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Oct 7th 2017 at 4:19:44 PM

This thread is to discuss changing where redirects redirect to. And possibly whether to remove them. Maybe.

Branching from my ATT on the subject...

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Big Damn Hero: Currently going to Big Damn Heroes. Disambig into that and Fanfic.Kyon Big Damn Hero?

Blade Behind The Shoulder: Isn't it Weapon Across the Shoulder, not Blade Below the Shoulder?

BLAM: Currently Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. Disambig between that and Hit Flash?

Brain Bug is currently a redirect for Plot Tumor. Remove as it's nonsensical?

Breast Physics, currently goes to Gainaxing, but name fits Jiggle Physics more, what with the "Physics" and the Mammary Physics redirect...

Cat Person: Send to Cat People, and add a note there of "Cat People or Cat Person can refer to the following works:", and wick to WebAnimation.Cat Person.

Crazy Laugh currently goes to Evil Laugh. Doesn't Laughing Mad make more sense?

Continuity Whore to Continuity Cavalcade, instead of the Tropers it currently is?

Divine Gender Flip redirects to Divine Race Lift... I get that they're both "showing a deity with a standard appearance in a form people don't expect to see it in", but the name is Divine Race Lift, not Unexpected Divine Appearance, and race is very different from gender...

Film.Les Miserables to Film.Les Miserables 1998, and Film.Les Miserables 2012 instead of Franchise/, 'cause there are multiple films, after all, and its a subset of the possible Les Miserables disambig possibilities.

Fluff: Disambig into Filler and WAFF instead of just redirecting to the latter?

Lost City to somewhere else insteaad of Soiled City on a Hill - As in Morally Lost? Or just Hidden and Unfound, 'cause the latter doesn't seem to fit the trope...

Myth and Legend to Mythology instead of Oral Tradition, 'cause it fits the name a whole lot more?

Film.Rambo: Turn into a disambig between Film.Rambo IV and Franchise.Rambo?

Recap change from Recap.Recap to Recap Episode?

Sexy Sadist: Currently going to Bastard Boyfriend. Disambig between Bastard Boyfriend or Bastard Girlfriend?

Stellar Theme Naming should go to wherever Astronomical Theme Naming from Day of the Week Name would go, as Stellar Name isn't a Theme Naming trope...

The Mouth Of Madness: Instead of redirecting to Through the Eyes of Madness, disambig between that and Film.In The Mouth Of Madness?

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Help with possible disambig and redirect issues!
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