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Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Feb 23rd 2020 at 6:46:35 PM

Chateau D'Avarice

Royal: Can we focus on GETTING OUT OF HERE


Gaius: Huh... So what colors?

Cavity: <Milc!>

Turffeild, Will

Dr. Multimom: Aye, she's got spunk! I like that.

Bolthund: -yip-

Dr. Multimom: Pardon Walter, he can't see or hear very well. He's old. Still a fine sniffer.

Turffeild, Elizabeth

Julius: For your information my hair is cooler.

Ishtar: Julius please.

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BittersweetNSour Dark Wings Rise Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark Wings Rise
Feb 23rd 2020 at 7:21:30 PM

Chateau d'Avarice

Outlaw: This house is being systematically bombed multiple rooms at a time! Hiding is just gonna get us killed!

-Outlaw's statement is punctuated by another pressure-cooker whistle, as the team runs up through the upstairs hallways. Outlaw is pointedly looking away, but anyone who does look at them as they run might notice that the various family paintings never seem to show her. A father, a mother, an older sister, a younger brother, various extended family, but where it seems like she'd fit... nothing. In the pictures taken at a younger age, there are the occasional gaps where a middle child might fit right in; in the later ones, there's no such gap.-

Outlaw: I don't know about you, but I don't want to find out here what happens when someone dies in a collapsing Palace!

-The balcony is just up ahead.-

what if horses were persistence predators
Feb 23rd 2020 at 7:24:05 PM

Chateua of Outlaws

Silas inhales deeply and breaks into a sprint, aiming for the balcony dead ahead. Imagining the smug face of Jack King on the other end, it did wonders for motivating him.

Feb 23rd 2020 at 8:13:27 PM

The Chateau l'BOOOOM

-Mona, Director, Hound and Tigress are running for there lives.-

-Tigress is in the lead with Mona having jumped ship from Director - who is bring up the rear - to clinging onto on of Hound's tails as he wails as he is dragged through the air.-

-Then some floorboards collapse in Hounds path.-

Mona: <Waaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!>

Hound: <Ohcrapohcrapohcrap>

-In his panic, traces of electric yellow and silver energy trail behind him as he speeds up a bit and leaps at the wall beside the hole and using the rebound momentum to safely cross the hazard.-

Hound: <Runningrunningrunningrunning>

Tigress: Less chanting, more running!

-A sofa is in her way, so Tigress decides to take the more direct route to the exit...

Tigress: Hup!

-A tinge of black and bright red energy trails behind the lady thief as she vaults herself over the back of the sofa and keeping the momentum of the leap, doesn't loose a step of running.-

Director: Why can't we have a heist that doesn't end in us running for our lives?

-And then a burning beam falls diagonally across the hall.-

Director: Oh muk...

-Director falls into a sliding dive along the floor, crimson and black energy trailing behind him as he slides under the beam before it collapses where his head was a second before as he kicks down to use the momentum to bring him upright and running.-

Director: I am too old for this shite...

-Yet that still doesn't stop him from running full kilter towards the terrace.-

SwiftSeraph pain peko from The Void Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
pain peko
Feb 23rd 2020 at 9:25:35 PM

Chataeu D'Avarice

Songstress: <I hate all of this!>

-Glowing, she appears to Waterfall down the hall rapidly. Behind her, Puck carries Oberon through the air, dodging the falling rubble.-

-Elizabeth briefly glances at the pictures before running forward, dress billowing. She plants her staff and pole-vaults over a fallen beam, landing with catlike tread.-

Tuffield, Date

Elizabeth: "Sorry we can't all be early 90s anime villians, Juli."

-She kisses Julius and Ishtar on the cheek before backpedaling and blushing.-

Elizabeth: "Aaaaa I'mSorryYou'reBothCuteWasITooForwardIJustCouldntHelpMyself"

Tuffield, Gym Battle

Milo: "Eldegoss, Dynamax!"

-Milo grabs the giant Poké Ball and tossez it behind him, his Eldegoss growing to a gargantuan size.-

-Shaun pushes his glasses up.-

Shaun: "Aren't you cold in all this hail, Milo? Jamie, Aurora Veil!"

Jamie: <You got it!>

Milo: "Max Strike!"

