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Hello there and welcome to my page here on TV Tropes! If you want to know more about me, I was born in 2003 at only 1 pound 2 ounces at birth. Due to this I have an Learning Disability, a blind eye, and a paralyzed vocal cord, which I'm very self conscious about.

    If I Was In The Pantheon 

Aspen Karch Goddess of Miracle Children(Peanut, Honey)

House: House of Family

Rank: Lesser God

Symbol: Her Face

Theme Song:

Alignment: Good



Allies: Blackjack,



Respected by: The SCP Foundation,

  • Was ascend when she was brought home from the hospital from her incubator.

  • Has a tendency to yell when people clap and then ran out of that room crying.

  • The SCP Foundation has appropriately taken an likeing to her due to her premature size at birth and her LD.

    • Aspen hasn't said anything on the matter.

  • Black Jack have operated on Aspen's heart when she was a newborn. He hit one of her nerve's which led to her vocal cord's due to her size, resulting in the vocal cord being paralyzed.

And some more trivia/facts. And a couple of more.


    Real Life (Videogame) 
  • Started: 8/28/03

  • Current Level: 16

  • Gender: Female

  • Due to character generation, she was born premature with a blind eye and paralyzed vocal cord. She dislikes the debuffs that she gets from the generation.
    • Also has the ADHD debuff

    Real Life (TV Series) 

    Tropes That Describe Me 
All Abusers Are Male: When people bully or make fun of me, they're are mostly boys doing this. This is why I tend to dislike boys that much.

Berserk Button: Multiple. Some examples: clapping, loud noises, people making fun of me or my voice.

Beware the Nice Ones: You may think that I'm calm but when I'm angry...


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