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Mar 29th 2019 at 7:27:52 PM

Tetra (Winking Skeever) - The Game 'O Drink

"Yessssss, come to mama..." Clutching the bottle as if it was her own newborn son, Tetra gladly laid down a few coins for it, before turning her attention to Carmilla and Sypha. "So, you're on for it after all." Setting the glasses provided by the barkeep down in front of them, Tetra eyed her two compatriots shrewdly. "So, you both in on this? Any wagers or rules you wanna implement? Or we do the usual drink until we drop?" Reluctantly, Tetra put the bottle down, clearly itching to get it into her system.

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Mar 29th 2019 at 9:12:01 PM

Carmilla & Sypha, Winking Skeever

"First," Carmilla held up a single finger. "It'd be a bit unfair to require you beat both of us, so it will just be you and me with the contest unless... Lady and Gwen want to join us?"

"I am nowhere near drunk enough to start questioning what I'm seeing by seeing you cut loose, Lady," Carmilla shook her head and laughed. "But I'm glad you are trying."

"Besides, Sypha can carry the loser off to sleep it off in a bed," Carmilla said as Sypha frowned slightly before holding up two fingers. "Second, unless you want to wager something, I've got no plans for anything to wager."

"Now then," Carmilla poured a glass for Tetra and a glass for herself, putting some cash down for the bartender as well. "Unless you have got any objections or anyone wants to join in, let us get started."

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Mar 30th 2019 at 3:52:59 PM

Winking Skeever

"1000 on the Altmer," Alduin said, smiling at Carmilla as she set down a massive amount of coins on the table.

Then she sneered at Tetra.

"Come on, joor. If you're as tough as you want me to think, you should be able to beat her an take my gold. And if you lose... well, I guess you'll owe me one, eheheheh."

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Mar 31st 2019 at 2:52:47 PM

Tetra (Winking Skeever) - And Begin!

"Yes, let's." Giving Alduin a cheeky grin in response to her taunting, Tetra confidently downed her first glass, setting it down with a satisfied sigh. "When was the first time you two got a drink, huh?" She asked the pair of vampiresses, her eyes having a shine of curiosity in them. "Was it before or after you got the bite?"

It only took me 6 years.
GameGuruGG Vampire Hunter from Castlevania Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
Vampire Hunter
Mar 31st 2019 at 5:25:59 PM

Carmilla & Sypha, Winking Skeever

Carmilla downed the first glass as well, "Ages ago for me, but it was before the bite for both of us."

"It was years ago for me... prior to Carmilla giving me the bite but after I met her," Sypha answered Tetra's question as she watched the drinking contest.

"Though what I usually drank as a human was of better quality than tavern alcohol," Carmilla noted to Tetra. "Wine rather than rum."

"What about you?" Carmilla asked as she downed another glass. "You're rather young for alcohol, after all."

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The Wonders Of The Internet
Apr 1st 2019 at 11:38:30 AM

Sociopath Azura (Van Kitchen) - Agreeable Plan

"That... could actually work."

It was said that the best way into a man's heart was through his stomach, and since not many people were into impalement, presumably the quote also had to do with food. A gesture like that would surely be received warmly by at least a few of the people inside that absurdly broken chamber. The more gluttonous ones in particular would appreciate it without a shadow of a doubt, and that would help bring unity to the group as a whole.

That was probably what Corrin thought. Azura, on the other hand, just wanted something that would go well with her tea. And baked goods usually went well with tea.

"What were you planning to-"

"Oh hey, there's actually people still here."

It was at that point that a not entirely sober red-haired woman with a noticeably burnt coat made her way into the kitchen, headed straight for the fridge.

"Just keep doing whatever you're doing, don't mind me. Just gonna grab something real quick."

Said and done, she quickly snatched two bottles of clearly alcoholic drinks and made her way back towards the living room, taking a considerably long swig from one of the bottles on the way out.


Apr 1st 2019 at 8:30:59 PM

Kitchen, Breaking Badzura

Unfortunately for the blue haired songstress, any sort of well-meaning promise of baked goods would have to be put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time as the dragonoid royal was whisked away to what was presumably Gatcha Hell by that damnable owl once more. In her place however was a sharp dressed lad sporting average height, his skin a healthy bronze and hair color of wheaten hue.

"Well now, this presumably isn't Jylland or Ivalice. Maybe World B at the very least given I don't know who you are and being spirited away to a new dimension seems to be a thing that I've got going for myself. Probably whoever's in charge of this realm got a good look at my credentials. I'd like to say I'm overqualified though." Giving a jaunty little shrug after blinking and looking around and poking the kitchen utensils here and there, the newcomer flashed a friendly smile towards Azura.

