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Jul 2nd 2017 at 9:05:16 AM

Seiga and Yoshika's Aerial Dramatic Act
Never once did Yoshika think that simply trying to keep other people clean was going to be this big of an issue.

It took longer for her to make the connection than she'd like, but once Lewis inexplicably grabbed her arm, the very dim and poorly-maintained warning lights in her head went off. It was an ofuda!

She tried to keep her footing on the ground, but her terminal weakness of only being as light as a 13 year old girl didn't give her enough leverage to fight against the diabolical ghost-muscle of this fake dad! Lewis took her out the window, and Yoshika fought back by trying to pull his arms away from her, snarling, exerting every ounce of power her unhindered strength could muster.

Meanwhile, about forty feet down, Seiga noticed that instead of exiting through the door like a normal person, Lewis had decided to add vandalism to his list of crimes. Oh, well, it achieves the same goal.

When the two of them finally landed on the ground, in full view of virtually every single important person in the City, Ciri on their backs, Seiga did all that she had to in order to make her plan succeed: "LEWIS! KILL HER!"

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 9:30:08 AM

Digger - Library - Someone Had To

I watched the chaos rapidly unfurl, and I forgot about our location entirety to try and tell someone off. I walked towards the short green one, but he disappeared, so I redirected myself to the robots. And then there was a crash. I turned to see and—

"Blood of the architect, he just jumped out the window!"

As if it wasn't obvious enough.

I dashed for the window (far, far away from the girl with the sword) and leaned over, trying not to cut my hands on the glass. He fell and fell...and then landed on the ground like a feather. Convenient. I almost made a run for the stairs, but there was something that caught me off guard.


I knew it. There was always something slimy about that girl, and it didn't help that she was just teeming with magic. I tried to stay out of whatever mess this was, but once you start asking to kill a little girl, I can't just stand by and let it happen. Cheesy, I know. In a few seconds I took out my pick axe, aimed for Lewis, and with a cry of "REMEMBER TUNNEL SEVENTEEN!" I threw it as hard as I could.

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 9:51:22 AM

Adoption Center

When Yoshika commented about something behind Lewis's locket, something started to feel very wrong to Lucas. It was only a few moments later, when the skeleton had escaped through the window with Yoshika, that the wool was removed from his eyes. The reality of the situation clicked into place in his head. "She... She didn't... that monster" slipped out of his mouth. An unfamiliar -except he had felt it once before- anger washed over him. He heard Seiga command an execution. Lucas's legs started moving on their own, running not for the stairs but the window. A defense up was applied to him. And then he was falling.

It was a reckless, possibly stupid, move, but it worked. The shield generator and his enhanced defense worked in tandem with the relatively soft sand to leave him mostly unscathed. The bruises and scratches went forgotten through the wonders of adrenaline. Lucas didn't hesitate even a moment before he put up PSI Counter on both him and Yoshika.

Why is a yam attacking me?
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Jul 2nd 2017 at 10:46:06 AM

Fawful knew better than to struggle further. Instead, he decided to analyze the surrounding area. It seemed that he was in a library.

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 11:09:19 AM


It was something that the Priest didn't want to happen but did so anyways, her suspicions proving to turn out to be rather correct in a way that she didn't want it to. The ghostly skeleton was indeed under the thrall of the necromancer, the ofuda pasted upon what was evidently his phylactery. The sudden action took the duo out of the Library with a couple of others closing in to try to stop the horrible event from happening. Sin Sayer for her part didn't want to agitate the potentially explosive situation any further by physically joining the fray. Still, the Wrath she had felt was something that could potentially be of use seeing as anger was a great motivator and could potentially help in certain ways.

"Speculation Filled With Wrath." Uttering the trigger to release part of the sins she carried, the Priest attempted to fill the area that the skeleton was full of Wrath, hopefully making it rather easier for people to get angry. Judging by the nature of the City in question, her powers were rather dampened to a certain extent so the Priest hoped that whatever she could muster was enough to help out. The air itself crackled with a certain amount of rage, as though charged and full of invisible fury.

