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Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Nov 27th 2020 at 6:00:00 AM

Bradford does seem to be cripplingly blind to who he is working with.

So what do you guys think of this show's tendency to portray irresponsible moms and absent fathers? It's not even just this show, but the Duckiverse in general.

Optimism is a duty.
Nov 27th 2020 at 6:04:38 AM

Maybe whoever created the original comics has parental issues?

Nov 27th 2020 at 6:23:19 AM

[up][up]I'm fine with it as it does subvert the whole missing parents being 100% good people.

In fact lots of shows nowadays are leaning toward the whole missing parents being flawed thing now with shows like Steven Universe and Big City Greens.

And besides HDL already have an amazing dad and his name is Donald Duck.

Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Nov 27th 2020 at 6:24:13 AM

It seems to be a Disney wide trend, at least. The trope is Nephewism.

What's interesting is that some cultures really did practice Nephewism, like the Viking age Scandinavians. The idea was that with sons, you could never be entirely sure who was the father, but with your sister's son, you know who is the mother for sure, and hence that your nephew is definitely family, so nephews were considered more important than sons.

Optimism is a duty.
Nov 27th 2020 at 7:45:02 AM

Yeah, I'll second Donald being the real parent. Families don't have to be a uniform thing, so switching things up is fine. And if you want someone with a stable family life, you have Scrooge for that.

I don't think it has a deeper meaning, just a storytelling trope, but it's cool to see all different types of families in action. (Which is why Drake not adopting Gosalyn in this show sucked but that's a different topic)

Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Nov 27th 2020 at 7:56:25 AM

Actually, Scrooge has a deeply unstable family life. He emigrated to America at age 13, where he was raised by his uncle Pothole(!), and grew increasingly distant from his family over the years, culminating in a major falling out with his sisters. It was anything but stable.

And even in this show, it isn't quite stable either, with Scrooge definitely having some issues with his family.

Optimism is a duty.
Nov 27th 2020 at 9:15:17 AM

[up]So, did Young Della sound fine enough as well? Did she also sound too old like Huey, Dewey, Louie, Gosalyn, and Young Donald?

Nov 27th 2020 at 9:27:05 AM

The triplets don't remotely sound like children, but that's on purpose. Young Donald sounds believably childlike, even if the voice is a bit off from the christmas episode.. Young Della sounds like Della, but younger. Not really too extraordinary there.

Nov 27th 2020 at 9:43:42 AM

Paget Brewster has enough range that "younger self" isn't far outside the realm of possibility.

Re: Young Donald, in fairness, the Christmas episode VA died between then and this episode. Any "off-ness" is probably forgivable in that light.

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Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Nov 27th 2020 at 10:13:19 AM

How old are Donald and Della supposed to be there? They look like the same age as the nephews, around 10, but especially Donald sounds more like a teenager, and talks like one too.

Optimism is a duty.
Nov 27th 2020 at 10:21:01 AM

I think they're supposed to be the same age as the triplets, i.e. the bulk of the episode takes place roughly 25 years before the "present day" of the series.

Nov 27th 2020 at 10:27:07 AM

[up][up]Likely 10 like HDL were in the start of season 1. And did Donald's voice in Last Christmas really sound all that child-like either?

Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Nov 27th 2020 at 10:45:55 AM

Yeah, he sounds a little old in that episode too, though I think that earlier voice fitted better.

And if he's 10 here, then I'd say he's definitely acting above his age.

Optimism is a duty.
Nov 27th 2020 at 10:52:00 AM

[up]Eh, nothing new for modern animated kids acting and sounding older than they are. Remember Dipper Pines.

Edited by SpongeGuy11 on Nov 27th 2020 at 10:52:18 AM

Nov 27th 2020 at 10:58:40 AM

The new young Duck kid actress is definitely trying to imitate Russi Taylor to a degree, and I think she does a decent job.

Thinking about Russi Taylor maketh me sad, tho.

"The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense." - Tom Clancy, paraphrasing Mark Twain.
Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Nov 27th 2020 at 11:17:00 AM

[up][up] That is certainly true, but I think it's a bit more notable with Donald since his behaviour is so explicitly a teenager trope. He is way too world-weary and cynical for his age.

[up] Agreed, she does a decent job of it.

Edited by Redmess on Nov 27th 2020 at 8:18:01 PM

Optimism is a duty.
Nov 27th 2020 at 11:33:46 AM

I mentioned this a few pages, though if Cristina Vee ends up voicing Huey, Dewey, and Louie outside of this series, I wouldn't mind given how she sounds very similar to Russi Taylor when voicing Young Donald in "First Adventure".

Nov 27th 2020 at 1:16:25 PM

[up][up]Where do you even manage to find and gain access to the new episodes given how you tend to give your thoughts on em about a week after they actually come out.

Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Nov 27th 2020 at 1:34:46 PM

On the internet. But I am sometimes just late too.

Optimism is a duty.
Nov 27th 2020 at 1:45:48 PM

[up]Well, Fight for Castle Mc Duck is already on the internet too. You can even find it on you know where.

Edited by SpongeGuy11 on Nov 27th 2020 at 2:43:33 AM

Redmess Redmess from Netherlands
Nov 27th 2020 at 1:50:45 PM

Yes, I saw, and we are not supposed to mention those sites.

Optimism is a duty.
Envyus Dark Hero from Behind you Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Dark Hero
Nov 27th 2020 at 2:45:00 PM

Bradford is also interested in larceny. He states the plan is to steal the world from under shush, and also net themselves a tidy profit.

Axel on Stage I am also known as Saya1
Nov 27th 2020 at 2:47:48 PM

[up][up]Edited the site mention out. Also, I got a question for you and others. Do you think season 3 has done a better job at managing Donald's screentime and episode count than season 1 and second half of season 2? Considering how a nitpick as Donald not appearing enough earlier in the series, has the issue kinda died down a bit?

I think 3's done a solid job with Donald's screentime and while he ain't exactly main adult of season 3 (that goes to Scrooge), he is appearing more often and frequently (taking that Christmas promo in account, he'll be in 9/18 episodes aired so far in season 3) and still gets his own development and an arc (having more time to focus more on his personal needs and wants since he has Della and Scrooge to help him take care of the kids). Heck if Launchpad sits out next week's episode, Donald may actually appear in more season 3 episodes than him.

Edited by SpongeGuy11 on Nov 27th 2020 at 2:47:56 AM

Nov 27th 2020 at 2:49:18 PM

S3 will definitely do better with Donald than season 2. I'm still confused by the decision to rocketship him out of the show until the season finale.

HandsomeRob High Priest of the Holey Brotherhood! from Holey Brotherhood Lair Relationship Status: My elf kissing days are over
High Priest of the Holey Brotherhood!
Nov 27th 2020 at 2:50:47 PM


I feel like Launchpad will be missing out on more episodes now that the series has introduced his second family and all that.

Read this post for my first theory, and this post for my second one.

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