: Star-crossed
Feb 1st 2021 at 7:35:05 AM

Backstory (Erin Ruunaser): Erin is a young noble in the city of Asera. As the Elemental Magus (the only mage in his area capable of manipulating all six elements), he's been attending the prestigious magical academy in his native city. His status is further augmented by the fact that his father is the Emissary of the city's god, hence the diplomatic sigil Erin carries. He has good intentions, but tends to be a bit self-important, and isn't used to failure. In his wide-ranging quest for knowledge, he's more affected by unexpected setbacks than some. (Protip: don't touch his bookbag. Just don't.)

Does the name 'Ruunaser' ring a bell? DOES IT, PEASANTS?
LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
Toa of Anarchy
Feb 2nd 2021 at 3:00:44 AM

Alright, that's good enough. Just weave that into your current signup, let me know when you're done, and you'll be officially Accepted.

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Dezmo WOAH
Feb 4th 2021 at 9:43:58 PM

  • Name: Oswald "The Lucky Rabbit"
  • Franchise: Disney (Epic Mickey)
  • Age: Mid 20's
  • Race: Anthropomorphic Rabbit
  • Appearance: I'm feeling lucky!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Class: Swordmage (A sword fighter who also bolsters his melee weapon with magic that can attack from long distances)
  • Personality: Oswald is never happier than when he's the center of attention. He's got a large ego for such a small rabbit, and because of that he can be an unrepentant showboat. It also means he hates to be disrespected and ignored, and if he is (or if he's very annoyed), his temper (which is as short as he is) will start to flare up. These things often tend to get Oswald into trouble-but with his sharp wit, his determination, and a lot of luck, Oswald can get himself out of any problem he finds himself in (or gets himself into). For as prickly and egotistical as Oswald might appear, though, he's got a sweet side to him too. He'll often go out of his way to help those who need it, and he genuinely enjoys making people smile and laugh. He's a hopeless romantic to boot when it comes to his sweetheart, Ortensia, with all the sappiness that entails.
  • Skills:
    • Swordsmanship: Oswald has been trained from a young age in the art of swordsmanship, so he's pretty handy with a sword. He's also not very big, so he tends to stick to more lightweight weapons, like his rapier.
  • Powers and Abilities:
    • Jumping Prowess: As a rabbit, Oswald has been naturally gifted with a strong pair of legs, perfect for quickly jumping great heights and distances. It also means he's got a really nasty kick. 'Send a man flying' nasty.
    • Magic: Oswald has great magical potential-though the magic he chooses to specialize in is electricity-based (mainly because he thinks it looks the coolest). He can summon bolts of lightning, create a protective sphere of electricity around him, and even channel electricity through his rapier like a lightning rod.
    • Luck: Oswald isn't just ANY rabbit-he's a lucky rabbit! What this means is that no matter what crazy situation Oswald finds himself in, the universe will always provide a way to get Oswald out of it or turn the odds in his favor. It also means the universe will put Oswald INTO crazy situations just to balance out his good luck. For the sake of this RP, he can usually invoke his good luck once per encounter (how it manifests is up to you, Aus) by rubbing his lucky rabbit feet (and he'll usually incur a karmic debt soon after using his luck).
    • Detachable Limbs: Oswald's time in the Realm of Chaos has had some...interesting effects on his body-namely, that the various parts of his body aren't quite as firmly attached to each other as they once were. Oswald can remove and reattach parts of his body at will (and sometimes against his will). This allows him to do things like throw his arms as boomerangs, twirl his ears around endlessly like a helicopter, and even remove his own head. Guess amputation is just one less thing Oswald has to worry about.
  • Equipment:
    • Rapier: Oswald always carries with him his trusty rapier-it's both conveniently lightweight enough to carry easily AND distressingly sharp-perfect for Oswald's needs.
    • Royal Seal: The seal of the Royal Family of Disneus, this ring signifies that Oswald is a member of the Royal Family. If given the chance, Oswald WILL show if off proudly. Don't tempt him.
  • Background: (Better put on your reading glasses, because I’ve written WAY TOO MUCH)
    • Oswald is the eldest son and second child of King Walter, the ruler of the Disneus Kingdoms. Unfortunately for Oswald, he is also the illegitimate son of King Walter. Oswald's status as an illegitimate child ensured that Oswald would never be next-in-line for the throne, and that the line of succession would instead be passed on to Oswald's younger half-brother, Mickey-something that Oswald resented. Though illegitimate, King Walter still dearly loved Oswald and raised him himself in the castle with his siblings, making sure that Oswald received proper education and was properly cared for in all things. Still, it was hard for Oswald and their older sister Felicity growing up in the shadow of their younger brother, the prince-to-be. For as hard as they tried to prove themselves, it seemed that most people always seemed to focus more on Mickey, the proverbial "golden child" whose endless cheer and pluck seemed to effortlessly win him the support of the people. Not that Oswald and Felicity weren't beloved by the kingdom themselves, but compared to their brother, it always seemed they were second best-something that particularly infuriated Oswald, though Felicity did her best to be kind and understanding. This resulted in Oswald constantly antagonizing and trying to one-up a clueless Mickey while Felicity did her best to try to quell any fighting. It seemed that life would continue this way, Mickey unintentionally stealing the spotlight, Oswald trying and failing to climb his way out of Mickey's shadow, and Felicity trying to keep the peace. But the Blot changed things.
    • The Phantom Blot was once the most notorious and enigmatic thief in all the Disneus Kingdoms. No one knew his true name, and thanks to the infamous black cloak he always wore, no one knew his true appearance either. With the use of nefarious dark magic and his devious cunning, the Blot robbed the Disneus Kingdoms blind of their riches time and time again. But for all he stole, there was one prize the Phantom Blot desired above all else, one that always eluded his inky grasp-the Magic Paintbrush. The Magic Paintbrush was a powerful magical artifact that had been guarded by the Disney Royal Family since time immemorial. With the Brush, one could command the awesome powers of creation-to paint into existence nearly anything their imagination could envision-or destruction-to thin and erase the world around them. For as badly as the Phantom Blot desired the Brush though, not even he could get past the enchanted defenses of Disney Castle.
