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HanabiraKage マジで?
Nov 22nd 2013 at 9:18:13 PM

Now that we have a sequel, I figured we should have someplace to discuss the game. The GEB convo is pretty much dead anyway.

I'll start the ball rolling:

- Emil is a riot. For the people who understand Japanese, just be as mean to him as possible to get even more laughs.

- Marduk mission in like Rank 3 or 4 was hard, but really really fun. That damn thing pulls every single Aragami in the entire map and forces them into rage mode.

Making my way through the game and HOLY SHIT THREE RAVANAS AT ONCE?!

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Ninety Absolutely no relation to NLK from Land of Quakes and Hills Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Absolutely no relation to NLK
Nov 22nd 2013 at 10:58:48 PM

One of these days I'll finish Burst. Or, like, get beyond the fifth mission.

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danna45 Owner of Dead End from Wagnaria Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Owner of Dead End
Nov 23rd 2013 at 5:26:01 PM

I'll get it when it's localized(If ever), or I get good enough with moon(Gonna take a while as well). I just have to say, the opening is awesome.

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HanabiraKage マジで?
Nov 23rd 2013 at 9:41:32 PM

Bullet Editing got severely nerfed in GE 2. In GE/B you could have up to 8 modules per bullet, while you can only have up to 5 in GE 2. You're also stuck with a rather hefty minimum OP cost for your bullet because you're forced to start with an M module for every bullet, though you are also given the option of making this first module non-elemental to reduce its OP cost by a little. A notable exception to the hefty cost is the M Rapid-fire: Rapid-fire/Normal module for Assault guns; it costs 4 OP for elemental modules and nothing for the non-elemental version, in exchange for being pathetically weak (5 damage per shot with the basic Assault gun).

On the other hand, you have Blood Bullet chips earned by levelling up your proficiency in a particular category of gun which add various effects to the module it's tacked on to (e.g. Homing shots; lasers that hit multiple times on impact; shotgun pellets that ignore defence when fired point-blank; etc).

In addition to altering the horizontal/vertical trajectory of a bullet, you can also alter its rotation (no idea what the point is though).

Bullet Editing is also 100% free now.

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mega-dark Moe Game Console from Planeptune Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Moe Game Console
Nov 25th 2013 at 3:40:09 PM

Have you had a chance to use all the weapons yet? If so, how are they different to Gods Eater Burst?

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danna45 Owner of Dead End from Wagnaria Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Owner of Dead End
Nov 28th 2013 at 3:02:13 AM

Played a bit of the demo. So far Nana is delicious, Romeo is meh, Julius is coolio. I can barely read moon though, so I'm judging pretty much from expressions and vocal tone.

"And you must be Jonathan Joestar!" - Sue
HanabiraKage マジで?
Nov 29th 2013 at 4:56:52 AM

[up]x2 I have, but I'm not really one to notice subtle changes like minor changes in swing speed and whatnot. Besides, I pretty much only used Short Blades in GEB. tongue But anyway, some changes that everyone probably already know are:

  • Short Blades get Air Dash and Rising Edge (R+Square Ground to Air uppercut).
  • Long Blades get Zero Stance, activated via R+Square. This resets your sword combo to nil so you can say, keep chaining the first two swings over and over. This also means that Impulse Edge (R+Square x2 now) is no longer spammable.
  • Buster Blades get Barrier Upper, also activated via R+Square. This is a quick parry followed by an upward swing to counter attacks. Seems fairly hard to time to me, but you're pretty untouchable if you get it down. Barrier Upper, like Zero Stance, also resets your combo. From what I saw in the tutorial video, some Aragami may have attacks that can't be parried; the video showed Garm's Flame Charge-esque attack.

As for the new weapons:

  • The Charge Spear is a little unwieldy at first, but may be pretty decent if you get used to it. R+Square performs an evasive backflip that you can chain into an aerial attack if you so wish. As the weapon's name implies, you can charge up (hold Square) to perform the Charge Glide, which propels you forward, piercing through any Aragami in your path. You can walk and jump while charging, and even perform the move in mid-air (to hit those pesky breakable heads, no doubt).
    • When performing the Charge Glide, the spearhead opens up a little and becomes slightly bigger and longer. I'm not quite sure whether your damage is affected, but it sure seems like your already obscene reach becomes slightly longer. Charge Glide can be chained into any regular ground combo, but the spear will return to normal afterward unless you dash attack (then chain into a combo) right after the combo ends, every time. This way, you can maintain its "charged" state for as long as you wish. Didn't try jumping instead of dashing.
  • I can't quite get the hang of the Boost Hammer; it burns through Stamina really quickly if you execute the Boost moves, and is bloody slow if you don't. Well, the first line of Square Blood Arts recovers Stamina on every hit so I guess that's something... Anyway, to execute any Boost move you have to first activate Boost mode (R+Square). Immediately follow it up with Square for Boost Rush (spam Square for infinite combo whee), or Triangle for Boost Drive (quick forward dash, smacking anything in the way). You can also hit R+Square again during Rush or Drive to perform Boost Impact, which is basically a super-powered downward slam. Note that you can also chain any Boost move into any other Boost move. I really recommend equipping stuff that helps you with the crazy Stamina costs and not getting too trigger-happy with the damn hammer.

Some tips regarding Blood Arts:

  • Some Blood Arts completely change how a command works. For example, the Long Blade's Genocide Gear modifies the Aerial Triangle command by making you spin pretty much in place, hitting multiple times in the process, instead of making you move forward.
  • Try out every single Blood Art. Do not underestimate Blood Arts that seem useless at first. I dismissed the Short Blade's Piercing Ray as useless because hey, Ground Triangle is slow as all hell right? Well, that's true, but the fact that Piercing Ray pretty much doubles your reach means you can stay far enough from a Vajra variant to avoid suddenly getting mauled in the face mid-combo while still managing to stab the hell out of its foreleg or whatever.
    • In the same way, some Blood Arts can make a fairly useless attack pretty menacing. Charge Spear's Ground Triangle stabbing too slow for you? How does making it hit about 3 to 4 times per stab sound?

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Jan 23rd 2014 at 3:11:57 AM

Any difference between the vanilla first game and Burst in regards to canon? Also, can you switch between Japanese and English audio?

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HanabiraKage マジで?
Mar 12th 2015 at 9:10:15 PM

Oof. Hope this doesn't get buried again too soon.

Rage Burst has been out in Japanese for a while now. No localisation news yet, though Bamco has filed a "Rage Burst" trademark in Europe.

  • They've added a couple extra scenes and missions to the main story; it's now longer than the original story and the Cradle missions combined.
  • Survival missions are also pretty fun. These are chains of at least two missions, between which you can't restock on supplies or switch out individual components of your loadout. You also share the same number of continues between all the missions in the chain. Of particular note is that the scarred Marduk (i.e. the one whose eye you gouged out earlier) mission is now at the end of a 3-mission long survival mission.
  • Speaking of continues, instead of simply getting one reward crossed off the list every time you respawn, now you have a blue bar of "continues" called Durability. You start with 50 Durability for normal missions, or a 100 Durability bar to last you an entire survival mission. The catch is that you lose 5 Durability every time you get incapped, and while I haven't had to respawn yet I'm willing to bet that you lose even more if you're forced to respawn. Your AI teammates also get their own bars, and once their Durability hits zero they can no longer be link-aided. This means that you can't just get incapped as many times as you like, and you can't let your teammates bite the dust over and over either. Durability counts toward your mission grade and in some cases, your mission rewards.
  • Speaking of mission rewards, there is no longer a fixed 3 items + fc reward system. Every mission has a very long list of rewards, each with its own chance of proccing should its condition be met.
  • Equipment upgrading has returned to the old style of using specific materials instead of converting them to cores and then using cores to upgrade stuff.
  • Instead of S/M/L/XL/whatever versions of skills, now every skill has a skill level ranging from -10 to 10. Identical skills from multiple sources will stack up to Lv10 (or -10). Certain skills like Expand Guard Area only have an effect at Lv10. Also new are composite skills, which are essentially two or more skills compressed to take up only one skill slot on your equipment. For example, Sturdy is a composite of both Health Up and Stamina Up. With all these plus the Skill Install system, you can create some pretty insane loadouts that make you ridiculously powerful/tanky.

