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Aug 8th 2016 at 9:45:59 PM

Beach - close to home

The basic shape of the sculpture was done and Sans was now adding the details on it, as anyone would be able to tell now, it was a sculpture of Papyrus. As he kept working on giving it the finishing touches, he heard Cole ask him whether that was his brother.

"yup, that's him," said Sans, taking a step back to take a look at his unfinished work, "powerful, popular, prestigious, that's papyrus. the coolest guy in the underground."

He had his gaze focused almost entirely on the sculpture in front of him and after looking at it for a while longer, he began finishing it again at a significantly slower pace now that it was almost finished.

Aug 8th 2016 at 9:50:22 PM


"Eggs? But what would a- would he want with eggs?" Curly said in confused curiosity, though the comment was mostly directed to herself as the movie continued playing.

Curly wasn't quite sure what to think about the yelling at the moon scene, though she did notice a bit of a chill from Jack's direction, and when she glanced he seemed frosty. just as she was starting to wonder how long it had been since Jack woke up at the start of the movie the scene continued on. "What's he doing?" she asked as Sandman showed up to do his good dream thing.

She didn't have much to comment on as the rest of the movie continued, just trying to keep up with the story and trying to figure out what was going on with the unfamiliar mythical figures. Though she got a chuckle out of Jack's kidnapping, as well as a few of the subsequent scenes. She soon had one answer at least. 300 years, huh? Who'd have guessed the "teen" was that old.

North talking about his Center with movie Jack, and live Jack's response got Curly thinking... What was her purpose now? Here at the city, she had no way of knowing for certain if her original mission had been truly completed. But there was Quote, if she knew anyone that could finish the mission alone, it was him, hopefully...

Silently, the robot girl was grateful that the movie playing in the theater gave people little reason to pay attention to her current lack of a poker face.

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Aug 8th 2016 at 11:06:29 PM


Lune watched Rex create the gigantic nun-chucks in front of her eyes. The only thing that might be cooler than comically over-sized nun-chucks would be wrench nun-chucks. In Lune's eyes, they're the most awesome form of nun-chucks since they combined the power of fixing things with the power of recklessly smacking things around. Lune might have to patent the idea sometime in the future or give it to a mechanic who happened to own a giant robot.

Rex failed this process a few times. Lune resisted the urge to chuckle at those moments as this was Rex's finest hour. It wouldn't make any sense to laugh and disrupt his concentration. Also, there's the fact that he's testing this move out for the first time. There might be a few bugs and kinks to work out before perfecting this process. Eventually, he finally got it right and created those nun-chucks.


That's all Lune had to say to Rex's new creation. She simply couldn't come up with the right compliment to those nunchucks. They were simply that awesome.

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Aug 8th 2016 at 11:16:48 PM


"Octopus? Goodness, why do people keep calling me that? I'm an octopode" Sir Redring objected, stretching himself up to stand a bit taller and rolling up the end of a tentacle in front of him as if balling up a fist. "Well, my world is not as advanced as this city, and I'm afraid I don't know what a 'cell phone' or 'walkie talkie' is" the octopode added, relaxing back down again.

"I am an adventurer and gentleman by trade; hence my title, granted for my deeds of heroism! I traveled the land seeking wrongs to right; damsels to rescue, bandits and highwaymen to put in their place, that sort of thing. I've a rivalry of competition with another of my kind; one Sir Bluring of whom last I heard had traveled into an infamous and dangerous dungeon to retrieve a magical orb" Sir Redring explained to Ben, sounding quite proud of himself.


"Of course I can be more than just serious" Miss Tairee said, her tone not really sounding offended as she glanced at Jack. "I know you don't think very highly of me mister Frost, but would you really rather I be egotistical and maniacal like your Boogeyman? Or perhaps you just want me to be easier to hate" she continued, her tone half joking and half analytical.

"Our stories contain some peculiar similarities, you know. But of course, my purpose is far different from yours" Miss Tairee added, turning her gaze back to the movie.

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Aug 8th 2016 at 11:43:28 PM

Unlike most kids, who when caught staring at someone would immediately look away in embarrassment, Sophie continued staring at Jack even as he looked at her. She continued this for a few more seconds, before shaking her head and looking back at the large screen. "It's... nothing," she replied. "I was just... reminded of something." She said nothing after that, ostensibly because she continued to show courtesy towards the other people watching - though the forlorn look still on her face easily betrayed her current mood.

300 years, almost always spent alone...... what would it have been like if......?