Edited by SwiftSeraph on Feb 23rd 2020 at 11:28:43 AM

"Hold on/Stay tough/Be strong/And hit stuff"
Asterisk395 No voice to cry suffering from Hallownest Relationship Status: I've got a total eclipse of the heart
No voice to cry suffering
Feb 23rd 2020 at 10:15:37 PM

Stormchaser, Happy New Year (Bye, December)

Logan: -peering down the hall after the Mareep- I suppose.

-pointing a thumb in some other direction- Well, if you've got everything handled, I'll go and make sure the ship doesn't go down in flames.

Pippy: -back, snuffing yet another ember- <There's been a lot of flames…> @v@

Addie: -staring at some of the signs of battle- <Might be more, haven't been close enough to keep track.>

Logan: -tugging at their—now rather singed—nightgown- Think we have time to put on some actual clothes?

Addie: -wearing one of those sleep eye masks like a scarf this whole time, sigh- <Prooobably not.>

Logan: -matching sigh- Didn't think so.

Motostoke, success

Vee: <Tha's also what the journey's for!> .3

-nodnod- <It's something you gotta mature into.> ~w

Addie: -eyebrow-raising smirk- <You're an expert on being a trainer, now?>

Vee: <I watch sitcoms an' junk! An' clearly televised experiences're perfectly representative of processes as a whole.> ,,33

Pippy: <T-trainers are whoever care for Pokemon.> uvu

-bird-smiling, awkwardly- <Professional Trainers™, perhaps, are mysteries beyond my ken. They're very stompy, generally.>

Vee: <In that many've stomped us into the ground.> ~w

Megan: -laughs awkwardly-

Logan: -at Megan, waving full hands- Uniform. Card. Ceremony.

Byleth: Seaweed. • _• - _- • _•


-tugging at a lock of her hair, inspecting it- Sure, it reminds me of some students of mine………Blue.

-and she does not elaborate-

Fraidy: -trembles, contentedly-

< excited for the gym challenge…?>

No mind to think. No will to break.
memyselfandI2 Dunsparce Cloud from The Biosphere Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
Dunsparce Cloud
Feb 23rd 2020 at 10:32:47 PM

Stormchaser, we probably haven't seen the last of her

PEFE!Every: This is why I wear my labcoat.

-indeed, under it she appears to be wearing an oversized PEFE T-shirt and pajama pants with Bounsweet on them-

I will keep an eye on Carna when she wakes back up. Please don't let anyone I care about die.

-speaking of flames, an Alolan Marowak sprints down the hallway, coming from the opposite direction as the Strange Mareep, and is then gone-

-weird day for random Pokemon-

Motostoke, nice

PEFE!Every: -long-suffering sigh- I get enough of this from Ever.

Ever: Heh.

-they shoot Byleth a wink-

This ought to be fun.

Oracle: <I'm not sure what to think. But Ever seems excited, insofar as they're ever excited about anything. So...I think I'll enjoy it.>

-lizard smile-

Dunsparce didn't stop being a thing or anything.
Daydre That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth from the trash Relationship Status: Gone fishin'
That's just how it is on this bitch of an earth
Feb 23rd 2020 at 10:55:53 PM

Chateau d'Avarice

Daydre's legs gain a silvery aura and she does what rabbitmons are wont to do. Y'know, like, run the fuck away but really fast.

".. Huh. Weird paintings."

Valentine's A(Me)gain

Daydre's not sure what to do, so she just sends another thumbs-up emoji back. Surely that conveys the depths of her gratitude.

Courage need not be remembered, for it is never forgotten.
Pentigan Fwomph from The Underverse
Feb 24th 2020 at 3:49:51 AM

Chateau D'Notanymore

-Rakash lunges ahead once he sees the balcony, a single focus that neglects everything else as he vaults the balcony, trailing black embers and fluttering pages-

-Anthem works towards the same goal, though she lacks the obscura to make a truly stylish exit from the Chateau-


/Duck/: <Greetings! I don't suppose you have a functioning computer system containing a detailed subterranean map so I shall not ask.>

It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
AbsentCoder Some Rando from Doofenshmirtz Neutral Incorporated Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Some Rando
Feb 24th 2020 at 9:22:04 AM

Chateau d'Get the Hell Outta There!

Rage and Love notices the balcony in front of him, leaping off Camazotz's back before cresting over the railing from a Tailwind.

With a swift placement and removal of his blindfold, a stone platform from Mercury catches him and he jumps off it to the ground, landing with a pained grunt.