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 11:33:23 AM

Cole didn't say anything for a moment, just watching Arcade as his emotions shifted again. " wasn't your fault, Arcade," he said softly. "You blame yourself because you think you got them into the situation they were in, you think if you hadn't said anything, they would still be safe and sound, wherever they all were. Our worlds...our worlds don't allow for things like that, Arcade. You...and your people...trouble would have come for all of you, at some point or another, even if you hadn't sought it out. Very few people, back home for me, or for you, get to live lives of peace, no matter how far they run. And if your family is like the people I know back home..."

He looked down a moment. "They would have been happy to know they had a chance to make a difference. They would have known they could have said no, and gone back to where they were safe, but they wanted what you offered them. They were waiting to get a chance to show that they still were what they once were. It is the nature of...old soldiers. It is how it is in Thedas, and with how close our worlds are to the same...I think it is how your family would be, as well."

Cole looked back at him, his own eyes looking rather teary. "I can't see people outside the city, see what they feel...but...from your memories, and your emotions...I would think your family loved you too much to ever think this was your fault. I would hurt them to think you thought it was. They were able to choose this for themselves, and just because it was you who granted them the option, it does not mean you were responsible for them taking it."

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 12:00:40 PM


"I... Cole, I..." Arcade stuttered. He hadn't really thought about what the Remnants would have wanted him to feel about their deaths. All of the guilt kept him from remembering them as the people they were, didn't it?

Johnson wouldn't have wanted him to carry the guilt unnecessarily. Henry would have cared more about the NCR getting in between him and his experiments. Judah seemed so proud to watch him accept his father's responsibility in the Remnants, and Moreno expected the NCR to kill him a long time ago. And Daisy?

... She told him to live his life. She told him that all she cared about was that he was still alive. The guilt and suicidal thoughts... She didn't want that, he realized.

If he just rolled over and gave up— let his guilt overcome his basic survival instincts— then they'd be more disappointed in him than his choice in the days leading up to the battle. He glared down, considering.

"Thank you, Cole," he mumbled, "you've given me a lot to think about."

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 12:12:28 PM


Curly winced at the sound of Rick and Morty's entrance into the lobby, "Right, I can do that. Good luck with those two... she told Dave as he headed out the door. Then she turned to Silanea to say "Maybe you can show me some of your meditation techniques this time?" before getting to her feet and taking the lamia's hand, intending to lead her upstairs to the meditation room "Then we can figure out how to get that challenge Rex started finished up for ya."

Dezmo WOAH
Jul 2nd 2017 at 12:30:48 PM


"So it's an alien device that lets you shapeshift? Cool!" Spyro said in response to Ben's explanation. Spyro didn't care to be anything other than a dragon, really, but the Omnitrix still sounded pretty sweet. "And yeah, being a dragon is pretty awesome. The wings, the fire, the horns, the magic. What's not to love?"

Poor kid seemed like he was really in a funk over what happened back there. "Relax. Your friend is gonna be alright, and it's not like you have to worry about that spook ever again, right? And besides, do things ever go smoothly when a bad guy in involved?"

Actually, what had been happening back in the saloon? It was pretty clear that the monster had been trying to attack Ben, and had hurt Eve in the process. It'd be nice to know why, just in case it ever popped up again.

"So... what'd you do to earn the ire of big ugly back there?" Spyro asked Ben.

"Yeah, sounded like he really had it in for you," Sparx added with a buzz.

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 12:49:00 PM

Cole nodded slightly, looking down again. "Maybe you could ask Miss Tairee to help you save your friend..." he said. "She said that I could ask her for help, problems. I am sure she...she would want to help you as well."

He was quiet for a second. "You should go to the library anyways. Eve is there now. I think she would be happy to see know you are all right."

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 1:16:09 PM


"Who...?" Arcade started to ask, "you mean Daisy?" He briefly considered how exactly to explain the concept of a foster mother— especially when he had his real mother for most of his life— but eventually decided it wasn't worth it.