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Aug 9th 2016 at 1:10:21 AM

Cinema - I think I have regrets

Miss Tairee answered Lewis's question about currency by telling him everything was technically free. Technically. She emphasized that in practice this might not be the case, to which he replied "What does that mean?" as he followed her and Jack into the theater. Jack picked out a nice spot in the middle and was soon joined by the specter and the librarian. Personally, said specter thought the back, where you could see the whole of the theater spread out before you, to be more desirable. Personally, I think I have to side with Jack on this one.

He began to take a seat as the previews showcased an advertisement featuring a four-eyed creature with a beak twice the size of the rest of its body showcasing a brand of cologne that came in twenty-seven scents including claw fungus, newborn pig, chrysanthemum garden, and burning flesh (Won't that make people think there's a fire? That's an accident waiting to happen.), before wondering if it was possible for him to accidentally set fire to the seats. He didn't want to recline against them if there was any chance that he could set the whole place ablaze. Not willing to test whether or not it was possible, he extinguished his hair before sitting.

And then felt uncomfortable enough to sit up and light it again, albeit much dimmer than before.

What an awkward way to sit at a theater.

Of course, ridiculous previews could not last forever, and after one last ad for fake doors the movie finally began, opening with a Logo Joke and the words

"Darkness. That's the first thing I remember."

Even if you got used to it from one too many nights going out at the witching hour with your friends to find supernatural phenomena, Lewis knew from experience that lack of light went hand-in-hand with lack of visibility, and that usually led to someone stepping into a floor trap, or getting snuck up on by an insane guy in a zombie suit, or falling from a height and hurting something like an arm or your head or maybe a heart. It explained why darkness giving way to light, as occurred in the footage of Jack's "birth", was such an ancient symbol.

Jack began making comments about things that would be, poking fun at his past self's lack of mastery at flight, began gripping his chair a bit too tight as Past Jack realized he was invisible to most of the world population. A natural reaction, the specter supposed, even if it looked odd for a literal spirit of fun to be tensing up; prolonged isolation was not something people dealt with well, and whether due to magic or just sheer personality it was impressive when he thought about it that Jack was as well-adjusted as he was, given he'd had to cope with literal centuries of that existence.

He mentally flailed for a comment to convey the unfathomability of being so long-lived, indeed of living long past everyone you'd loved up to that point without either you or them even knowing of the other's continued existence, how he as one more recently deceased knew not how one could deal with being a restless soul for that long and didn't really want to find out, but gave up when he couldn't think of anything better to say than "You're pretty old for someone who looks like he'd be in high school."

That poor train. It was too pretty to last.

As Bunny made a humorous transition from posing like a badass to freezing his fur off, Curly uttered something about "mimigas" being on the surface, to which Jack replied with an explanation of what the Easter Bunny was, to which Curly questioned what he dealt with eggs for. Not explained in the exchange was what a mimiga was, apart from the fact that they looked like anthropomorphic rabbits. He would've asked about it had both the conversation and the movie not moved on.

Ah yes, it was nice being reminded that Tooth was as excitable over Jack's teeth as the ghost was for those...lovely...soft...blankety, long...


The sound of Jack crying out against Past Bunny's low opinion of him was enough to dispel any further reminiscence of Eun's tails before that train of thought could take an unsafe detour into the tunnel of creepiness, as the winter spirit and Tairee began arguing over whether or not Jack was emotionally equipped to watch the movie. It was probably best to stay out of it.

That said, he muttered to himself,

"I mean. If you got any of the girls hurt by a freak sledding accident, I'd clock you a new one.

"Even knowing it'd be inaccurate to claim you're...cold to them."

I'd have played a rimshot but I wasn't there.

So the argument continued, as Past Jack made a return to a quaint New England town where a bunch of children were playing around, ruining the days of a bunch of passerby as he did so. Sophie managed to calm Present Jack down from the argument with Tairee, though that didn't quell the exchange entirely.

Jack then called the Man in the Moon a dick. Huh. Well, when you put it like that...

After a bit, the scene transitioned to Pitch taking a dream and making it into a nightmare. Jack, of course, eyed the scene with a righteous anger when he wasn't commenting to Tairee that the embodiment of fear apparently didn't need to look obviously scary to be the embodiment of fear. Or something like that. Lewis wasn't really listening, and was instead wondering how he'd missed the Visual Pun on his first viewing.

Then came the part where Past Jack got kidnapped and was suddenly rushed into being a Guardian. Past Jack subsequently put a loud and icy stop to the forced festivities in a way that surely forced a lot of cringing.

"That was mean," he noted, somewhere just short of sincerity.

