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Jun 5th 2019 at 10:47:08 PM

Mayoral Candidate Cody Travers Party

"Haha, you two already know each other. Rather well it seems." Laughing off the whole casual display of sheer aggression that Bowsette had for the now rather nervous 'ordinary joe' in the suit, whatever Cody was going to suggest next came to an abrupt stop as a man that looked both Italian and Japanese at the same time (wearing the most hideous outfit too) kindly left a 'donation'...

Which then promptly got kicked by the cape wearing sorceress that looked like she took fashion tips from Poison. Seeing the dirty money flutter away in the breeze, the man shrugged seeing as he wasn't even going to take a single dollar... before the threat came. That caused a raised eyebrow, as well as humored bemusement that he was being threatened in such a roundabout manner.

And then the good Mr. Wake (who apparently changed professions the street fighter noted) went and rattled out the dirty deeds done not from any sort of active malice but from sheer bumbling negligence. Stilling to a complete stop after that rather sordid tale finished, the mayoral candidate's face shifted from that of a jovial giant to a more... unamused state.

Criminals in particular would easily figure out it was the sort of facial expression that meant the head honcho was in a particularly sour mood and that things were going to start breaking rather soon, particularly bones. "I see, Mr... Giovanni was it? I don't suppose you still have files on these... sprung maniacs? That might make a much more valuable contribution to the campaign trail so to speak... as well as donate to the 'Keep Giovanni Out of a Lifetime of Being Confined to a Hospital Bed' fund, yes?"

Looming over the the Pokemon trainer even as he clutched at a nearby street lamp to slowly curl the steel fixture into something resembling a giant metal pretzel, it was very evident that Cody Travers was getting rather close to reliving his more youthful escapades if things weren't said to his liking. And then a giant hand reached out, aiming to grab the Kanto native by the head and outright dangle him off the ground in an eagle clawed manner should the Pokemon Trainer not dodge or anyone else not stop the action.

TailsDoll I have a plan.
I have a plan.
Jun 6th 2019 at 2:36:26 AM

Giovanni — City Hall

Giovanni stopped just as he was about to open the limo door. It seemed the gray-haired woman, and the man on the bus wanted to chip in. The Team Rocket Boss had a smug smirk on his face, as he turned around to look at the group that was gathering before him. What did these ragtags think they could possibly do now?

Giovanni listened to Mr. Wake's verbal dressing down, quietly. As Mr. Wake got more and more into detail about the gruesome consequences of Team Rocket's Arkham cleanup, and the closer he got to Giovanni, the more the boss deflated. He began to nervously adjust his scarf, and started looking uncomfortably warm under all that clothing. Maybe... he had overstepped his boundaries when he took over Arkham. As much as he prided himself on not being able to feel bad for the things he did to other people, Giovanni felt... guilty.

"I have no comment," Giovanni said to both Mr. Wake and Kisara, who were both uncomfortably close. Something was telling him he should have apologized, but he didn't want to show vulnerability around any of these people.

Giovanni was about to walk back inside his limo... when the door suddenly found itself not opening. Giovanni cursed under his breath, and slowly turned back around, again, to look up at Cody. He didn't expect for the neanderthal to say anything nearly as compromising as the man he found on the bus. Did Mr. Travers really think his muscles and strength made intimidating? Giovanni had Pokémon who were stronger than that, and could do worse things to a street lam—

Giovanni didn't expect for Cody to grab him off the ground, by the head. Whatever cool confidence that Giovanni usually tried to emanate, instantly vanished, and Giovanni cowed instantly.

"I-I-I'll cooperate in any way I-I can, Mr. Travers! J-Just let me down and go! I won't cause you any more problems, I swear!"

If Cody let Giovanni free, the Team Rocket Boss would scramble back into his limo, finally get inside, and let the limo carry him as far and as fast away from City Hall as possible.

Giovanni — The Gio Limo

Giovanni took his Pokégear out of his pocket while his limo sped down the streets, and dialed Junpier's number, smashing his fingers against the Pokégear's screen as he did so.

"Juniper. Where are you? I need to see you in person. We are going to find and contain Mewtwo. Let this be a test to your skills as a Pokémon trainer. If you have any clue on where the Genetic Pokemon is, now is the time to tell me."

Jun 6th 2019 at 6:16:13 AM

Velvet (City Hall)-Observations

Velvet rolled her eyes as Cody stated that the reason she shoulden't eat the turtle demon was because she was probably spicy.

"That's not how it works." She muttered. The only other person to recive a comment was Juri as she critsized Velvet being picked as cook, prompting a second eyeroll.

"Relax, I'm not going to serve what I eat to them. Part of cooking is knowing who you're cooking for and what they can eat."

Beyond these two comments, Velvet was content to remain silent. Despite what her style of dress might suggest, she wasen't stupid, and she took a step back, silently observing everyone around her.