Still, the idea of getting Daisy out of that correctional facility was tempting. Unless he'd have to hurt someone in exchange like Caro's attempted deal. That was not an option for him.

"Good, you get turned back into a child and I get to see Eve," he said, arms crossed stubbornly, "come on, to the library, let's go."

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 1:44:17 PM

"I don't want to go to the library," Cole said, looking away. "If I go anywhere, it should be to the militia to tell them what I've done. I...I hurt people. I hurt you, I...I killed someone, I...I should be put away. Lieutenant Wells has...dealt with me before. He will be fair. He will...he will know what to do with me."

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 2:07:15 PM

The desert

Ben sighed, smiling a little bit at Spyro's bragging about being a dragon. When he asked what was going on to warrant such ire, Ben shrugged.

"Ghostfreak was one of my aliens. But what I gather, his kind of alien has DNA that's alive or something, so I guess while he was in the watch his DNA was trapped and he was aware the whole time. But it wasn't my fault, I wasn't the one who put him there, I don't know who had this thing before I did." He shrugged again, looking guilty. "Killing him probably didn't do much. He probably just got revived. In this city, if you die you come back. So killing him was only delaying things..." He sighed.

"To be honest I don't know much about the Omnitrix. Probably shouldn't have been goofing around with it if I didn't know anything about it. People keep telling me I didn't know what I was doing and I was playing with a toy I didn't understand. Maybe they were right. Maybe it's better off gone," Ben muttered. "It just makes people mad and hurts people who I care about."

He kept trudging until they were near the entrance of the library. And he heard a scream. "LEWIS! KILL HER!'' Ben visibly shuddered, his fists clenched so hard they were shaking, and he suddenly rushed in the direction of the shouting. Ben instinctively went to fiddle with his Omnitrix and, realizing he had no Omnitrix, dug into his bag and pulled out his vine grappling hook. He started tossing it a few meters in front of the ground to propel himself faster to try and get to the other end of the library.

"Hey!" Ben shouted loudly. "No one's killing anyone around here! Not on my watch, not now, not ever! You hear me?!" Ben screamed in anger.

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 2:16:41 PM

Eve|Library|Look Upon What You Have Done

Eve kept crying, sad, desperate sobs. She seemed to curl into herself, into the hug, becoming smaller and smaller. "...dark..." was all she managed to say before bursting into more tears, while her hands twisted into the fabric of the hoodie.

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 2:22:14 PM

Chise - Library

It didn't take long until I arrived at the library, the sand bird dispersing as it was close to landing and dropping me onto the sand right in front of the door. I began standing up, but I was really struggling to get out of the ground, in fact, I was starting to think I was going to pass out right there. Eventually I managed to get up and began making my way inside slowly.

Elias - Hospital Room

I nodded at the doctor once he elaborated. "Very well, I will see with the librarian if she can provide me with anything that might help."

Now that everyone had their tasks given to them. I could tell that Chise had stopped and in a place that wasn't changing, so that must've meant she used her transportation magic to the library. At the same time there was some kind of commotion going on outside and the little girl was supposed to lead the lamia to the meditation room. Rather than have to deal with what was happening, I decided to just wait until everyone had left the room.

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 2:32:39 PM


Cole wanted to turn himself in. No... No no nonono.

Arcade was not about to let that happen. They had just discussed what happened to Daisy, and if it could be avoided, he'd fight tooth and nail.

"Cole, no," he said, "you didn't just decide to start attacking people, you were tortured until you snapped. You're not some dangerous monster. You actually feel guilt for what happened, then doesn't that show that you're not the same as Despair? He was positively gleeful about hurting everyone, but you feel horrified at it all."

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 2:38:19 PM

"That was the third time I turned to Despair in this city," Cole answered softly. "What is to stop someone else from torturing me into him again? And every time, he learned...I learn. If he...if I become that again, he will come after you. He...I will hurt people, in order to not lose what is gained, in order be able to hurt even more."