Present Jack mocked the fact that they'd shoved the whole ceremony on him without warning or explanation, up to and including literally kidnapping him just to force him to participate. He and the librarian then had a good laugh about the Black Comedy of this being the only way they could have possibly gotten him to show. And, well, it was a little funny. You could see the traces of amusement in the ghost's eyes.

Though, it seemed something about the whole event had Sophie downcast. He wouldn't have even noticed had Jack not pointed it out—he'd been having trouble reading her for most of the day, and those troubles had not stopped now, but more than that he had just been focused on the screen a bit much.

But she went quiet after being asked about it, only mentioning that it reminded her of something.

It didn't seem like she wanted to talk about it.

The little bit of longing (homesickness?) had not evaded him, and he unconsciously began fingering the side of the locket, still beating and bright and probably a bit disruptive in this case. The reflex only increased in intensity as North began pressing Past Jack about his "Center" that was the source of the not-quite-teen's sense of purpose, as Present Jack muttered to himself the answer to that burning question.

After all, it wasn't as if he didn't know why he'd continued to exist after a sudden unwelcome impalement in the heart.


And, he mentally added, not caring to conceal the fact that the thought felt like he was swallowing knives,


Lewis caught himself performing the reflex and stopped it to grab the pulsing object in his hand, but happened to catch a glimpse of a blonde girl looking quite worried and upset over something.

He nudged her. "Is something the matter?"

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Cinema - What are they showing kids these days

Jack raised an eyebrow at Lewis' mention of his looks compared to his age, a small smirk on his lips. "Hey, no creaky joints or wrinkles. Not a bad deal, if you ask me."

He chuckled awkwardly the next time the skeleton spoke up, right after his interruption of North's ceremony. "Hadn't had the best day, and no one was really listening at the time, so..."

Jack shrugged at Curly's question about eggs, leaning back into his seat more. "You know, painting them, leaving them out for kids to look for and find. He's the Easter Bunny, it's his thing. You'd have to ask him why eggs, though. Beats me."

"You mean the dream sand?" He asked the young woman when she spoke up again. "It's how he gives kid's good dreams, and protects them from bad ones. Does it every night." He chuckled lightly. "It's just as amazing every time."

When he'd asked Sophie if she was ok, the spirit sat silently and waited for her to talk. She seemed to be struggling with what to say, and Jack almost sighed when she said it was nothing. No way he was going to believe her, even if her face hadn't still been pulled down into an almost depressed expression. For someone who expressed as little as Sophie seemed to, he knew this wasn't something small. He laid a hand gently on her shoulder. "Hey... you can talk to me, kiddo. If not here, I can wait. Just... don’t be afraid to say what's wrong, ok?"

Jack grimaced slightly, looking like he'd tasted something gross, when Tairee called him 'Mister Frost'. It made him feel old. He raised his hands in a gesture of surrender as he looked at her. "Alright, alright. Fair enough," He sighed, no he would never want anyone like Pitch with the power that the librarian seemed to hold. Her boss was bad enough already. Just being reminded of them soured Jack's mood considerably. He tried to shake it off and move on. "And could you quit it with the 'mister Frost' thing? Just Jack, or Jack Frost if you really need to. Mister Frost is just... eugh."

"Similarities, huh?" The winter spirit was skeptical of that, but she hadn't lied to him so far, as far he could tell. And he would be lying if he didn't say it made him curious. What could be possibly have in common with her? His curiosity won out after a short time, and he tentatively asked, "How so?"

He didn’t even need to comment on her statement about their purposes. It was as obvious as it could get, really.

North's sleigh ride had been a rush, even for Jack. And Bunny's reactions to it all just made it even better. And of course he couldn't help but mess with him as well. Partially as payback for his previous argument, and partially because it was just so fun to poke the rabbit's buttons.

He sat quietly through their arrival at Tooth Palace and his first encounter with the Nightmares, and Baby Tooth. He smiled affectionately at the little fairy on the screen. Baby Tooth was a unique one. A fierce little fairy, and tough. Jack would even go as far as to say that he cared deeply for her. And he was glad to have someone to protect from Tooth when she got grabby at times.

On-screen North handed Jack the reigns of the sleigh as he cut down a fleeing Nightmare, and Jack guided the sleigh into a rocky landing on one of the platforms of the palace. Again, this was all familiar to Jack, and besides a gentle smile and Tooth and Baby Tooth's reunion, and a grunt and frown and Pitch's appearance, he was silent.

"Oh, the Dark Ages. Everyone frightened. Miserable. Such happy times for me. Oh, the power I wielded."

Jack sighed at that. In the end, that’s all it had been for Pitch. The power. He might have been sincere about wanting to be believed in. But to him that meant fear, and control. Frowning, the spirit sat silently through the rest and tried not to grind his teeth. At the time, he'd been shocked and confused. But now, sitting outside of it and knowing what was going on, Pitch's cocky attitude was just getting on his nerves.