Turffield Stadium

"A Flying monotyper, huh," Milo observed upon Gail entering the arena.

"Sorry," she shrugged, adjusting the "283" on her shoulder. "And I know it's my first league, too... I just feel bad, honestly."

[Insert Unoriginal Stinger Here]
Umbramatic Meet The New Boss from WAAPT usually, sometimes WHABP or maybe PEFE Relationship Status: Gay for Big Boss
Meet The New Boss
Feb 24th 2020 at 9:33:31 AM

Chateau D'Avarice, December 2019

-Royal yeets himself off the balcony-

Turffeild, Daydre

Merlin: If you don't then I'll have to charge you. -winks-

Fou: -sigh-


Julius: Ah, it's fine! -blushing-

Ishtar: You're cute too~

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BittersweetNSour Dark Wings Rise Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
Dark Wings Rise
Feb 24th 2020 at 9:37:31 AM

Chateau D'etritus

Paula: Looks like this is my stop, folks! See you on the flip side!

-In a very Cheshire Cat style, Paula grins and fades out of physicality. Outlaw stumbles out the door to the balcony, just as—


-The heat of the firestorm blows Outlaw forward a bit. The balcony shakes.-

Outlaw: Fuck.

-Not waiting for an assist, she rips off her shades, which burn away and form Maui.-

Outlaw: Looks like we're rappelling this!

Maui: -echoing with a familiar tone- Hah, piece of cake! Just hope it doesn't break!

Outlaw: It is going to! Just do it!

-Maui grins, grabs Outlaw, and hooks the railing of the balcony before leaping off the side.-

-Unfortunately, it does splinter in half from the impending collapse, but it's enough to break their fall before they hit the ground.-

Outlaw: Oof, okay, we're good. Cool.

-As everyone else makes it down, the walls of the building start to fold in on themselves, crumbling to a burning pile of rubble. Outlaw groans and picks herself up to her feet.-

Outlaw: Are we all good? Anyone have the app out already? I'd like to get out of here and onto personal business as soon as—

-A bit more splintering echoes through the sandswept wasteland. Out of the rubble climbs the figure that just chased them through the house.-

-Heatran... are not large creatures. Most people might not have a proper sense of the scale of natural deities' physical forms, but normally, Heatran are on the smaller side.-

-Outlaw knows damn well that they're not supposed to be as big as the one that climbed out. But it's as big as shefeels like a creature of that kind of power should be, and that means it's huge. And the fear is all too evident on her face.-

Outlaw: ...It's— it's not gone...

what if horses were persistence predators
Feb 24th 2020 at 10:22:18 AM

Honey, I Blew Up the Heatran

-Hound skids on the ground as he lands, flinging Mona to the ground. Mona lands on his back spread-eagle with blank eyes and slack-jawed. Tigress makes a three-point landing and Director lands in a crouch next to her.-

-Then all three look up.-

Director: PLEASE tell me that thing isn't spreading distortion...

-Tigress runs and scoops up Mona so the little guy doesn't get crushed or left behind.-

Feb 24th 2020 at 12:05:31 PM

Chateau Balcony

As Silas falls, he crushes the gold mask and summons Knight, who takes a moment to wave to Maui, "Ey Maui lookin' good!"

"Why are you like this?"

"I'm a lot of stuff you don't acknowledge and tend to repress. Guess what buddy, this means you have actual emotions and feelings."

Silas lands in a perfect superhero landing and stands up, Knight clapping a bit, "Very nice. Though currently our knees are sour, good job."

"Could you be any more sarcastic?"

"Oh I don't know, could you? You never know what is possible with us, so much is strange to you and you hate the metaverse sooooooo much!"

Silas squinted, Knight had no mouth but it was incredibly obvious to everyone he was grinning. Upon the Heatran, Silas quietly commented, "They aren't supposed to be that big."

PMD-B - Tunnels - Group A

"Don't jinx us!" Ribbon comments, sighing, the tunnels were a little warmer which was good.

The tunnels continued onwards, until a light appeared in the dark ahead. Ribbon blinked and looked about, "Find some place to hide!" she said before ducking under some rubble.

PMD-B - Tunnels - Group B

Artyom blinked and tapped a cracked screen on the Tram's control console, a fuzzy picture of the Metro tunnels appeared, "Here."