He shook his head. "...going to the library now would be a mistake. There is a well of pain coming from there that is too deep to explore. Distance is keeping it from overwhelming me, for now. But there is nothing to keep you away. Go."

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 3:30:40 PM


"If you were turned into a normal, human child then there wouldn't be that danger, and you wouldn't suffer from that pain," Arcade argued. Cole was being incredibly stubborn, which was keeping him from getting to Eve. He had no choice, did he? He sighed, glancing at the coat he'd left behind earlier.

He walked away from Cole, picking it up and putting it on. "Cole, leaving you out here to be tortured by everyone else's pain would be cruel of me," he said, "and I refuse to do it." With that he strode over to Cole and tried to sling him over his back in another fireman's carry.

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
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Jul 2nd 2017 at 3:38:14 PM

"But I don't deserve-," was all Cole was able to get out, before Arcade marched over, grabbed him, and literally flung him over a shoulder, without any hesitation. "W-wait, what-I, I I didn't...!"

He didn't struggle, entirely too bewildered. "Arcade, this isn't, you don't, I'm not...after what I did to you how can you be this insistent! I tried to turn you into a slave to Despair, and hate slavery! You hate it so much it broke you free of Despair's power!"

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 3:52:11 PM

Mary (Outside Library) - Suddenly, Nightmare

Well, that was confusing. The nice lady caught her hug instead of Rex, then she put her kindly on the floor... only for Rex to pick her up by the collar. It didn't feel nice, but fortunately the nice lady put her on the floor again.

"Huh? Rex? You look upset. Are you upset? Why are you upset? Is it because I don't dream about you all that often? Because I do remember you! You helped a lot, and thanks to you I have a family and I like you a lot! So you don't need to-

A loud crash suddenly announced the arrival of a skeleton, which descended from the top floors of the library holding a little girl, not much older than she was. For a moment, she was very tempted to greet her, but suddenly a chained woman suddenly yelled at someone to kill something. That was unacceptable. Obviously killing was a bad thing, even in dreams, so she felt forced to intervene.

"Killing is bad, though! I know because a friend of mine told me that killing wasn't bad, but then-" Her talk was interrupted when somebody else yelled. Somebody from inside the library, with a very familiar voice, that seemed to sort of back up her claims. She spotted the all too familiar figure... and sort of familiar clothes that looked different, and proceeded to run towards him with a much better mood than she was in before, with the sole purpose of getting over there and hugging him. "Ben?! BEEEEEEEEN!"

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 3:53:40 PM

Cottage -> Desert

Arcade was glad that Cole didn't try and fight; there were some dirty tricks he left himself open to with that position. Instead he was able to fit Cole through the door without making him smack into the frame.

"Because you just said it," he replied, "Despair tried to use me, you didn't. If you and Despair were the exact same entity, then Chise and I wouldn't have had to fight with it to turn it back into you. Maybe you think I'm being too forgiving, but I'm not holding a grudge against someone tangentially related to the problem."

I say that aloud too sometimes, just: "man, no life."
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Jul 2nd 2017 at 3:59:58 PM

Cole stayed silent for a moment, before abruptly planting his hands on Arcade's back and pushing himself to get down, shaking his head. "You don't have to carry me, I can...I will walk, if it means that much to you..."

He grimaced slightly all the same. "Despair is me...and I know what he said to you, what I said to you, about what I want, about...becoming human. I know you heard is selfish. It would be me surrendering my powers, that could help people, just...just to not have to be different anymore. Is that something you would do? Would you give up all the ability you had to help people, just to be able to live as one of them?"

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 4:00:50 PM


When Digger raised her pickaxe back in preparation to throw, there was a loud crunch; her throw was then a lot easier and lighter than it should have been, probably since she just threw a pick axe handle with a broken end. Behind Digger, the floran woman stood there with a wide grin, the lollipop pick axe head between her teeth.