Cody was the first, and for clear reasons, the most important person to evaluate. She, like the bear before her, noticed that none of these men were actually dead, which seemed to suggest he had gone out of his way not to kill them. Yet he didn't object when she herself ate one. Did he have standards? Was he just too weak willed to follow through? It was unclear.

Something about that damn bear was making her annoyed. Probably the happy go lucky attitude. Thankfully, it soon left, but something told her she'd have to deal with that thing at some point.

The man in the suit seemed to know the turtle demon, and she didn't have to be told there was some mutual animosity between them, based on the looks the demon was giving him. And yet the demon hadn't just eaten him offhand and been done with it? Interesting. She made a note of that fact.

Then a second man in a suit exited a limo, dropped a briefcase in front of Cody, and tried to scurry away, clearly scared out of his mind. She honestly didn't blame the man, given what was around him and that he seemed to be a regular human.

The purple woman who had talked crap about her diden't say much, but Velvet could tell from looking at her that she was clearly tougher then the average rabble. Probably had a kick based style, given the comparative tone of her legs to her arms.

The purple hared woman who reminded her a little too much of Magilou, full of herself and demanding to be the center of attention at all times, ran over and opened the box, revealing what Velvet had learned was the local currency, and what seemed to be a large amount of it. Then she bitched and moaned about it being worthless and kicked it, sending it flying away. Velvet's first impression was to write her off as a dumbass, and there was a good chance that would still happen, but there was always the slim chance that her idiotic persona could be a facade. She'd sometimes wondered if Magilou too had been practicing something like that. The occasional slips of actual wisdom, her avoidance of the question of age whenever it had come up, and other small things.

The girl who had been talking about some random card game or something (She hadn't been paying much attention to her, she'd admit) suddenly sprouted wings and chased the money. Velvet instantly noted that while also noting the girl wasn't the brightest, giving away tactical information like that for something as irrelevant as a few bucks.

The turtle demon started yelling again as the first suited man took Cody to the side to speak in private, threatening to "Burn him to a crisp." So she had fire powers, then.

Make sure you're writing all of this down She said mentally to her servant, still in the van. These people are giving us lots of information about themselves we can use against them later, should the need come.

The second suited man issued a threat and called her and the others "Filth". Hardly anywhere near the worst she'd been called, she instantly marked him as the dumbest man in the area. She didn't regard some random human as enough of a threat to go out of her way to kill, but she'd be shocked if he got out of this cleanly. The man seemed to suddenly think very highly of himself as he made his threat. Not that it lasted long.

The first suited man approached the second, and earned himself a very confused, wide eyed look from Velvet as he suddenly started talking about the "Crowe" family, and it took several seconds of him talking before she realized he was talking about someone else. Still, weird coincidence. Suited man one went into a long speech, the twist of which Velvet saw coming by the halfway point. Not only was the second man a dumbass, he was an irresponsible dumbass. It was around this point that Velvet started considering whenever or not she should just kill the second man anyway. She'd expected the first man to kill him, but he seemed content to let him scurry away.

Still, that first man, who seemed to be a normal human on first glance, was starting to attract her interest. He'd somehow pissed off a giant turtle demon and wasn't dead yet. There was a chance the turtle demon was all bark, no bite, of course. But now he was going out of his way to preform a viscous verbal beat down on this man, and she hadn't detected even the slightest trace of fear out of this guy yet, despite watching her eat a man and having a turtle demon three times his size threatening to burn him to a crisp.

As she lifted her hand, Cody suddenly stomped over and grabbed the second suited man. Out of all the people around her, it wouldn't have been Cody who she'd have bet on to attack this man. Then he grabbed a lightpole and bent it in a show of inhuman strength.

Still, it wasen't Cody she was staring at. She had her eyes locked on the other suited man. She wasn't concerned about most of these other people. They were easy to read, wore themselves on their sleeves. 5 minutes around them and she was already confident she could predict, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, what they would do in a given situation and how they might think.

Know your enemy, and strike where they are weak. Artorius's second maxim, and it was a maxim for a reason. But this man, who seemed to be trying his best to act non-threatening and normal, was the one she was focused on now. It wasn't the loudmouths and the brutes you had to worry about. It was the people with brains, the people who were smart enough to hide their cards that she marked as the biggest threat.

She snapped her fingers, signaling for her minion, Clock King, to come to her. She jerked her head toward Mr Scratch.

"That one, in the suit. Tell me what you know about him."

Mr Scratch might well sense the stare in that usual way of feeling like you're being watched, and if he turned, he would see Velvet's hardened glare staring directly at him. A man with his skills could probably work out what she was thinking, she wasn't trying very hard to hide it.

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Jun 6th 2019 at 7:12:38 AM

Daemon Sisters, Akibahara

Lio's reaction and reply was met with a shocked gasp from the dual-horned sister, her free hand coming up to her mouth in what looked like a genuine expression of worry and surprise for a moment. She leaned closer to her sister, and said. "Such cruel words from him, Miss Kneesocks. What manner of uncouth individual must he be to force himself into private conversation so."