I'm loving this so far, and I can't wait to unlock Blood Rage. [lol]

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HanabiraKage マジで?
Mar 18th 2015 at 12:31:22 AM

Unlocked Blood Rage, and it's kind of...underwhelming. Sure it boosts your damage by quite a bit...but that's only if you actually manage to activate it. Damage-wise, you're out of luck if you can't deal at least 90% of the required damage when playing offline; the NP Cs aren't very good for damage after all. As for devouring and part breaking, it's pretty difficult to pull it off consistently within the time limit of 15 seconds or so because sometimes you just aren't presented with an opening. I suppose there's always the option of stacking two 15 second time extension link support devices (yours and Kigurumi's, since s/he copies yours), but I'd rather equip something else.

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HanabiraKage マジで?
Mar 25th 2015 at 7:12:42 PM

Final boss defeated! Its design reminds me of Soul Sacrifice.

Blood Rage helped so much. Activated a >500% BR and just shattered all three breakable parts pretty much immediately. I was doing 3k per hit on the forelegs during BR after unbinding it. Pretty easy boss actually, as long as you have Venom Resist/Immunity or antitoxins, because it has an attack that inflicts deadly venom that it likes to spam.

...actually it only has like five attacks. Two attacks that poison, a very slow Ao E, a delayed targeted light pillar attack, and the last one is just some lame blast to the front. Extremely easy to avoid everything. Mukuro Kyuubi was harder.

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HanabiraKage マジで?
Oct 22nd 2015 at 9:00:20 PM

This thread just keep getting buried right away. >.>

6 more days till the release of GER. It seems that there are at least four Devours that aren't in the demo:

  • Shouyou/"Soaring Falcon" (ground->air uppercut)
  • Daitouga(?)/"Blade Fang" (horizontal slash)
  • Kouga/"Shark Fang" (long-distance dash, devouring all in its path)
  • Gokusou/"Prison Claw" (not shown)

I'm guessing the Japanese names based on the kanji given; no furigana were included, so I don't know if I'm right. What's interesting is that Kouga is pretty much an improved version of Sturm(?), which does the same forward dash but stops after a single devour.

Of these four, we know from the trailer that Daitouga can be placed in Step or Combo, Kouga can be placed in Quick or Step, and that Gokusou can be set to Combo. However, as all Devours in any of these three categories have so far been able to be set to all three, so it's likely that these Devours can be set to Quick, Combo AND Step.

We still don't know which category Shouyou belongs to, other than that it's definitely not in Air. Mostly because the footage started off in mid-animation. It's probably also in the Quick + Combo + Step group though.

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HanabiraKage マジで?
Nov 11th 2015 at 12:46:51 AM

...and my copy still isn't here, nearly two weeks after launch/shipping. That's the last time I use Play-Asia's Air Economy shipping option.

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HanabiraKage マジで?
Nov 17th 2015 at 3:50:47 AM

Alright, it finally came yesterday.

...and I reset my save so it would start from the beginning because it didn't look like I could get certain trophies without doing so. Kind of annoying, since I already started a new save in the demo just to collect information for a little beginner's guide I made recently, so it's my third time playing through the beginning of this game.

Thanks to that, I found out something that may or may not be interesting: Predator Style customisation is only locked on your first playthrough for that save file. If you reset it to the beginning carrying over all your stuff, you don't have to get to rank 3 and clear "Red Antares" just to re-unlock it. Same goes for the aerial/step devour commands.

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HanabiraKage マジで?
Nov 22nd 2015 at 5:29:01 AM

Taking my time to clearing every mission instead of rushing through the story, so I've only just reached rank 5. So yeah, not much to talk about.

One interesting point though; Sariel's new attack actually screws it over if you learn to exploit it. It may take place after it lands following a swoop along the ground. The new move creates one of its usual force field pillars around it while it stays on the ground, then that pillar disappears as about four more pillars appear beside Sariel. The thing is, there's plenty of space between the Sariel and those four pillars, so all you have to do is stand next to it waiting for the first pillar to vanish so you can jump in, then attack its head For Massive Damage. Its head's so fragile that you're likely to either stagger it out of its attack or break the head outright within a couple of swings.

So far, that seems to be the only new move that's actually more helpful than harmful to the player.

Right. One thing I forgot to mention is that all enemies somehow seem slightly bigger than they used to be. Is it just my imagination...?