With the throw off from what it should have been, the handle smacked into Ciri's back right before she could land her stab, which then threw off said stab and made her miss. With Yoshika outside, Rega took that as his cue; with a quick thrust upward and a stab, Seiga was thrown up into the air, the slashed licorice rope falling away from her as she was freed.

But that was where the bad news stopped.

"Oh no you don't! That's violating the rules!" the Miss Tairee at the central desk said angrily and she typed quickly. Some things happened very fast right after that.

Yoshika blurred and vanished from Lewis' grip, reappearing back up at the top floor of the library next to the broken window. The window of transparent, crystallized sugar then abruptly fixed itself in another blur. The pickaxe handle outside and the pick axe head in the floran's mouth both blurred and vanished, then reappeared next to Digger. And finally all three of Miss Tairee herself blurred for a moment, though didn't seem to visibly change.

"MARY! COME IN HERE NOW!" the Miss Tairee standing just inside the closest set of revolving doors yelled urgently, as she raised her hand up. The radio on her central desk suddenly flew over towards her, which she caught by the volume knob, so that as it turned around and she pointed it out the door, it was also set up to full volume. Right as the song she requested came on.

The floran blinked in surprise a couple times.

Outside, Rega was still for a moment, probably in shock, though given his helmet his expression wasn't visible. "... WHAT?!" Rega yelled after a moment, okay yeah definitely in slight shock.

Some kind of blur slammed into the ground next to Shenhua, Mary, and Rex, kicking up a cloud of sugary dust just as Mary was starting to run; then something hit Shenhua in the chest hard enough to send her flying a few meters, and Mary was picked up and then thrown upwards towards Seiga. Rega, letting out a roar of fury, drew one of his plasma rifles with his free hand and charged into the dust cloud, firing shots of plasma vanilla towards Rex on full auto; when the sangheili got close, he'd then make a sudden lunging stab towards Rex with his plasma honey sword.

There was a slight glint from the bell tower in the nearby buildings, then a shot from the robot's lever action rifle came zipping in towards Ciri's chest.

Meanwhile around another side of the library, Louie perked up when Ben heard something and started to charge, and Louie didn't hesitate to follow Ben, trying to get an idea of the situation as he grabbed at the pokeballs on his belt.

"What the!?" Phillip exclaimed, then started to run after Ben and Louie.

"This is Nails with Phillip at the library; some kind of firefight just started outside!" Nails yelled into his walkie talkie as he started to follow after Phillip.


Silanea was still silent for a few moments, then looked up slightly. "... Meditation techniques?" Silanea muttered, sounding hesitant and uncertain.

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 4:01:51 PM

"Me?" Phoenix pointed to his badge, now a bright orange. "I'm Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney. This is my assistant, Maya." Maya gave a happy little wave in reply.

"We tagged along mainly because..." Phoenix stopped. Why did they tag along? He wanted to make some grand gesture about being heroic, but that wasn't the whole truth. Phoenix just shrugged helplessly. "We can't just leave our friends in distress. We wanted to help Ben."


After their long trek back to the library Phoenix's clothes were stained with sweat. The desert heat was not doing him any favors. He should've packed his summer suit. When the group rounded up on the Library, Phoenix sighed in relief.

"Yes, finally. Air conditioning..."

His oasis was to not be encountered so soon, unfortunately. A loud scream sounded from around the building, one of murder. As a lawyer, Phoenix couldn't quite ignore obvious death threats like that. Ben had gotten the idea a bit quicker, however, as he was already rushing around the Library with some sort of...plant?

Phoenix dashed after Ben, leading the charge for once as Maya hobble-jogged along after him. It took them a bit longer than Ben (and anyone else who might've joined in), but they eventually reached the scene. And boy what a scene it was.

Dust was kicked up everywhere, everyone was in a panic, and—

"Watch out!" Phoenix ducked to the side, pulling Maya down with him and maybe accidentally bumping her arm in the process. "Oww!" He held the both of them close to the library wall as shots were exchanged, hoping there were no stray shots in their direction.

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Jul 2nd 2017 at 4:03:04 PM

Fawful watched the chaos happening.

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