"Anyways, the name's Vaan No Last Name. Or maybe Ratsbane. That's the closest thing I've got to a surname since I'm a peasant. I've got to say, your abode seems to be rather well off- lack of decorations aside. The air feels properly filtered and I can see various technological gadgets that the majority of Ivalice won't ever be able to afford in their lifetime... Are you the owner of this fine location, Miss... I'm sorry, what was your name again?"

Looking things over with a thief sky pirate's experienced eye, the rather chipper kidnap victim was taking things in stride rather well given the circumstances, like someone who rode this particular rodeo before and wasted no time in grabbing hold of the reins once more to enjoy the situation. As was the wont of the infamous sticky fingered rogue, learning where the other person's associations ran would result in deciding whether or not they were to be marked potential 'targets' for his illegal acquisitions specialization.

End of April Fools

And then as it turned out, Corrin was still in the van and just sort of situated behind the rather cheerful lad, being around to see a newcomer appear before her very eyes. "Oh, is this how the newcomers appear?" Peering all around the place to see that things were actually much like how summoning units in her pocket castle realm worked, Corrin then remembered that she needed to bake some goods and went off to prepare for such.

"Azura, can you please make the tea. I am simply butter fingers at anything that isn't baked goods in the kitchen..." Wincing as she remembered that she could somehow burn tea leaves to create a disgusting mess that had the potential to knock out her butler, the royal rolled up her sleeve before getting to work on kneading the dough. "Also what type of item would you like: biscuits, scones, muffins, cookies?"

Meanwhile in Skyrim, 21 disappeared.

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Apr 3rd 2019 at 3:32:22 AM

Umu, Off We Go!

Magilou's choice of clothing wasn't quite what Nero had in mind, but it certainly made up for it with its Oriental allure. It had just the right amount of the witch's playful whimsy, but it also showed her off quite nicely. Caster was pleased. "Yes! The glorious rapture awaits, umu!"

Cell, Kitchen Talk

The barefoot princess disappeared... and then reappeared (or perhaps she never left?), this time with some weird barechested guy named Vaan. 'sup? Welcome to the interdimensional lallapallooza. She's not the owner, as far as I know it's the guys on the intercom." He said, content to sip some sort of juicebox.

Team Disaster, Vs. Bullet King

The little laser didn't seem to be doing anything in particular... until a much bigger one dropped right on top of the Bullet King, followed by an agonized screech. The lead throne dashed to the left, but judging by the big bullet's scowl, it did not like that maneuver one bit, slowly raising from its throne and then dropping right back on it, releasing a shockwave of red projectiles in all directions, threatening bodily harm with high-speed bullets.

Team Martial Arts, Gunplay

As it turned out, green blocks weren't skittish, but fragile. The one impacted by Noire's bullet disappeared with a dry pop, but not before it bounced the projectile away. It seemed the bullet could take three bounces before petering out. One should do well not to question the rules; it was a weird gun-theme videogame, after all. Neptuneman had more luck and managed to score a hit on the target, letting it explode into celebratory confetti.

The last shot belonged to Ranma, and they were currently 1 out of 3.

Team Other Guys, Battle Won!

The other Beholster was wise to the grisly fate that befell its companion earlier, but not wise enough to dodge out of the way. Once more, the beast exploded into a cascade of body parts and teeth shrapnel. The fight was over.

To celebrate, every member of the team was provided with a chest. Not just any chest: each of them was the prodigious red chest that Puru had a fortune of opening earlier. It seemed that the rewards for beating this duo were hefty. Furthermore, the things left behind by Flowey were still lying around, if anyone felt like picking them up.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, and dust to dust
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Did you know this section has a character limit?
Apr 3rd 2019 at 1:24:55 PM

Gwen - She's Played This Quest Before; The Winking Skeever, Solitude

Lady's newfound wild side had taken Gwen by surprise, but she wasn't going to protest it. She was relatively safe here, why shouldn't she take advantage of it. So Gwen skipped along beside her, Lady not really needing to drag her along. She might have been more concerned about the mission or something like that if Alduin hadn't lead the charge to the tavern.

Also, this was Skyrim. They could procrastinate this quest for years if they wanted to.