"A ruffian or hooligan, no doubt." Kneesocks replied, adjusting her glasses as she raised her force to address the boy directly. "This city may be a rotting mess of anarchy and sickness, but allowing oneself to succumb to it and act in such a debase manner is wrong. A proper fulfilling life comes from ruruus! Strict ruruus that remove the debase perversions people hide behind so called 'freedom'! My dear sister could simply not sit idly by and let such behaviour go unaddressed and only a blind mind would see it as a snub!"

The demoness' voice grew steadily louder and more energized as she spoke, words flowing faster as her face blushed pink; An odd look on the already red-skinned woman.

"You're blushing again, Miss Kneesocks." Scanty replied, prompting her sister to press her hands to her cheeks in lightly flustered embarrassment.

"My apologies, dear sister. You know I blush easily." She demured, squirming slightly.

"What my sister means," Scanty fixed the boy with a look that carried weight and power, one of someone familiar with power and control. "Is that your current state is no excuse, and the exact reason something must be said. You can flee if you wish, but know that things around here will change soon enough."

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Jun 6th 2019 at 8:53:52 AM

Aun'Shi, Too Old For This Mont'au, With O'Kais > Trigger on Trigger Meeting

Immediate to leave thinking to him, as it was always the case with particularly devout Fire Casters. No matter. It seemed they were in quite a predicament though: O'Kais seemed to be on his own, with nary a support, in a world that could not muster technological capabilities of the Tau. Aun'Shi looked towards the ruins of skyscrapers in the distance. There was definitely life here - his erstwhile companion would not mention capabilities of any sort if there wasn't.

"Kronus... it seems we're quite some ways from home, the both of us. Come along, Shas'O." At least this wasn't the fighting pit of the Dark Eldar. The Ethereal walked briskly, not leading his earlier exhaustion get in the way. The air of this world was calming and pleasing. "Have you procured any allies during your stay here?" He asked as they walked, taking in the reinvigorating rain without any discomfort. Ah. Anything beat Commoragh's acid downpour. If that even was acid and not something much worse. "Secondly, I would like you directing me to who you assess to be the most important figures and authorities of this world."

Their trek led them to an unusual meeting in the rain. A shirtless gue'la with an odd hair color and two red-skinned women(some kind of demon? Another alien race?); apparently siblings. One of them was going off into an impassioned tirade about rules being the core of society, and that they would take away debased pleasures. "Rules are indeed the basis of any society, no matter how primitive. And yet, moderation too must be found so that advisers do not become tyrants." The Ethereal nodded reverently to the three. "I greet you as a representative of the Tau'va. Spare a few minutes to a weary traveler, if you would be so kind."

Here was hoping that a lumbering battlesuit behind him didn't ruin the benevolent approach.

Shigure, Cleaning Up The Thrashies, Bandit Town Street

The fight soon came to a close. Unfortunately, it seemed they made quite some ruckus as a result - which was only understandable, really. "Good enough for now." Idly wiping the bloodied edge of Stormhowl on one of the deceased thugs before sheathing it, he looked over to the sole survivor on the side of the enemy, unconscious from Aranea's efforts. "Good going. Guess it's our cue to move it." He said, referring to the shrill sirens before walking up to the thug and hoisting him over his shoulder.

...perhaps this was their part of the grand plan, playing a distraction. "Don't think we were introduced." He nodded at Aranea. "Name's Shigure. This here is Tira."

Blob, guards pls, Camoa

Fortunately, Blobespierre had half a mind to stop well outside the guards's effective range.

...was he the only one who decided to cut and run? That would certainly make for a poor impression. Looking genuinely stumped for a moment, the Beheaded decided to set one drow down before immediately pressing his foot down on the captive's body to keep them from earthworming away. As it turned out, writing on anything with anything was hard when your other hand was burdened with a drow, but, thankfully, he managed to put together some kind of sentence.

"good g(unintelligible) black bads captive, other ggs over there", and after presenting this peerless achievement of parasite-to-Oracle Knight communication, Blobespierre gestured behind himself, where the tentacles were fighting the others.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, and dust to dust
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Such good fun
Jun 6th 2019 at 9:03:10 AM

Char & Enterprise - Room 108

"I'm going to handle getting some living space built for recruits. For now Mister Jack, your job is going to be to learn about the people in this city. Everyone and every faction, see who you think is trust worthy enough to work for the city, even if they don't wish to join one of the nations."

The red mech gave a bow before standing up and leaving the room at last. Enterprise herself decided now was the best time to head out herself, as she needed to go get the Eagle Union ready to help out in Gotham. Though on the way out, she noticed an interesting request on the notice board, something about a mayoral election in Gotham. She'd have to check that out since she was going to be heading there shortly.

"So in his own way, Cao Cao helped defeat the Nazis."
Jun 6th 2019 at 9:29:24 AM

Tira/Arenea (Bandit Town)-Hide and Seek

Arenea walked over and yanked her spear out of the dead body it was stuck in, waving it a few times to flick the blood off before she let it retract back into a size small enough to stuff in her pocket.