"There will be nothing but fear and darkness. And me."

"Yeah, how'd that work out for you." He couldn't help but snark.

Shortly after, once Pitch had been chased off, the scene cut to what had probably been around ten or so minutes later in real life. Movie Jack crouched down as Tooth stared forlornly at one of the few teeth containers they had managed to save. He remembered, even though he hadn't really known her, how it had hurt to see her like that. He supposed that was what had finally gave him the courage to approach her instead of just standing to the side.

"I'm sorry about the fairies."

Watching himself and Tooth talking about the teeth, and what they were for, Jack smiled. This had been it, really, looking back at it now. The moment that ensured he ended up the person he was now. If he hadn't learned about his own teeth, his own memories, he wasn't sure he would have stuck around. He would have went off, Pitch would have won, and... he shuddered at the thought.

"That's why we collect the teeth, Jack. They hold the most important memories of childhood."

"Huh," Jack muttered as he watched himself on the screen walk out onto the water, ice freezing beneath his feet, to follow Tooth. The mural of Tooth caught his attention, differently this time. "I wonder who painted that. Never thought to ask." Watching this was really making Jack notice things he had either been too busy, or just plain not noticed before. It was kind of cool.

"...We had everyone's here. Yours too."

He still remembered that. The moment of shock, disbelief and confusion. He had always been Jack Frost, born that night on the lake by the Man in the Moon as the spirit of Winter. Why would he have possibly been anything else? The Moon had never said anything, nothing had ever even hinted at it. And to find out that the answers had been almost within arms-reach for three hundred years? Well, the look on his face on the screen pretty much summed it up.

"Are you saying, are you saying that I had a life before that, with a- with a home? And a family?"

That had pretty much sealed the deal for him to help the Guardians. And when North came up with the brilliant idea to collect the teeth, in exchange for helping get his memories back? Well, how could he refuse.

The next ten minutes of the movie were a very cut down version of their efforts collecting the teeth. They'd been at it for hours in reality, and the competition had kept up the whole time. Jack laughed, shouted jokingly at the screen at times, and just generally got into the atmosphere of the moment. The part where North and Bunny got stuck in one of the rabbit's holes, letting Sandy take the tooth, was something he hadn't been there to see, and he cracked up at it.

Baby Tooth beating up a mouse also drew a chuckle from him, further solidifying his image of her being fierce. Though, he did feel a little sorry for the mouse. He seemed fine, though.

That good mood was swiftly shattered when Pitch in his lair appeared on screen, culminating in him crushing a small figure of Sandy made from nightmare sand in his hand. Jack's heart froze, and a small, weak 'No' slipped unbidden from his mouth. He'd forgotten about what was coming next. How had he forgotten it?!

Maybe... maybe they wouldn't show it in a kid's movie?

Anyone even paying mild attention to the spirit would notice him tense suddenly, and the air around him grew slightly colder. He barely even took note of what was happening on-screen. Not his talk with Tooth, Jamie waking up and not seeing him, or even the ensuing train wreck with Sandy's dream sand. Even the amusing scene of Bunny's dream carrots dancing could break through the fear and faint hope that was swallowing him as he found himself unable to tear his eyes from the screen.

When the Nightmares appeared in the window, he began to whisper under his breath. "No. Don't. Don't do it."

But of course, the Jack on the screen couldn't hear him, and went after them. The Nightmare had been easy to take down, unable to get away from him even for a moment. But then, who knew if that had just been part of Pitch's plan. And as on-screen, Sandy confronted Pitch, and the two began to fight, Jack was sure he'd stopped breathing.

One on one, Pitch didn't stand a chance against Sandy. A small part of his mind wondered where the little man had even learned to fight like that, but it was overshadowed by what felt like a train wreck in slow motion to the Winter Spirit.

"It was stupid of me, to mess with your dreams. So I'll tell you what. You can have them back."

Jack's hands flinched at that, overcome with the urge to take flight, to grab his staff and fight. He managed to stop himself, reminding himself it was just a movie and to calm down. But even though it was, and with its bright cartoony style, it wasn't any easier to watch. He almost laughed hysterically at the music, as they all fought to try and reach Sandy. So dramatic and heroic.

Sandy appeared on the screen, fighting bravely against the cloud of nightmare sand. Then Pitch drifted into view.

"No, no, no, no." He whispered to himself, unable to look away. It would change any moment now. Skip this part. He was sure of it.

Pitch drew back his arms like a bow, a wicked-looking nightmare arrow forming.