Stylus stood up and look over it, <Fascinating.>

Hunter stepped over, <So, what's with the metal arm? Armor?>

<Hm? Oh no, it's a real prosthetic and all. I'm technically a cyborg.>

Hunter glared, looking confused, <How? Nobody here in [MOSCOW] has that kind of technology.>

<Well... as Khan pointed out, I'm not from here. /Duck/ and I will answer in a bit. I just want to find my friends first.>

Artyom understood that part very well and looked to Khan, "Think we will find them?"

<Only if fate smiles upon us,> Khan responded.

Artyom could see something appear in the light of the Service Car's spotlight, a 4 legged figure ducking into rubble.

QuantumMelody29 chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction from somewhere Relationship Status: Who needs love when you have waffles?
chaos catby with a flannel shirt addiction
Feb 24th 2020 at 12:08:47 PM

motostoke, past

Violet: Well, I think one was blue and one was yellow, but my memory is terrible.

Roger: <Oh great, it is them.>

I used to plug my deviantart here but turns out the link was too long.
AspenKarch That Blind Gamer from Earth Relationship Status: Chocolate!
That Blind Gamer
Feb 24th 2020 at 1:31:54 PM

PMD-B Group A

Me: -she quickly ran besides some rubble and hid- That was close

You will give me an egg!
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Feb 24th 2020 at 2:02:31 PM

PMD-B, Group A

-Ian and Evelyn quickly hide behind a broken wall.-

Me: <Any Team Flare members there?>

Galar, Route 2

Me: Go for it, Kim! You can do this!

Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
AspenKarch That Blind Gamer from Earth Relationship Status: Chocolate!
That Blind Gamer
Feb 24th 2020 at 2:13:59 PM

PMD-B Group A

Me: <I don't know. Let me check> -her eyes glowed blue and looked around- <No Team Flare members here.>

You will give me an egg!
AnimeboyIanpower Empathic Kid Hero-in-training from Queen Mary's Castle Relationship Status: Brewing the love potion
Empathic Kid Hero-in-training
Feb 24th 2020 at 2:37:31 PM

PMD-B, Group A

Evelyn: -whew- <That's a relief...>

Me: <But... what exactly are we hiding from?>

Show me the wisdom of the world... Tell me the secrets of the heart... and the sweet~ mysteries~ of love~...
AspenKarch That Blind Gamer from Earth Relationship Status: Chocolate!
That Blind Gamer
Feb 24th 2020 at 3:59:59 PM

PMD-B Group A

Me: <The light. See?>

You will give me an egg!
PhilosopherStones Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm from The North (lots of planets have them) Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Anyways Here's Darude Sandstorm
Feb 24th 2020 at 4:17:28 PM


"I have yet to get used to the taste of other auras. Otherwise the sword works just as it did: poke them with the pointy end. With that said, having a vampiric blade does give me some goth cred I'm hoping to leverage against my SO's."

C tilted his head.

C: "Obscurics such as myself rarely see the light. Shadows are our strongest ally."

"C...that's not...what he meant..."


The large mushrooms knock Miz out. Des returned him.

"Take a little rest buddy."

He rotated his holster and took out another ball.

"You should do."

He sends out a Koffing.

"Give it a Sludge Bomb!"

The Koffing upchucked a poisonous glob at the giant Eldegoss.

"Hold out until it wears off!"

Edited by PhilosopherStones on Feb 24th 2020 at 5:02:35 AM

OPALGARNET16 Priest of the Temple of Syrinx from Nighttree, New Jersey Relationship Status: Abstaining
Priest of the Temple of Syrinx
Feb 24th 2020 at 6:05:02 PM

Galar Route 2

Kim: "I'm certain I can."

(Mere moments after she says that, Elton materializes and lands on the ground. The Wooloo looks over at him, then smirks a bit. Elton, meanwhile, happily jumps up and down, ready to fight.)

Elton: <Is that a Wooloo?!> (then, with excitement) <A-Are you going to catch that Wooloo?!>

Kim: "Indeed I am. And I'm going to need your help in order to do so."

Elton: <Alright! This is so exciting! Doncha worry, I am revved up and raring for battle!>

Wooloo: <Oh, I see how 'tis. You tink dis match is going to be pretty easy, don't ya? Ya got a Scorbunny with Double Kick, after all. Well... I got a special trick up me sleeve...>

Elton: <Silly Wooloo! You don't know any Water-type moves! There's no way you'll be able to defeat me!>

Wooloo: <Well, we'll see about that, now won't we?>

Elton: <'Course we will!>

(And with that said, Elton promptly jumps up into the air and aims both of his feet towards the Wooloo— before kicking him twice with both of his feet.)