"Depends." Gwen said, taking the half-demon revelation in her stride as she sat down opposite her friend, planting her backpack and it's attached weapons under the table. "How's your metabolism? Do you have a healing factor? If you have a super-quick metabolism, it's gonna pass through you too quick to do anything, and a healing factor means you can get drunk, but if you don't keep drinking you're gonna sober up in about fifteen minutes."

As Carmilla invited them to the drinking contest, Gwen looked over her shoulder to scan the bar, looking for someone she hoped she'd recognize.

"I haven't actually drank before, so I think I'll pass instead of passing out." She stuck her tongue out at the Vampiress. "But if a guy called Sam offers to join in, you might wanna turn him down."

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Apr 4th 2019 at 12:10:00 PM

Neptuneman - Gungeon VR (Team Martial Arts)

Noire did poorly with her shot, but Neptuneman had made up for that in spades. Neptuneman didn't know he was an expert marksman. Awesome, bro! He prayed for Ranma's success. The group needed to get two shots to pass.

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Apr 5th 2019 at 6:35:47 PM

Tetra (Winking Skeever) - Drinking Responsibly(?)

"Wine, huh? Can't say I care much for the stuff. Senza harbors a liking for it though, and I still haven't asked him why." Drinking down her next glass, Tetra gave Carmilla a critical eye, before shrugging and speaking up. "Eh, about...nine, ten years old? We'd just finished fighting off other pirates, but our ship'd taken some heavy blows, and we were as good as stuck until we got repairs done. Out on the ocean, middle of nowhere, everyone else busy...I needed something to distract myself. I don't know who ratted me out, but whoever it was...I'd thank them. I'd just finished my first bottle and was about to hit the second one, when Gonzo comes in and takes it away from me."

Taking a pause for another drink, Tetra found herself smiling. "You should have heard what was coming out of my mouth, I was cursing the hell out of him for that. I think if I'd actually kept my word in demoting him, he'd still be scrubbing the floors. But yeah, he made me go drink some water and have a lie down...and holy fuck my head was killing me the next morning. The crew went easy on me though...and heck, afterwards, they said that if I was gonna pull that shite again, the least I could do was share." She let out a happy laugh at this, briefly getting lost in fond memories of her family, messed up as it was.

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Apr 5th 2019 at 6:54:44 PM

Lady (Bar)-An honest question

"So what you're telling me, is I can drink as much as I want, and I won't even get a hangover?"

She considered this for all of a second before taking the bottle in front of her, and downing it in one chug. She slammed the bottle on the counter, cracking it from the impact.

"Goddamnit! This tastes like piss! Give me another one!"

Another bottle was placed in front of her, and she started on that as well, going slightly slower this time.

"So." She turned toward Carmilla and Sypha. "Firstly, I don't know if I ever really did it or not, frankly, I'm having a bit of trouble remembering right this second, but, erm......I'm sorry. For, you know. Pointing a gun at your head and threatening to kill you. Several times. I've realized that most of the people on this thing are decent. Or at least arn't bad enough to shoot. Apart from Susan.

"But, I've been wondering this for a while, and I'm not going to judge, one way or another, ok, and what is said at the bar, stays at the bar, or, er, something like that, right? So......" She pointed at them both. "I have to ask. Are you two, seem very close and all, I never see you two apart. So are you, In a relationship? Something along those lines?"

Apr 5th 2019 at 9:24:06 PM

Team Martial Arts

"Oh boy, it's all up to me now. I hope the pressure doesn't get to me." Despite those worrying words, the tone delivering such was anything but nervous. If anything, sheer confidence was emitting from the statement with such airiness one could expect the martial artist to start ascending to the high heavens at any point in time.

"Right then, here we go!" Cupping a ball of ki in hand, Ranma then took in a deep breath to assume an actually serious bracing stance with crouched legs that anchored herself to the floor before minutely shifting the hand that held concentrated life energy towards the target. "HA!" And then the Moko Takabisha attack got fired off, hurtling at the intended site like a blazing comet.

LittleMako The red twin from the Great Indoors
The red twin
Apr 5th 2019 at 11:36:31 PM

Lucina - Temple of Merida

It was as if she had been talking to the snow itself, for all the notice they took. Lucina looked on as half of the group simply turned and left heading towards the nearby city and its tavern. Carmilla had called back that she was going to try and convince Alduin to come to their side, and while Lucina might have believed that she hadn't needed her taguel ears to pick up Lady's intentions.

Those ears were now pinned back against her skull as she grit her teeth, her hand clenching to sight around Falchion's hilt she could hear the bindings creak. Had she been speaking in tongues? Was she the only member of this gods-forsaken band with an ounce of discipline in their hearts? Of responsibility?