"Name's Arenea. I'm new around here, an unemployed mercenary who's really wishing this was a tougher caliber of opponent. This charity op don't do anything for my reputation if anyone and their grandma could kill these idiots."

Ohhh, hi Ari! Tira said, shifting back into her happy mode as she waved. Then she motioned up at the roof, and a raven flew down onto her arm. Ok Thany, go find us a place to hide, somewhere where these silly people can't find us and where we can talk to this guy without being heard. Ok?

The bird cawed at Tira, then flew off to quickly search the area. Arenea raised her eyebrow.

"You're trusting a bird to find us a hideout?" She asked with clear skepticism.

Yep! Tira said as she nodded quickly enough that her hair shook. Thany's very very smart, he'll find us somewhere, I know it!

Arenea shook her head. "If you say so kid. But let's not hang around here and wait."

She would motion for the other two to follow, and start running in the opposite direction of the sounds of approaching people.

"So, this kid, she belong to you, big guy?" Arenea asked Shigure as they ran. Tira had hopped up to the rooftops to spot incoming enemies and direct the others away from them. "She's kind of got a few screws loose, if you know what I mean."

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Chabal2 Fear me from Plains of Tolosa
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Jun 6th 2019 at 9:49:40 AM

O'Kais, Akibahara

Of course, Aun'el.

I have successfully recruited several gue'vesa, along with a member of a different, avian species. Although they too were brought to this world by unknown means, they appear entirely ignorant of their Imperium's existence, which I attribute to their cultural isolation: they are unaware of the possibility of space travel or even of the Warp. According to one of these gue'vesa, their society mirrors our own during the Mont'au. They possess strange powers over fire and earth, but thus far have shown no signs of the madness that accompanies them in the gue'la's psykers. There exists a statue in this city which gives another group of gue'la different powers as well, but I have not had time to study it.

There exist several gue'la'el who have declined to join forces with the Greater Good, who have taken charge of their own factions. They have come to a peace agreement, declaring the city to be a neutral zone with any violence inflicted by one faction immediately causing all others to join forces against the aggressor. Though I agreed to join this cooperative defense, it must now be submitted to your approval, Aun'el.

There is also an entity unlike any I have seen before, claiming to be responsible for bringing us and other forces to the planet. It lives upon a central hill, and haphazardly brings ever more creatures to this world.

-As the Tau continue their tour of the city, the Shas'O's missile pods continuously track the sky, while his helmet sensors analyze all suspicious environmental changes. For a Tau to survive the death of the Ethereal he was charged to protect is a stain on him and the Greater Good, to survive two would be unthinkable.-

There is another city, accessible through some form of teleportation technology similar to Eldar gates. An infestation of Chaos troops and mutants has taken root there, and possibly an unknown form of Necron. I have tried to warn the gue'la here of the danger, but they are as ignorant of the threat as they are of their own kind's method of dealing with them. I suggested that measures be taken to quarantine the city and the infected population eradicated in case of further corruption, but this caused offense somehow.

-Several gue'la are gathered, one of which attracts the Ethereal's attention. Two of them are unmistakably mutated by Chaos, but their minds are apparently untouched if they can debate on the importance of order.-

These are unlike the mont'gue I have seen, even here, Aun'el. Be wary, I do not how how they will react.

-Lacking his main weapons, his only hope is to grab Aun'shi and pull him away from the twisted gue'la should they become aggressive.-

Mokou, Camoa

-Following the others' trail, screeching bird calls prompt Mokou to pick up the pace. Black tendrils are choking the giant yellow birds and swiping at the expedition.-

-Swooping down, dozens of fireballs exit Mokou's body and fly towards the base of the tentacles, making more to replace those that fizzle out in the rain.-

Jun 6th 2019 at 1:20:01 PM

Velvet's Stando

"I can't really write down anything while being invisible and intangible, Master. And my curse makes me forget things pretty fast too, sorry.~"

And thus did Velvet's plan to easily memorize all the sweet dirt getting dug up promptly crashed and burnt.

Adventurer's Guild

"Yes, the rain is indeed red. It smells rather metallic so there might be trace metallic elements in it. Also, nice to meet you again. This is a most novel experience. It'll make the train ride all the more fun." Cheerfully taking in everything at face value and greeting the different designed model bodies with as much exuberance as she did the main body, Cynthia continued to be her own brand of special shenanigans in this melting pot of insanity while she waited for everyone to meet up so they could set off.

Akiba Street

"This 'rough hooligan' will take the messy anarchy of freedom over iron fisted authoritarianism any day, perverts." Responding back rather blandly with arms folded across his chest while hearing the two women all but get hot and flustered off hearing their own drivel. "If you think everything will go as swimmingly as stated simply because you want the common people to relinquish their rights then you must be a bit thick in the head."