Elton: <'Ow's about ya take this on for size?!>

Elton used Double Kick!
It's super effective!

(The Wooloo is promptly thrown back— but even so, he manages to stand up, smirking to himself as he does so.)

Wooloo: <Oh... knew ya'd hit me with one o' those.> (then, glaring at Elton) <Ya'd better prepare yerself! Here's the kicker!>

(And with that, he becomes surrounded by a red aura, and his eye twinkles.)

Wooloo used Copycat!

(Upon seeing the move, Elton steps back a bit— then giggles.)

Elton: <Copycat? That's the kicker? You Wooloo can already use that move via level-up->

(But he is cut off by the Wooloo kicking him with both of his back legs twice— weakly.)

Wooloo used Double Kick!

(Elton is thrown back a bit, then looks up at the glaring Wooloo in confusion.)

Wooloo: <There! How was that?>

Elton: (blinks, then, trying to spare the Wooloo's feelings) <Well... er... it was...>

Wooloo: <Impressive, wasn't it?>

Elton: <Well... not exactly...? If I'm being honest it was... a bit weak.>

Wooloo: (incensed) <A bit weak?! ARE YA LETTIN' ME ON?!>

Elton: (as cheerful as ever) <It's alright! It'll get more powerful with time.> (then, beat) <What level are you, by the way?>

Wooloo: <12.>

Elton: <Oh.> (beat) <Hm... Oh! I know! Do you want me to teach you how to use it?>

Wooloo: (confused) <Teach me...?> (He smirks) <Yer lettin' me on, aren't ya?>

Elton: <Not in the least bit!>

Wooloo: <But... that's not possible! I'm the fiercest Wooloo on this entire route! How can I—> (then, glaring a bit) <Alright, you silly Scorbunny. Shut yer gob; I'll show ya just how strong I really am!>

Kim: (under her breath) "Not really that strong at all." (then, to Elton) "Alright, then. Elton— hit him with an Ember!"

Elton: <You asked for it!>

(And with that said, he opens his mouth and lets loose a fireball at the Wooloo, which hits him.)

Elton used Ember!

(The Wooloo is thrown back a bit, but glares up at Elton with another twinkle in his eye. This time, the energy surrounding him is orange.)

Wooloo used Copycat!

(He then opens his mouth, and lets loose a smaller fireball... then rams his head into it when it starts to become clear that it won't hit. The fireball is pushed forward, hits Elton... and explodes without doing any damage whatsoever. Elton giggles.)

Elton: <See? You're just like every other Wooloo. Wanting to avoid any conflict whatsoever.>


Elton: (cheerfully) <Okay, then...!>

(The Wooloo growls under his breath— and then starts rolling towards Elton as fast as he possibly can. He eventually hits— again, weakly.)

Wooloo used Tackle!

(Elton is thrown back a bit, then shakes his head.)

Elton: <No, no, no... Here, watch me! I'll show you 'ow it's done!>

Wooloo: <Show me?>

Elton: <Sure!>

(He gets up in front of a tree standing in front of him and attacks it with as much power as he can. In a matter of seconds, it falls to the ground. He turns towards the Wooloo.)

Elton: <See? Easy! You just need to put more power behind it, that's all! Now you try.>

Wooloo: (glares at the tree) <I don't need to try, I got enough strength as 'tis! I'll show ya Level 12 power, ya bloody...!>

(The Wooloo promptly lets out a scream and proceeds to tackle the tree standing in front of him to the ground with as much power as he possibly can. Upon seeing it, Elton happily bounces in place.)

Elton: <There you are! That's the ticket!>

Wooloo: <'Course 'tis! It's how I trained myself up to bein' as strong as I am!>

(And the second they hear that, both Elton and Kim get looks of shock on their faces as the realization slowly starts to set in.)

Kim: "Wait. You trained yourself up to Level 12 by tackling trees?"

Wooloo: <'Course I did! What do ya tink I trained myself on, other Pokemon?!>

Elton: <Yes- wait. You've never battled another Pokemon before in your life?!

Wooloo: <Why would I want to?!> (he motions to his body) <This is not going to do much of anyting to anyone!>

(Elton and Kim stare at each other in shock.)

