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YMMV / Vinci and Arty

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  • LGBT Fanbase: As a Furry Webcomic about a canonically gay couplenote  living together, the strip gets a fair bit of interest from the LGBT portion of the Furry Fandom.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes:
    • Vinci, full stop. Occasionally lampshaded, the 24 year old male raccoon sometimes getting confused for a 10 year old boy or girl.
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    • Greer, the baby rabbit the pair adopts, is a subversion. (She's only appeared in some material outside the main strip, like the mini-strip "Birds & Bees", thus far.) While she is drawn cutely, she has primary anophthalmia and was born without one of her eyes. Additionally, the artist enjoys having her break the stereotype of perpetually sweet, cuddly babies who never throw violent tantrums.
  • Tearjerker: Although it exists outside the main canon, Vinci's ultimate fate. He spends his life in and out of hospitals battling cancer, until Arty dies saving a woman from a burning house. The cancer picks that moment to return, and faced with the prospect of having his adopted daughter become his caretaker, Vinci commits suicide. As punishment, he's sent to hell and his memory is altered to one in which he spent his entire life alone. Things get better in the end, but it's gratuitously awful nonetheless.


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