"Of all the... feckless insolence!" She growled, a low rumble actually escaping from deep in her throat before she caught herself. "This farce has gone on long enough."

Settling her sword belt and looking grimly down the path towards the town, the fuming princess started to trudge resolutely down the temple steps, apparently intent on following the revelers.

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Apr 6th 2019 at 10:57:28 AM

Noire- Gungeon Team Martial Arts

"What the- ugh..." The Student Council Vice President groaned. How the hell was she supposed to guess they disappeared? Guess they did, and now she's made a fool of herself. In her eyes, at least. At least these two seem to be taking it in stride... if this was with anyone home, she'd never hear the end of it.

Ramna better get this shot, she thought, because they weren't going anywhere without it, and she was not going to be the fall girl for that.

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Apr 6th 2019 at 12:40:54 PM

Rachel, Team Other Guys

-The remaining eyeball disappeared in a shower of body parts, then a chest showed up in front of everyone. I looked at it suspiciously, but it didn't seem to be flashing in and out of existence, like the first one, so I opened it.-

LittleMako The red twin from the Great Indoors
The red twin
Apr 6th 2019 at 4:40:26 PM

Alicia - Team Military

After ducking under the gelatinous shrapnel from the larger blob's parting explosion, Alicia looked between the ever-advancing enemy mob and the struggling bird one more time...

"Alright, I'll do it..." She said, reaching up to catch the blood vial as it was thrown. This was a scout's job, after all. "Get ready to fall back if this works!"

Slinging her weapons, the sergeant took a deep breath, and then sprinted towards the nest, climbing up and pressing the injector into the raptor's thigh.

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Apr 8th 2019 at 2:46:23 AM

Cell > Max, Welcome Back, Ye Olde; Van Kitchen

Before the bioandroid could talk on any longer, the snapback brought him home. The stay at the van, while brief, was overall enjoyable altogether. He was replaced with a familiar presence from the past, although in the kitchen at the time, it was likely only Poogie the Mercury would recognize the huge personage that had to bend down to walk into the kitchen.

"Great. Apparently I'm needed for round two." Max groused, clearly mildly peeved to be around. "Everything seems in order though..." Well, as in order as this blasted place could be. It seemed most people were out on some errand. "Good day." He called to the people in the kitchen, leaning down to offer a gentle pet to the poogie. "Hey there, buddy. Where did you Mistress run off to?"

Team Military, RRRRRRRRRRRAPTOR, Vs. Blobs

The effect was, for lack of a better word, rapturous.

The beast jumped right back on its stumpy bird feet, looking around in mild confusion. Its first instinct upon seeing Alicia was to squash her clean, but between the barricade, the encroaching army of genocidal jellies and the injector, the picture was much clearer. These three here were shielding the raptor from danger at their own cost; the kind of generosity that was rare around these parts.

The bird smirked, as best as a bird can, and then... flexed. And the force of the flex was so great, its chest feathers came undone, revealing a strongman's grand sixpack (try not to think much of that). With one fluid motion, Gatling Gull seized its dreaded Vulcan Cannon, squawked out a warning for the enterprising Gungeoneers... "We're going, Sergeant!" Maria ducked to the side, grabbing Raz with her to get out of the range of fire, capping one more advancing Blobulon on her way.

And then the bird let loose a boundless carnage of seven rotary barrels, turning the vanguard of the jelly army into shreds. 'twas a sight to behold. "Here's hoping the blood high comes off that beast before we become targets of interest..." The old crone muttered, watching as the Gull steadily pushed back the gelatinous assault.

Team Martial Arts, Golden Shot

The ki ball was an unusual projectile for this challenge, but, since Winchester allowed it, it would work just as the bullets fired from the golden guns Neptuneman and Noire were equipped with. A few bounces led it to its target perfectly, shattering it. The man in the top hat clapped. "Not half-bad, not half-bad. You only needed one shot to succeed, actually, but with two, I think you can skip the second round." Here he gestured to the door opening on the side. "Go and have fun. You're the first to reach a second chamber." Now that one thought about it, the door did look kind of like an opening bullet. The symbolism of the Gungeon was a pervading element across this VR, seemed.

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, and dust to dust
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Vampire Hunter
Apr 8th 2019 at 9:19:34 PM

Carmilla & Sypha, Winking Skeever

"I would have probably done the same thing as Gonzo and the crew if I was in their position," Carmilla drunk down another glass of rum. "This contest will end with a repeat of that for the both of us."