Shifting his gaze from the disdainful daemonettes to that of a more male and alien pair, the Burnish cocked his head to one side for a moment before slowly nodding. "Sure, why not. I just arrived here but you seem to have a good philosophy right there so I'll try to help out in what little way I can considering my recentness in being brought."

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Jun 6th 2019 at 1:32:52 PM

Velvet (City Hall)-Unhappy, shocking I know

Then materilize in the back of the van where no one can see you and get writing!

Velvet clearly was not about to accept excuses here.

I did a DMC fanfic thing
Jun 6th 2019 at 9:40:12 PM

Astolfo's Van

"Oh, that does make sense! I'll get right on it!"

Unfortunately for Velvet, the fact that to stay in range with the conversation meant that the knight was now actively writing in a sticky notepad and posting everyone's quotes haphazardly everywhere in the interior of the van while simultaneously driving with his feet alone (though he was doing an amazingly good job of such).

Koopa Clown Car

"Because being a super-villain is a poor future job choice." Muttering back under her breath towards the curious Void Termina, Cagliostro did her best to try to get the impressionable young girl to figure out that acting like the Koopa Queen was not something that should be emulated if at all if only because she seemed to be reading from the stock tropes about the profession. "It's better being a hidden mastermind if you want to pursue this sort of career, you'll be able to do what you want without having people blow holes in your home like earlier. Or at least not nearly as much."

Bandit Town Power Plant

It was with all the grace of a falling anvil that Rico outright landed feet first on the back of the unfortunate bloke attempting to stomp on into the cockpit, making him stumble forward with a yelp before bouncing off the edge due to wearing his helmet so that there was only a mild concussion instead of a more outright skull fracture.

Still, the dazed man would fall off from his perch atop of a herd of pigs down below, causing a small stampede of the things as they crashed against the fencing to the point where sheer weight of bodies caused it to give and let loose a deluge of porkers to cause merry havoc. Rico for his part would have an unabashed view into the inner workings of the mech's cockpit with the activation key still slotted in and the engine still running.

Unfortunately there was no instruction manual nearby and now the guards were shooting at whatever didn't belong such as the giant Rosalina plus company with bullpup styled firearms while cleaver and cattle prod wielding bandits tried to get close through for a more personal touch. Still, with pigs squealing and running around everywhere the bullets were repeatedly jostled all around the place in erratic motions that made accuracy both go down and yet also much harder to predict.

Bandit Town Streets

Those that were part of Team Murderhobo would find that the very streets themselves were getting steadily cordoned off by barbed wire fencing that got carried out and put in place by the bandit hordes (though the rooftops themselves were free real estate) and that jeeps that were filled to the brim with mascara wearing lugheads trying their best to clown car style could be both seen and heard chasing after the fugitives even as they flung out bolos and weighted nets from homebrewed launchers at the killers.

Thankfully, Tira's hired help would spot what appeared to be a rusted iron grate built into the middle of the street where presumably waste and runoff would slide right down there to keep the place slightly less dirty than it would be otherwise. Actually going for the ticket out of the area would land the group in a rather half-baked waste tunnel that spanned the entirety of Bandit Town and let them fast travel via the patented Majima Everywhere System if need be so long as they could keep up their sense of direction.

Colorado Wastes

Wulrik's repeated jabbing most definitely hit a sore spot as the electrified spear tip jammed itself into the gap that had its magnetically clamped cargo load in place, shorting out the electronics there and jolting out half the clamps holding the thing in place so that it was now liberally spewing out its guts in the vein of literal ores and other scrapped parts picked up.

Rearing back to give Wulfrik enough time to roll out of the way if he would take the opportunity, the thing would then begin bucking and stomping even more wildly around in a maddened attempt to squash the Chaos Warrior that unlocked its valuables. Still, with the cargo canister getting dragged around while flapping on its hinges, its movements were a lot rougher and uneven at the moment and thus easier to work with comparatively.

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Jun 6th 2019 at 11:24:56 PM

Kisara - Gotham City Hall

To make matters worse for this thug, the suave gentleman from earlier listed off the thug's crimes. My Ra, he's worse than I thought! Luckily, Cody approached the thug and grabbed him before he could leave. As expected, the thug begged for mercy and fled to this comfy metal carriage.

To the others that confronted the thug, I asked, “What's his deal...? He's, um, a joke...”

Clock King - Gotham City Hall

The Clock King explained, “According to Henri Ducard, Mr. Wake lurks the town at night. For some reason, he likes to burn the candle at both ends when he acts as a coroner for the police. He's like that bunny from those battery commercials. He just keeps going and going and going...”

The Clock King ended his lecture as that's all the info he knows so far on the elusive writer. “In any case, our current roster is pretty small, my Lord. But Ducard will send over his bodyguards in a few minutes. Keep your eyes and ears sharp.”