Come on. Change. Kids don't want to see this!

It flew.

Now would be good!

And found its mark.

It was incredibly lucky that at the beginning of the movie, Jack had left his staff on the floor. Since, the moment the arrow hit and Sandman's face grew shocked, sparks of electric blue ice magic danced up the spirit's hands and froze the arm-rests of his seat. If he had been holding Twinetender at the time, who knows what might have happened.


The Jack on screen yelled, doing what Jack himself couldn't do. His mouth hung open for a moment. Then, his eyes slowly closed. Pitch's laughter and taunting echoed in his ears. He'd been too far to hear that the first time. He wished he still never had. He knew what was most likely on the screen. Sandy on his little cloud of dream sand as the black sand closed in. And then it pulled away, and he was gone.

"I'd say "sweet dreams," but there aren't any left."

Without saying a word, Jack snatched up Twinetender from the floor and shot out the door and out of sight.

Jack was out of the building and into the air as fast as he could go, almost bowling over passersby with a massive gust of wind. With an angry yell, he launched a bolt of magic into the air. Breathing heavily, the spirit pressed his head against his staff and sighed. He really hadn’t expected that to be in the movie. Weren't kid's movies supposed to be innocent and nice or something? That was...

Sandy was fine. Jack had seen him only a few days ago. He'd come back from whatever Pitch had done to him, somehow. That was enough. He was fine. Jack was fine. The spirit took a deep breath, and then let it out slowly.

Jack groaned. Great, he'd probably scared Sophie by doing that. And with how she had been, he might have even made it worse. Ok, he just had to go back in there, apologize and play it off.

Only a short time after he had left, Jack walked back into the theatre; Looking more embarrassed and awkward than anything. Hopping, back into his seat he glanced around at the others and chuckled awkwardly; though he made sure to look at Sophie a bit more. "Uh, sorry about that. Kind of took me by surprise and, well, I needed a bit of fresh air." He left it at that, and turned back to sit down properly.

He was still shaken a bit, but he could handle it. He had the first time, and this time it was just a cartoon. Sighing, he let himself relax and slump back into his seat. He was starting to feel drained again. He chuckled dryly. "Man, this is intense for a kid's movie, huh."

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The beach - Memories etched in sand

It seemed that Cole already knew most of what she had told him, which had it even more baffling when he just went on and started to fill his hat with sand regardless. "Well, then that's all even more reason for you to not keep doing it. In anycase, that's probably enough sand already, so just dump it slowly down here and we will see what we can do with it. What's done is done, so we might as well make use of it."

Cole then asked what was on her mind as well and Sans confirmed that he was indeed building a sculpture of Papyrus. With a warm smile, she said, "That's was who thought it was too. That's turning out to be quite amazing, Sans." This time around, her gaze stayed focused on his and his work, with a look of wonder as she did it, not wanting to miss that sight for anything.

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Aug 9th 2016 at 11:16:46 AM

Cole looked to Sans's sculpture, then looked down at his hat, picking it up to hand it over to Caro. "Here, I don't know how you want me to do it."

He looked over at Sans again as well, contemplating for a moment as he fidgeted the amulet in his hand again, biting his lip. "I...didn't know sand could do that."

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Aug 9th 2016 at 11:35:01 AM

Working on Medicine Over Here

"Hee hee, of course I am a doctor!" Plague Knight proudly replied to Viola. Of course that only only half the truth, as he was the kind of doctor who usually creates diseases and not actually cure them, but the girl need not know that. "Here, let me look at a see if I can help." He then started examining Seiga, mostly looking her face, including using one of those electric torch is briefly shine a light into her eye to check for dilation and looking inside her mouth.

"Well before, I did it with reckless abandon. Now I can't control myself!" ~ Jesse Cox, 2014
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Aug 9th 2016 at 11:41:04 AM

Beach - hindsight

"you can do the same with snow. bro and i liked to go making snow sculptures in our free time, he always made these cool sculptures of himself while i was usually too lazy to really try doing anything other than a lump of snow."

Sans shrugged and proceeded to do the finishing touches on the sculpture before taking a couple steps back and dusting his hands as he looked at it.

"he would always get upset with me because i was so lazy, always trying to get me to do stuff even though i always managed to find a loophole in everything, part of why i kept doing it was because i liked messing with him, but for the most part i really was a lazybones."

He paused as he kept looking at the sculpture in front of him, it wasn't as tall as the real thing, only because Sans himself was kinda small compared to his younger brother, so he could only make it as tall as he could manage without help.