    • Then on one fateful day, the Blot happened to come across Prince Mickey while the prince was riding through the woods. Seizing the opportunity before him, the Blot disguised himself as a humble peasant and entreated Prince Mickey for his help, spinning an elaborate tale of hidden treasures that could only be unveiled by powerful magic-magic like that contained in the Magic Paintbrush. Prince Mickey, who loved adventure and was far too impetuous for his own good, believed the Blot's lies and snuck the Brush out later that night. Returning to the spot where he'd met the "humble peasant", Mickey was unprepared for the Blot's ambush and subsequent theft of the Brush. With the Brush finally in his possession, the Phantom Blot performed a dark ritual to drain the powers of the Magic Paintbrush and merge them with his own. During the ensuing chaos of the ritual, Mickey managed to escape and grab the Paintbrush before it could be completely drained of power, but by then it was far too late-absorbing the raw power he had from the Brush had transformed the Phantom Blot into a massive entity of pure ink-like dark magic-a being known from then on as the Storm Blot. With his newfound power, the Blot created an army of Blotlings- monstrous beings painted into being from the magic ink now dripping from the Blot's demonic form-and began laying siege to the kingdom-starting with Disney Castle.
    • As the Blot and his army overran the land of Disneus, ravaging the country and destroying lives, a perpetual storm of darkness blanketed the Disneus Kingdoms. Retreating to the Mysterious Tower, owned by the equally mysterious sorcerer Yen Sid, the Royal Family and those who escaped the initial attack on Disney Castle were informed by Yen Sid that the Blot had become too powerful for them to defeat, and that their only hope of riding the Disneus Kingdoms of the Blot and his evil was by banishing him to the Realm of Darkness. But to open a portal big enough to banish the Blot through, Yen Sid would need powerful magical ingredients from throughout the Disneus Kingdoms to help him fuel a powerful magical spell. Yen Side tasked Oswald, Felicity and Mickey with gathering the ingredients-a decision that made Oswald furious. Angry at the devastation of his home, and especially at Mickey for his part in the Blot's rise, Oswald wanted nothing to do with his younger brother. But Mickey, repentant of his mistake, was eager to do his part to put things right again, and Felicity and Yen Sid would hear no arguments to the contrary.
    • So together, the siblings alongside their loyal friends traveled to the various kingdoms of Disneus-Magicus, Animalis, Holly Wood and Epcot- organizing resistance against the Blot where they could and gathering the components for Yen-Sid's spell. As they travelled, Oswald watched Mickey give his all towards fixing his mistake, growing and becoming wiser and kinder as they fought off blotlings and helped the scattered and battered citizenry. Soon Oswald found that, little by little, his heart had softened, and he could no longer come to resent his younger brother as he once had. Against all odds, throughout the adversities and challenges they shared, the two brothers eventually even became friends.
    • After a long journey, Oswald, Mickey and Felicity had at last gathered the materials needed, as well as a sizeable resistance force, and the time for the final confrontation against the Storm Blot was at hand. Yen Sid prepared his spell, and the resistance rallied on the ruins of Castle Town, intent on taking back the now corrupted Disney Castle and buying time for Yen Sid to construct the portal. The ensuing battle was hard fought, but in the end, the portal was activated, and it seemed the Storm Blot would finally be banished once and for all. But in a last-ditch effort to escape his fate, the Blot snagged Prince Mickey before he could be forced through the portal and ransomed his life for the Blot's continued freedom. Enraged beyond all measure, Oswald leapt into action, summoning as much luck and magic as he could muster to free Mickey. And free Mickey he did- forcing both himself and the Blot through the portal in the process. Yen Sid could no longer maintain the spell, and the portal closed immediately after. Oswald and the Blot haven't been seen in Foteinigi since...
  • Additional Notes: The Disneus Kindgoms are essentially what you get if you take the parks that make up Disney World and turn them into into actual Kingdoms.

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LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
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Feb 12th 2021 at 2:13:03 AM

Before I forget to say again, Oswald is Accepted. He'll be entering the game just as soon as the opportune moment arrives.

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Feb 25th 2021 at 1:11:47 PM

Well, looks like Erin is a no-show. Damn, was hoping to see what that guy would bring to this world.

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Mar 6th 2021 at 1:19:47 PM

So with Erin a no-show... anyone else up for this?

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LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
Toa of Anarchy
Mar 6th 2021 at 2:50:47 PM

Master of Antics, you are coming across a tad flippant and insensitive. V-Alighieri could have any number of valid reasons for not joining the game, and I doubt they would appreciate being called out in such a manner.

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Mar 6th 2021 at 3:34:04 PM

Sorry about that.

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Bored_Man Relationship Status: Abstaining
Mar 23rd 2021 at 10:49:13 PM

After thinking about it, I'd like to take a crack at forum R Ping again, so I'd like to do a signup here. Still need to decide on who though, I have a few ideas I'll narrow down.

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LizardOfAus Toa of Anarchy from an Island Kingdom
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Mar 24th 2021 at 2:35:49 AM

Sure thing, the more the merrier. No hurry on picking a character.

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