HilarityEnsues Big League Memer Relationship Status: My own grandpa
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Jun 7th 2019 at 12:57:45 AM

Pink/Yellow/Blue Diamond, Oil Refinery

After dragging her feet a bit, Pink decided to go to the oil refinery with Daisy and Lune.

"I'm Pink Diamond. I specialize in healing, protecting, swordplay, shapeshifting, and gardening. It's a pleasure to meet you both. I've also brought my sisters, Yellow and Blue Diamond, here to help."

She looked over at the gate, wondering how they were all going to get through it unscathed.

”Perhaps I could transform into an oil tanker, then you two could drive me through their checkpoint. There’s tons of them going in and out of this place all the time, right? That could be our way in.”

Blue wasn’t totally sold on this idea.

”...Won’t a pink truck be rather suspicious?”

”Well, maybe. Hm… what do you guys think?”

Jun 7th 2019 at 7:44:34 AM

Elize and Teepo- Adventurer's Guild w/ DSR-50

"Neural Cloud? Hardware Differences?"

"There's a lot of clouds out today, are any of those it?"

Daisy (Agent 8-Possessed) with Mythra- Oil Refinery

"Given this environment... yeah, a pink truck would be suspicious, though that may not be entirely a bad thing dealing with autonomous robots, depending on how they're programmed. Unless pink trucks are a Britannia specialty."

The Agent, her compatriots, and the other people trying to secure the facility had their work cut out for them, it seems.

"It does seems like the only way through is the gate, unless we can fly, dig, climb, or there's a flaw in the walls, all without being noticed. A direct assault now would probably be fatal, especially since it seems the mech is still in some form of operation. We could wait for a Britannia vehicle to come by to sneak in or hijack it, but that may take too long. Once things get going on everyone else's end, they'll probably be on high alert, if their communications are worth anything.

"That said, I suppose another option is to try to sneak in with a peace offering of some kind, or bait some out with something suspicious. Though I don't know how many non-robots the place has. Not the most honorable of solutions, yeah, but it's definitely an option."

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If the shoe fits, check the price first to make sure you're not overpaying.
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Jun 7th 2019 at 4:44:43 PM

Adventurers Guild - DSR-50 and M16A1

"Oh no, susse, not that sort of cloud," DSR tsk-tsked at Elize's confusion. "I guess you could say we have the same soul. But everyone knows the cloud. If you don't... you aren't from a place with computers, are you?"

She frowned, and slowly shook her head.

"Too bad we can't just buy you a little handheld videogame to pass the time, no?"

"Look kid," M16 cut herself off. "If this was any other day maybe I'd make a detour in Gotham and steal a gameboy for you, but we're in the middle of something. We're trying to grab whoever wants to go west on the train, where who knows what sort of monsters and pieces of trash we'll run into, so unless that puppet of yours does double-duty as a 1911, I don't think it's a good idea to stick around with us for now."

Adventurers Guild - M16A1

"Yeah... sure. Nice to meet ya...." M16 chewed on her lip. Yup. This was getting weird. Of course, it was probably because she was the one trying to deal with people, while Architect was just.... Yes, that would do juuuuust fine.

"Oh hey, you know what, it's not just me. Architect over there's a robot too. Even has a few added bits, like those ears of hers. But don't take my word for it, you can see that for yourself."

She whistled at Architect, waving at her.

"Yo! Hey Spaz, this here is Cynthia, she's coming with us so let her feel up your ears, will ya?" M16 shouted at Architect with a smirk.

Power Plant - Bandit Town - Rosalina & Luma

"Perfect!" Rosalina smiled at a job well-done, with Rico managing to get right into the cockpit. Of course, they couldn't expect the locals to react passively to all this, and as they

"Oh my!" she exclaimed, ducking down and shrinking back to her normal size.

Taking advantage of the rather difficult situation, she took the oportunity to manifest a hologram of herself a little off to the side, forming a triangle between herself, the Glasgow, and the phantasmic Rosalina. Towering at twenty feet tall and hovering a few feet off of the ground, it was the spitting image of herself and provided a mighty large target for anyone who was looking for something to shoot.

"~Over here, boys, teehee," the giant 'Rosalina' boomed, leaning over and putting her hands on her slightly-bent knees, turning her head a few degrees to the side, and winking at the bandits and soldiers.

Luma floated into the cluster of melee bandits, wildly shooting cute star bits at them like a beautifully sparkly shower of gravel.

City Hall - Gotham - Naga

"You sure have a lot of jobs...." Naga mused as the serious man shouted at the man who looked like a waiter about some grisly matters.

"That is the strangest golem I've ever laid eyes on that I haven't made myself" she exclaimed when she noticed that the strange van was idling closer to them. She looked back over at the limo Gio had arrived in. No, it wasn't a golem after all, it was another one of those... carriages. Naga, being a sorceress of unparalleled intellect, was able to puzzle out the solution in moments.

"It's a golem carriage," she concluded. She floated over to the front of the van, landing on the front of it and bending over to press her eyes on the glass to look in, where Astolfo was scribling away. "Hey! There's a girl in there!" she shouted. "Hello there, little girl!! How did you make this?"

