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  • Awesome Music: The soundtrack, by Zminusone (Brian Havey), is done in a neoclassical style, and there several particularly notable compositions.
    • Heir of Ambition, the surprisingly subtle track which plays during Gaston's boss battle.
    • Prelude to Flame, the tragic piano composition that plays during Frayed Knight Dominic battle while he's still resisting Filth. Sword and Flame, played when he's fully gone over to the dark side, is far more dramatic, being both more fast-paced and with the constant choir.
    • The First Anvil, theme of Narcoss the Anvil. Unlike the others, it features heavy rhythmic percussion to fit the nature of the boss and his area, along with the dramatic Latin chanting, which highlights his fall from grace.
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    • A Dance With Death, the theme of the Forest Dancer, is unique among Souls-likes for incorporating Flamenco Music. Yet it perfectly captures the alien feel of Thornvale and the Dancer, and still manages to be just as ominous as any other piece, increasing in intensity as the battle progresses.

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