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HanabiraKage マジで?
Nov 24th 2015 at 12:58:35 AM

Finally fought the new Dyaus Pita. That was insane. It's fairly straightforward up till it grows the wings, after which it starts jumping all over the damn place slashing everywhere. Makes it extremely difficult to do anything to it really. As its HP drops, it gets some kind of spinning attack where it spins twice where it's standing. Then when its HP goes critical, it gains yet another new attack; its wings temporarily gain laser blade-like extensions nearly doubling its reach, and it starts slashing like crazy on the spot.

Its base moveset is also quite different from the old Dyaus, which is still in the game but renamed Sky Father. Oh, the new Dyaus's breakable parts are the same as Vajra's.

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Dec 21st 2015 at 5:10:01 AM

God Eater 2: Rage Burst and God Eater: Resurrection has been confirmed localized for the west.


HanabiraKage マジで?
Dec 21st 2015 at 5:20:08 AM

[up] Beat me to it. >.>

Great to finally see someone else post in this thread, because it was starting to look like my personal blog for a while there.

I did not expect a PC release. That's pretty cool, and it'll help this series reach a wider market. And here I'd thought Bamco had given up on a western release for the series.

EDIT: Right, I haven't updated in a while. I've beaten Arda Nova, and have gotten a little lazy recently plus the...putty part of my right analog stick got kind of messed up so I haven't really done much of the Burst arc.

Speaking of which, Arda Nova's moveset is about 80% different. It loses all its Tsukuyomi-style moves, because the Male half no longer dies when unbound, it just gets scarred. Meaning you'll have to deal with bombardments and lasers all battle. It also makes it ridiculously difficult to unbind the Female half's hair and halo melee because it keeps getting in the damn way.

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AnotherGuy Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Dec 21st 2015 at 6:42:36 AM

The Mysterious Game thread. Though, maybe that thread should be closed and linked here.

Dec 21st 2015 at 7:05:50 AM

So this "God Eater" game, I only got in on this when it was just "Mysterious Game", but what's it all about in a nutshell?

And why did it look like there were swords eating...stuff in the trailer?

HanabiraKage マジで?
Dec 21st 2015 at 7:12:43 AM

[up] Monsters impervious to conventional weaponry have ravaged the world, eating almost everything on it. Due to their seeming invincibility, people have come to call them "Aragami" ("Malevolent God"). Through extensive research on their genetic structure, the organisation Fenrir has essentially turned some humans into super soldiers capable of fighting against the Aragami using God Arcs - weapons that house domesticated, lab-grown Aragami, and the only weapons that can harm them.

Gameplay-wise, it's a hunting-style game similar to Monster Hunter, but with an actual storyline and flashier, faster-paced gameplay. Your God Arc is also capable of morphing between melee and ranged modes, allowing you to fight from any range.

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Rotpar Always 3:00am in the Filth from California Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Always 3:00am in the Filth
Dec 21st 2015 at 8:11:05 AM

That was part of the reason why I couldn't get into the game—I don't like how these games handle ranged combat and I was afraid that it was required to really succeed. The other part being Monster Hunter devours a shit ton of time and I didn't need a second game demanding a share.

I do love the Aragami concept though. Especially the idea that these things are here to stay and cannot be killed, and the best we can do is reverse-engineer our own and recycle as much as we can.

Like, the only way earth will ever be free of the Aragami would be if every single cell was "tamed" and then everyone with a God-Arc was shot into space. "Thanks! Now get the fuck out!"

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HanabiraKage マジで?
Dec 21st 2015 at 8:30:54 AM

[up] Guns tend to be pretty powerful (especially if you really get into bullet customisation), but it's very possible to beat missions in record time going pure melee. Unless you're fighting one very specific Aragami in GE 2 (and GE 2 RB) that's immune to melee attacks.

Unlike MH, the maps are smaller and there's no weapon maintenance. It's just action, with minimal downtime. The missions also tend to take less time on average.

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mega-dark Moe Game Console from Planeptune Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Moe Game Console
Dec 21st 2015 at 9:12:40 AM

[up][up]I think the longest Hunter time for me was when I had to fight Oroboros (or it's base form it's been a while) during the storyline and that hunt took 15 minutes by myself. Most hunts in this game can be finished in like 5 minutes (not joking) if you're playing by yourself so if you want a pick up and play a hunt game then this is a good choice.

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TheMageofFire Magical Girl in Training from A Warehouse Out by Sea Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
Magical Girl in Training
Dec 21st 2015 at 11:27:27 AM

YEEEEEES. This is amazing news. I loved the first game.

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