"Do you want it, I'll destroy whoever I have to in order to get it for you Lady Naga," Albedo popped up right behind her, all too eager to do whatever it took to make her new master happy.

"No... that's alright, I don't like the color of this one." Naga replied. "I want my own."

She snapped her fingers as inspiration struck.

"Not just one of my own, though," Naga started to say faster and louder. "A dozen! Painting a mural is far too small, we'd have to paint every wall in the city to get everyone to see it. The trick to advertising is to go to your customer, not the other way around! We can paint all sorts of golem carriages, and have them find the people! Ooooh Kisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaara, I think we can put your maids to good use!" She waved at the dragon girl to try getting her attention, then tilted her head slightly as she already began to see ways to improve her plan. "But they might not see them right away, so we'll need to make sure to have someone shouting from the top of them too! They might not have my oratory skills, but I'm sure I can whip them into shape! Dohohohohohohoho!"

E pur si muove... and yet it moves. Unofficial Game of Gods Data Compendium
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Jun 7th 2019 at 9:28:50 PM

Entry 4 Part 15 (Lune, Milliana and Malia - Bandit Town Oil Refinery)

Malia and Milliana raised their hands in response to Agent 8's question. The Mila worshippers were clearly determined to help us out by any means possible. You know what... I'll join them on their endeavor. A good leader needs to help their supporters out, right?

“We volunteer to become peace offerings,” I replied. “I can help break free if needed for the plan.”

“I kn-know martial arts, so I can fight w-without a weapon,” added Malia.

Kisara - Gotham City Hall

“Sounds like a plan,” I said while smiling back at Naga. I had forgotten about that incompetent rich thug already. What kind of imbecile wastes their money on a deathtrap like that carriage? Then again, my boss Seto was the type to buy a metallic version of me and ride in it.

“G-girls, you have another job!”

Haine, Pitorre, and Pottorie were busy painting another badass mural onto the wall. They all glanced at Naga with curiosity.

“What kind of job,” Haine painted into the mural.

“We're, um, gonna paint murals onto metallic carriages,” I replied back to the Haine and the other Witchcrafters.

“T—that, sounds like fun,” mumbled Pottorie. “We'll help you on one condition.”

Pittore added, “Can you help us with a creation of ours, Ms. Naga? We want to make a golem like yours. Can you give us a little assistance, please?”

Anyways, I summoned Edel and Schimitta again, so they can assist with the carriage mural process. The blacksmith and gemologist saluted Naga and me.

Gunther - Camoa Crunch Crew

For now, Gunther kept his distance from the tentacles and continued firing. This time, he bobbed and weaved into the safe spots. For a fat guy, Gunther is in good shape. Franz will be proud of him.

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Jun 8th 2019 at 12:52:06 AM

Wulfrik, Wastes

-By great fortune, the chunk of ore that lands on Wulfrik's foot is not heavy enough to pin him down, and he manages to scuttle out from under the juggernaut.-


[Beasts, to me! Take it down!]

-As the iron bull turns and charges the rhinoceros, Wulfrik realizes he should have chosen his words better as he sees a red powder spraying out from its orifices.-

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Pink Diamond, Oil Refinery

Pink looks over at Lune, then back at Daisy/Agent 8.

"Sounds like a plan to me. That alright with you?"

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Morrighan (Cathedral) - Enemy Mine

"I am inclined to disagree," Morrighan stated in turn, when the issue of the ever divisive faction leaders were brought up. "Mortals always struggle and picks fights with one another. Sometimes out of malice, sometimes out of ignorance, or out of a desire to become something greater. But at times when a major threat surfaces, even current enemies tend to set aside their differences and combine their forces to defeat it."

From her tone, it was fairly evident that Morrighan didn't take humanity lightly. There was a certain sense of admiration in her words, and her expression lightened up somewhat when she spoke... but not for long.

"Regardless, I do not have much experience in leadership myself, and my followers are still rather inexperienced in the ways of combat," she noted. "I can provide some aid on the frontline and my blessings to support other combatants, as well as some air support in a similar vein to Alalia's... but at the moment, that is all I can provide.

Eve (Room 108) - Exposition Time I

Eve waited patiently for everyone who wished to leave to do so, leaving her with those with both the free time and interest to learn what she had prepared for the meeting.

"Thank you for staying," Eve began her exposition. "As I previously stated, two weeks ago I embarked on a small excursion into the wastelands by myself. While the main goal of my stay there was not accomplished, I did acquire data on two unusual phenomenons taking place at the time. Now, the information gathered is by no means complete, but it should be enough to illustrate my concerns in each individual case."

A small holographic interface soon came into view in front of Eve, which she promptly used to bring forth a much larger holographic screen that could actually display visual aids properly. In that screen played aerial footage of Wulfrik's past battles with the mehcanical bulls and the gigantic Stormbird, as well as their eventual overrides.