"Okay, we need at least one person who's sober," She glanced over at Gwen when she declined to join in the drinking. "Also if we see a guy named Sam approach us, we tell him off... Gwenpool knows this setting like the back of her hand."

"Apology accepted and yeah, the meat thing..." Carmilla looked off to the side as she grabbed another drink to immediately down. "That is kind of messed up, I'll admit."

She and Sypha looked at each other before turning back to Lady, "All of her family and friends are dead, and I..."

"Well, I wasn't always this nice, but I screwed up big time and made a powerful enemy," Carmilla looked at the table as if she was depressed. "But I became better because of that."

Sypha had moved her hand over to Carmilla's shoulder as if to comfort her.

"Neither of us have anything left back home," Carmilla explained to Lady as she looked over to her. "We have each other, but that's it."

"She is my sire," Sypha added to explain the situation. "She made me into a vampire after I asked for it."

"As for romance, you think like a human in such limited terms as marriage and monogamy," Carmilla scoffed jokingly at Lady, smirking at her. "But you could say that we are in a relationship, yes."

Wizard Needs Food Badly
Apr 9th 2019 at 12:51:44 AM

Susan, Not Involved In Frippery

"Hey...Lucina, right?"

Her sense of naming was getting better by the hour. From on down Susan came floating along, dragging her claws through the snow. She spoke with a helpful tone of voice. "I don't think you'd know, but it's not the end of the world if they all leave."

She nodded to the dumb bar where everyone was getting drunk - like the irresponsible children they are - and frowned. "They're wasting all of our time, yeah. It's getting on my nerves too. But, I was thinking...I'm kinda familiar with these things. Video games."

Not much, of course. A small spattering of things sprinkled throughout her last few decades. Dig Dug was pretty cool in her book, and it felt like by the time she woke up the next morning people were putting out games that were in full color, know all that stuff. It's surprising, the human ingenuity when it comes to making things that are really just distractions. Back in her time, people were content to throw balls through hoops, and in the modern day you don't even sacrifice people when they're the winner...

"I'm no expert, of course, but a lot of them are supposed to be played by one person. Do you think this one's any different?" She started to subtly move forward, and hopefully place herself in between the kind knight lady and the den of debauchery. "I don't know a lot about Rook either, but she seems like she traveled alone, you know? If it's just you and me, we can probably go win...whatever by ourselves. And easily!"

LittleMako The red twin from the Great Indoors
The red twin
Apr 9th 2019 at 7:26:39 PM

Lucina - the grump train makes a stop

The snow crunched under Lucina's boots as she came to a stop, glancing up at Susan, her stomach still churning with anger. A retort formed on her tongue - it would be the end of the world, scores and scores of worlds, if their fickle comrades were given free reign - but she held her tongue and let the other woman speak her piece. The fact that her irritation was shared by someone else made her feel a little better, and just thinking about something else made anger drain away slowly. Susan had a certain logic, she had to admit. Would Rook have created a dream - a game she couldn't complete by herself?

"You... are most likely correct." She sighed, her ears drooping as she idly fingered Falchion's cross-guard, looking off into the snow in thought. "Perhaps we don't need every pair of hands we have to finish this game."

However, even as her anger drained a little, it left behind a sickly residue of dread.

"But even if we win by ourselves, this is a problem that is not going to go away. I fear this is going to come back to haunt us, and... I cannot help but think..." She paused, running a hand through her hair as she paced a half-circle, restless agitation driving her feet.

"I've given this group a lot of slack. Some of them aren't trained warriors, and they aren't my subjects. Now, I wonder if I should have tried harder. Maybe if I'd pushed everyone a little, instilled some sort of discipline, tried harder to inspire them - maybe then we'd have a warband we can rely on instead of-"

Lucina cut herself off, scrubbing her face with both hands for a moment. "... I'm sorry, Susan. I shouldn't be piling my frustrations onto you."

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Formerly known as Gaunt 88
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Apr 9th 2019 at 7:50:11 PM

Neptuneman - Gungeon VR (Team Martial Arts)

Neptuneman's group is triumphant! The guy gives them access to the next area since Ranma and Neptuneman's skills were so worthy that the man didn't need a second round at all. Neptuneman makes a beeline for the exit.

“Awesome technique, Ranma! Can I learn this from you?”