"it's not quite the same, but i guess i finally did it." He sighed. "not that he's ever gonna get to see it anyway, it's far too late for that, but i'm sure he would be happy to see me finishing something for once, instead of just doing the bare minimum.

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The beach - Warmth etched in sand

As Sans spoke of building things with snow, Caro gave another warm smile as she said, "Ah, that explains it then. I have seen people doing things like with snow too, as well with sand. With both, it may not look possible at first, but people can sure make amazing things with them ... "

She got up for a moment took a better at the sand scuptulre, while keeping the same bright smile all the way through, she added, "And yeah, I'm sure Papyrus would be really proud if he could see this, Sans. That is really amazing."

Then she got back down and turned back to Cole, who was offering her his sand filled hat. She hesitated a bit and then took it. She slowly and carefully turned it down as she placed close to the sand, then slowly pulled it up. The result something a bit oddly shaped, rather conical and didn't look much like a tower, but it was something and that could be changed a bit later. For now, she carefully shook and then dusted off the hat as much as she could before handing it back to Cole. "Here. I did the best I could to take it off, but there's probably quite a bit of sand in there, so be careful." She then went back to work on both of the sand towers in front of her, placing more sand on the second to correct it's shape a bit.

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Aug 9th 2016 at 2:48:37 PM

Cole looked at Sans's sculpture for a bit longer, tilting his head to one side to study it. "It looks very nice. I think your brother would like it."

He looked over and took his hat back from Caro when she handed it back to him, looking at the shape that it had made on the ground, then back at his hat, lifting it to put it back on his head without any real amount of concern for any sand still in it. "Back home sometimes Dorian would use sand to wash when we found a creek," he said, hugging his knees to his chest. "He said it was better than nothing if he couldn't find the place to bring soap with us." He mimed rubbing at his arms slightly as though he was taking a bath, then wrapped them around his legs again. "I didn't know it could build people and clean people."

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Aug 9th 2016 at 3:49:11 PM


"Similarities, huh?... How so?" Jack had asked Miss Tairee.

"Well unfortunately, my boss won't let me tell you yet" Miss Tairee said after giving a frustrated sigh and rolling her eyes; it was clear the frustration was aimed at her boss and not at Jack. "I think maybe in another five days? Well it's not like I enjoy talking about it either, miste- Sorry, Jack... My own honorific is a bit crucial so it's kind of habit" she continued, shaking her head slightly.

As the movie continued, Pitch's comment about the Dark Ages made Miss Tairee lower her eyebrows slightly. "The Dark Ages?" Miss Tairee muttered, her holographic screen switching away from Ben's drawing for a bit as she seemed to look something up. "Hm, interesting. So that makes him considerably older than you" she commented, the statement obviously referring to Jack but more likely for the benefit of the others; Jack presumably already knew that.

The movie went on further, and the conflict between Pitch and Sandy began; Miss Tairee didn't seem to think much of it until she glanced over at the real Jack and noticed the way he was responding. "Oh... I think I know where this is going" Miss Tairee thought out loud. Sure enough, the battle ended in Pitch's favor, with Sandy's death. Jack lost his composure at this, and abruptly left, which took Miss Tairee a bit by surprise. She checked something on her holographic screen again, glancing at the ten dimensional information for a moment, then relaxed with an audible, "ah, I see."

She typed for a bit on the holographic keyboard, then with a blur the movie suddenly paused, then did a little rewind to the point it was at when Jack left. "I think he'll be back in a few minutes. I'm going to take the opportunity to refill this popcorn" Miss Tairee told nobody in particular, then added as she started to walk out towards the lobby, "this would be an excellent chance for you all to do the same, and maybe use the bathroom."


By the time Jack came back, Miss Tairee had also unfrozen the seat he'd left iced up, and was calmly working on the poster again. "I told you this might not be easy Jack" Miss Tairee said, still looking at the hologram; her tone was just as apologetic and sympathetic as it was 'I told you so'. She then looked up at Jack and added more sincerely, "I'm sorry about what happened to your friend."

She then looked over at the still-paused movie screen. "Though I must admit, I find it a bit curious. Given the way your universe's mythology works and you being entities whose existence is powered by people believing in you, I wouldn't think you'd be able to kill each other- at least, not like that. Did the Boogeyman's arrow somehow make all the children in the world stop believing in the Sandman?" Miss Tairee asked, though of that particular tone that indicated she wasn't entirely expecting an answer. Once everyone in the group was in their seats again, Miss Tairee resumed the movie with a few key presses on the holographic keyboard.

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The Beach — Keep in touch

Lune was awestruck by Rex's new nunchucks. He certainly enjoyed being the spotlight now that he could finally build it. And best of all was that neither the Ruckus nor Ghostfreak would be able to see it coming.