"The first phenomenon involves one of the 'irregulars' we have discussed earlier, Wulfrik the Wanderer," she stated. "He seems to have acquired a means to control the resident machines in the area. The artifact, once driven into the creatures, appears to be capable of overwrite their programming, forcing them to obey his commands. Whether or not this is the only artifact of its kind, or how this is achieved is still not known. Nonetheless, the fact that someone else may have access to this technology is not outside the realm of possibility."

"Now, before I move on to the second topic, I would like to clear as many doubts as I can regarding this one. So, if any of you has a question, now would be the time to ask."

Jun 8th 2019 at 6:12:06 PM

Elize and Teepo- Adventurer's Guild w/ DSR-50 & M16A1

"One soul in two bodies!? How is that possible!?"

Before the question could be answered, the other woman tried to caution them away from going there. While Elize would have probably taken the opportunity to leave, adverting the likely disaster to come... Teepo wasn't having any of that.

"Hey, I don't know what a 19-11 is, but me and Elize could rough up a ton of monsters, no sweat! We've been safe in Gotham, after all!"

"E-eh? Uh... yeah, we can handle ourselves..."

Daisy (Agent 8-Possessed) with Mythra- Oil Refinery

"Um... do they take hostages? If so, then the plans risky, I wouldn't ask that out of all of you, but if you really are sure about offering yourselves like that, it could work. I dunno if you'd just get shot on sight, though."

"We do have a shape-shifter, though... perhaps we could use that to our advantage as our "jack in the box", if you don't mind of course. Change into a diamond... er, jewel... or something..."

It was very pragmatic, sure, but the plan was coming together somewhat.

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Akiba Street - Daemon Sisters

"Perverts?!" Scanty parroted, before laughing mockingly. The sound haughty and cliche. "Unable to even come up with something of your own, I see. The claims of a pervert mean little. And certainly from someone so slow."

"And you must be deluded if you believe that people will not willingly conform to rules and control in the right circumstances." Kneesocks lectured the boy, like one might a small child. "Ordinary people crave safety and the comfort of rules and regulations. Tangible things that they can succeed at with little thought. We have our ways, don't you worry."

City Hall - Bowsette

Bowsette watched the scenes just below as they unfolded with a look of irritation and complete disinterest. Here she was, making her big reveal and proclaiming her goal to rule and giving the chance to oppose her, and all these wannabee bad guys and useless good guys were too busy doing their own little things to actually do anything useful.

Leaning an elbow against the edge of her vehicle, and her chin on her palm, the Queen of the Koopas raised her voice. "Is everybody done? Allowing any of you free entrance to my lair is a generous and rare opportunity, but if you'd rather find some pathetic place to talk instead I'll leave. I've got to start my plans to conquer this city proper." Casually throwing in that last line, knowing it would incite the Final Fight good guy if nothing else.

Taking hold of the controls, she began to make her leave towards the casino. Whether people chose to follow her or not.

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Entry 4 Part 15.5 (Lune, Milliana and Malia - Bandittown Oil Refinery)

“I'm still willing to do your plan,” I replied back to Agent 8. “And I don't think they're willing to kill criminals before their trial... I hope they'll give me a trial at least.”

On Elpis, criminals are given a trial to explain why they should be innocent. Hopefully, the Frontiers has a court system, right?

Milliana noted, “I t-think innocent until p-proven guilty applies here, right?”

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Jun 9th 2019 at 3:15:17 AM

Hydaelyn - Hydaelyn's Spire

Hydaelyn looked up at the spire. She had thought it's unique shape and the fact that it floats was enough to draw attention to it. But perhaps lady had a point. A sign would let people kmow exactly who owned the place and she was sure that Twotaru would be happy to draw something up.

She turned back to Lady, "Okay I'll see what I can do. Buuuut. Before we head in I'll say this because I like you. I've been getting reports of some weird activity around here. 'Dark Elves' is what Hailey calls them. Turns out she's a great scout."

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Lady (Hydie's Spire)-Sidetracked by the MSQ?

Lady took a second to consider as Hydie mentioned something about a new group of troublemakers in the area.

"Hmmm....I've had a couple of people come to my office in the last week or so, asking for my help with a string of kidnappings in the area. People up and vanishing without any warning. I had to refer them elsewhere, I'm not a private detective, and I didn't want to waste their time bumbling around trying to do something not in my skillset. But...."

She put a hand to her chin, thinking. "Now you're telling me there's some new group skulking around, causing trouble, and trying to be descreet about it, given I haven't heard anything about this? I'd put good money down that the timing of these events is connected, and that these "Dark Elves" have something to do with the kidnappings."

She motioned behind her at Shigo and Des, who were both totally still there. "And as it happens, I was looking for a chance to evaluate my new prospective hire's combat skills in a real fight. I still want to see the inside, but this seems a bit more of a pressing matter. What do you say, want to come investgate with us?"

I did a DMC fanfic thing
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