Hi, I’m oghond, and I’m a Rushaholic. Sorry if I annoy you unintentionally. 😅
Feb 24th 2020 at 9:15:21 PM

Turffield, Multimom

Will: Oh yeah, spunk she has in spades. It's near impossible to not get dragged along when she sets her mind to something.

The Meowth breaks free of Seviper's Wrap

Meowth: <Can't hold me! Can't hold me!>

Lucy shakes in anger at the Taunt

Fuka: Lucy, Lick him!

Lucy: <I'd better not get tetanus...>

Lucy hisses, and her tongue brushes against the Meowth's ear. The Meowth shudders and freezes in place, paralyzed.

You know how in "Eragon" everyone cries 'a single tear'? Yeah, just TRY that in "One Piece" and see if it works. - Formerly Narm Charm
SwiftSeraph pain peko from The Void Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
pain peko
Feb 24th 2020 at 9:32:55 PM

Tuffield - Date

Elizabeth: "Aaa I'm love"


"So what are we doing anyway"

Tuffield - Battle

Jamie: <Time for a taste of Alola power!>

-Shaun pulls out an ice blue crystal and does the dance taught to him by royalty, the Ice Queen of Alola, Totem Ninetales.-

Jamie surrounded himself with full-force Z-Power!

Jamie unleashes his full force Z-Move!

A Critical Hit! It's Supereffecive! Eldegoss fainted!

Jamie: <Aw yeah!>

Milo: -Blue Screen of Death-




"what the fuck"

"Hold on/Stay tough/Be strong/And hit stuff"
Mezzopiano You're shivering. Are you afraid? from That Cold Place Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
You're shivering. Are you afraid?
Feb 25th 2020 at 11:03:37 AM

Galar Route 4, being broadcast to a particular streaming site

Forte: Hey people, and welcome back. We're almost to Turffield now.


Forte: Taking it slow? Not really, I mean there's not a time limit on the Gym Challenge, is there?


Forte: ...Is there? There's not, right? I know they went through all these weird rules and stuff when I signed up but I don't remember anything about that.


Forte: I'm not gonna worry about that right now. So anyway, we spent a few days in the mines but couldn't find any of those Dynamax stones.


Forte: What about my Z-ring? It's technically banned because it messes with the energy fields in Dynamax spots or something. Don't ask me why.


Forte: Oh, I agree that the rules for this league are weird and restrictive. Uh, don't tell the site staff I said that, though.

-Forte turns the camera toward Turffield-

Forte: Is that the stadium? Whoa, those things really are huge. Guess you'll see me battling in there not too long after...

-Forte is distracted by a child in an Eevee suit walking across the path-

Forte: ...That's the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

Galar Route 9

-Mezzo has found her way to Spikemuth, or rather its entrance, as the gate is sealed shut-

Mezzo: Hey!

-she knocks on it with her umbrella-

Mezzo: Anyone home?

-no response-

Mezzo: Hey, I'm talking to you! This is Spikemuth, right? The place where the Dark-type Gym is?

-a particular passerby takes note of Mezzo-

???: We're closed. There's not gonna be another concert until next week. And no challengers allowed until then either. Get lost.

Mezzo: I'm not a challenger, I'm here for what in the hell is on your head.

-Mezzo gets a good look at the passerby, a thin man with long hair in black and white stripes, and spikes seeming to come out of it-

Piers: Excuse me?

Mezzo: Your head, you appear to have some sort of parasite on top of it.

Piers: That's rich coming from the woman who once dated an Ultra Beast.

-Mezzo flinches-

Mezzo: And how do you know about that?

Piers: Did my research. Now, challengers aren't allowed up here until they get the 6 prior badges, and I know no one in your team is that far yet, so you can get lost.

Mezzo: I'm not a challenger.

Piers: Great, even more reason for you to get lost.

Mezzo: No, I'm here to see what the deal is with the gym here, and... -sigh- sign up as a gym trainer.

Piers: Now why would someone like you want to join my team?

Mezzo: Your team? You're the leader?

Piers: Former leader. My sister runs things here now. Good for her too, I was tired of the whole thing. About as tired as I am of you, really.

Mezzo: What did I ever do?

Piers: You spent the last hour banging on our front door.

Mezzo: Because you wouldn't open it!

Piers: Because I don't want to be pestered by people like you!

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