HilarityEnsues Relationship Status: My own grandpa
Apr 10th 2019 at 2:59:12 PM

Priscilla, Bar

Despite a lack of posts from a certain RPer, Priscilla was totally in the bar right now. She was swinging back drinks like a champion, not actually sure if she could even get drunk thanks to her draconic and divine heritage. Still, she was going to try to get buzzed if nothing else. It might have just been a game, but it was stressing her out. Between everything that hang in the balance over this seemingly innocuous time waster and the fact that their current 'goal' was to kill a dragon girl that didn't look all that dissimilar to herself, Prissy just wanted to get hammered.

"I don't know if I can get drunk," she admitted. "I'm certainly willing to try, though."

Apr 10th 2019 at 11:18:29 PM

Susan, Fren

"No, no no! Don't worry!" She threw her arms up in front of her and waved them around, smiling nervously. "That's my job in the first place! I mean, you're not someone from my Earth, but you're still human. It's my job to make the lives of humans easier."

It was also, you know, just something a nice person would do. The sense of authority this gave felt really nice, though.

"...You're right, still. Everyone's not taking the whole 'death of the universe' thing seriously." Of all things. Susan sighed, looking over at the merry establishment. "I'm the absolute last person they'd listen to, anyway..."

Her sallow face lit up with realization, and she looked back at the warrior-princess-rabbit. "But you! I don't think we have a leader right now, but you're probably the most levelheaded person out of everyone here. If anyone would listen, they'd listen to you! I'm sure some of them would tell you to shut up, but some is better than nothing, right?"

"I think you were onto something. You just need to inspire confidence in them, that you're at least worth listening to. Gotta pull off something that'll make them respect you...but that, I'm not sure how to pull off."

LatverianBadger This crazy little thing called Love from gacha hell Relationship Status: I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me
This crazy little thing called Love
Apr 11th 2019 at 1:15:07 AM

Jack-O' and Ragna, Right behind Lucina and Susan

"Could you include the two of us among the some?"

Behind Lucina and Susan approached a bounty hunter and a rebel in red, both women apparently intent on following Lucina.

Ragna had been fairly overwhelmed by the discussions going on, by the idea that not only were there cartoon ponies in this world, but that world ending dragons were turned into little girls, one of whom reminded her too much of Rachel for comfort. Indeed, some part of her had shut down mentally when she thought that some form of the haughty bunny leech had followed her on this multiversal adventure, and she only recovered when she realized that wasn't true, and by then, most of the group had gone ahead. It was then that Jack-O' had patted her on the shoulder and suggest they follow Lucina and get things done.

Ragna had already formed her view of Lucina quite well: she was one of the few individuals on this Frankenstein of a group who she could count on to be reasonable, and if there was anyone to follow in this moment, it was her.

Jack-O', meanwhile, had thought to herself that she'd had enough revelry in her long, long life... even if it really wasn't that much. She was tempted, the cynic in her wanted a moment to relax, but she decided that a 'damn the torpedoes' approach was more reasonable, someone had to fix the problem.

"Look Lucina... 'big claws' over here is right. Because if you've won anyone's respect, it's mine, and you're... well..."

Some part of Ragna hesitated to say the word...


Could she afford to invest in this friendship? Would it be cut short? By their journey ending or Lucina finding out what she really did for a living?

She shook her head and refocused on the task at hand.

"I've got people waiting for me, and I'll follow you for their sake."

Jack-O' stood close to Susan meanwhile, more relaxed than Ragna was.

"I'm here because I think Susan's on the right track. We've got enough numbers here, and I'd say we're motivated to complete the task at hand. So we can totally do this!"

Dizzy, Van Storage, Healing Pods

The pod opened as soon as Dizzy was finished healing...

The healing fluid leaked out and spilled Dizzy right onto the floor, whereupon she coughed herself awake.

Healing process wasn't exactly pleasant... but it proved effective. She looked upon herself and found that her tail was back to normal as if it was never severed nor sucked dry.

("What kind of trickery is this supposed to be?")

Was she really supposed to believe that the android really brought her to be healed out of the kindness of his aritificial heart?


Getting herself back onto her feet, she plodded tiredly towards the living room where they had fought previously...

Dizzy and Mercury, Van Kitchen

Mercury squealed lightly as Max asked him, while still greatly appreciating his pets. Pets were good, it made the poogie quite happy, especially with Jack-O' off doing her thing.

It was at that moment that Dizzy had entered, looking no worse for wear on the outside, but with a noticeable tired, frustrated gait as she stood there and stared at Max petting the creature.

Mercury simply stared back... it wasn't clear what it was thinking.


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