"People usually freak out when I do this. It's nice that someone finally appreciates the effort behind kicking butts"

That reminded Rex about the communications network they had tried to set up earlier that day. Well, if "network" was a fancy way of saying "using walkie-talkies".

"Oh, hey, I just remembered" he took the walkie-talkie he had on his pocket and handed it to Lune "It's so we can communicate. We're trying to set up a channel but haven't really decided on the number yet. You should probably get a cellphone too, just in case"

Aug 9th 2016 at 4:19:38 PM

Seiga, Rick's Party, Gaze Into The Southern Iris
Seiga's eyes were pretty dang dilated already, and Plague Knight's inspection of her mouth was impeded by her lazily attempting to kiss him on the beak.

Of course, it was a bit different from her end. The sudden appearance of the first sun in this city burning right into her eyes broke whatever faint concentration she had on Viola (or what she believed to be her dad dressed as Viola), and each one of her eyes was briefly caught in the unending incandescence. Behind this font of light was a phoenix, him being the true source of the light.

If she could just partake in that same brightness, she could become immortal thricefold! All that was needed was to take the light from the beak of the phoenix, to become one with it in a perfect embrace. She reached out to it, floating above all of the heavens in a land without gravity to the waiting arms of the bird god, and puckered up.

Yoshika, The Streets, Passing Through
The first place that Yoshika came to in her mad dash to save the life of her master was the Cinema, now with various people milling about and discussing the movies that they had just seen. The golem in front had finally gotten angry enough with the lack of service to turn and leave, only for his rocky mass to suddenly impact into a jiangshi's fleshy mass, bouncing her back to the ground.

She rebounded to her feet quite quickly, this not being the first large stone object she had run into in the last five minutes. Not having time for pleasantries (not like she would've cared normally) she said, "Tell me which way to the Library, now!"

The golem, a bit confused, pointed down a random street with one of his flipper-like arms.

Yoshika gave him a quick bow, more like a nod, and ran down the indicated road. The golem did the closest thing to a shrug he could manage, and trundled off slowly. He was probably going to go stare at some birds or something.

FullMoon feeling blue from Surface Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Aug 9th 2016 at 4:32:18 PM

Beach - stamina down

Sans stared at the sculpture a little longe before finally looking back at Caro and Cole again and noticing that Cole ended up using his hat for storing sand anyway. At this point it probably wouldn't be worth it to comment on it so all he did was narrow his eyesockets for a couple of seconds, then he sat down again next to them.

"welp, i'm beat, haven't worked this hard on something in a while," said Sans, soon lying down on the sand, "thanks for the comments by the way," he added.

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Karkat - Rick's Party

While Yoshika ran around trying to save the life of her master, Karkat was busy finding out what sand tastes like. It was gritty, but otherwise okay. He then remembered he was in public, and turned to see what happened while he was down eating the ground, and what he saw shocked him.

Some dude in a bird mask was trying to make out with Seiga.

He looked offended for half a second before his first coherent thought made its way into his mind. He stood up and wedged his hands between the two and pushed them away. HEY, DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK? He told Plague Knight, pointing a finger at him. SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE MY KISMESISSITUDE, MOTHERFUCKER.

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Aug 9th 2016 at 5:58:22 PM

The library

Ben winced, smirking a little bit. "Okay, okay, I've never met an octopode before I came to the City," he laughed, sounding like he was trying to humor Sir Redring. Ben raised an eyebrow at Redring's explanation about Sir Bluring, who had ventured into some dangerous dungeon. "What kinda orb is it? What does it do?" he asked, sounding a little skeptical. "If that dungeon is so dangerous and so legendary, then that orb better be something really awesome."

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Being Professional in an Unprofessional Situation

After examining Seiga, Plague Knight stepped away from her just out of kissing range, putting his chin over his finger to ponder a bit. Deep in his thinking, he failed to notice the hermit trying to kiss him in the first place.

"I do not know how I can help her," he said to Viola. "But I do have some ideas." It was then Karkat shoved himself in between Plague Knight and Seiga and threatened the knight. Plague Knight for his part merely raised an eyebrow within his mask.

"I see........" the alchemist replied to the troll.

A beat.

Plague Knight would then grab Karkat by the shoulder and spin him around to face Seiga, walking away without seeing the end result of this action. The knight would then go over to the sack Q10 was holding, grabbing a pair of containers with intoxicating beverages he collected, and went over to a bar where he set to work.

To those observing without context, it would appear that Plague Knight was mixing up a drink of Satanic proportions, pouring, stirring, shaking, heating, and putting in every single sample of as much illicit substances he managed to get at the party along with some more mundane ingredients such as lemons juice and water. He finally finished the devilish concoction, stirring it with a spoon one last time and taking out the now dissolved utensil. He then brought it over to Violet, Seiga, and Karkat.

"This should help," Plague Knight said. He then carefully tipped the drink into Seiga's mouth, gently enough as to not spill a single drop and to allow her reflexes to do the swallowing. He pulled back once an eighth of the drink was consumed.

The "antidote" Plague Knight brewed only had about a one in three chance of not working, all the substances completely canceling out and becoming as harmless as purified drinking water. The other two in three chances the drink will almost immediately have Seiga become sober again, but will either gently ease her out of the drug's effects like waking up from a pleasant dream after a restful sleep........or produce images so horrifying that it will shock her into soberity....

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The Cinema.

When Jack returned to the theater, he would find that Sophie was still in her seat as she turned to him with a worried... and perhaps sympathetic?... look when he reached their aisle. Indeed, the others would know that she had not left her seat at all, nor did she recoil in any way when he suddenly darted out in a burst of frost.

As Jack sat down, she again placed a free hand on his forearm. "...Do you want to stop watching?" she asked him, her face and voice clearly filled with concern.

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Viola I Beach (Rick's Party) I Jealousy at First Sight

Is it really any surprise that I was amused by all that is transpiring right in front of me right now? From Seiga clumsily trying to kiss the doctor who's inspecting her, to the troll suddenly getting in between them and quite boldly proclaimed his kissmessitude to her(I'm not sure what that term meant, but I could venture a guess). It was unfortunate that the both of them just so happens to be not be themselves right now. If only there was some way for me to save this moment when they got back...

The doctor, to his credit, managed to avoid the fiasco and brought the troll face-to-face with the necromancer, while going off somewhere to concoct his medicine. I say medicine, but what it really looks like to me was that he was adding a bunch of things he'd gathered from the party to create one menacing-looking potion. Oh?

And so when he came back, complete with the antidote at hand and the assurance of someone who thinks they know what they are doing, I stood there, eagerly awaiting what would happen next...

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Seiga, Rick's Party, We Rolled 3
Seiga could feel the Hourai Elixir, as poured from the fountain in the Pheonix's palace, as it trickled down her throat, her soul becoming perfectly immortal. Though she could feel everything starting to fade from existence as she finally transcended the mortal realm, she knew that this was as good as it got. All was tranquil, still, and perfect.

And of course, the human mind being the thing it is, she forgot almost everything that had happened in the last couple of minutes. What must've been the enlightenment of years, a thousand revelations, sights no sane mind has seen and lived to tell about, and finally realizing that it wasn't a good move to abandon her loving husband, all of it was gone. The only thing that survived was a faint memory of Karkat's flesh tasting like chalk.

She was still out of it entirely, sleeping very soundly in the sand even with the loud party going on next to her, a peaceful grin on her face. However, it was evident that she wasn't trying to molest Plague Knight or anyone around her, or lick random things, or do anything else suggesting that she was high as balls.

Yoshika, The Streets, Now Her Adventures Are Pointless
Moving at great speed, narrowly avoiding knocking over some old woman riding around in a giant pestle, the jiangshi was in a race against time! Something in Yoshika's lightly-burdened head made her feel like she should move much faster if she was going to have any chance in saving her master from a life stuck as a drooling invalid (or, you know, dead). She broke into a full sprint, moving her uncoordinated form to what she damned well hoped was the library.

This was probably going to take a while.

Aug 9th 2016 at 7:32:41 PM

The beach - Relaxing out

"Well, I didn't know it could be used to clean people either. I mean, I guess if you really have nothing else to use ... " Caro replied to Cole, with a somewhat puzzled look. All the while, she kept at her work with the sand and after finishing the two towers, she began to raise a wall in between to connect them.

After Sans was done and laid down on the sand, having also thank her and Cole for their comments on his sculpture of Papyrus, she gave him another warm smile and said, "You're welcome, Sans. It really was great," after taking another appreciative glance the sand sculpture, she turned back to him and added, "You did really work hard on that, huh."

ColeMinor I just want to help! from Definitely not Chicago Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Aug 9th 2016 at 7:59:32 PM

Cole looked to Sans as he laid down, scooting over a bit to give him some space, then watching Caro working on her castle for a minute, rubbing at his eyes with the back of one hand, then up to the sky. "...we're still here. Doesn't the world usually change when the sky is darkened for a while? When is it time for that? I..." He glanced over his shoulder, wincing a bit as he scanned around as though looking for something. "I should...probably go."

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