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  • Better Than Canon: Many readers consider Endeavor to be much better written and handled here than in canon, as he showed his redeeming qualities and wanted to change for the better at too late a time for them to consider him redeemable after being an established Hate Sink. With his more heroic attributes given more focus here, combined with still showing his relationship with his family as strained, but not completely lost, readers of the story find him more likable.
  • Tear Jerker: Bakugou takes it upon himself to call Inko to break the news that Izuku hurt himself badly during the USJ incident. Even he himself couldn't stop the tears from coming down.
    • Another aspect of this scene is how, very deep down, Bakugou seems to envy how frank Kirishima and Ashido are with their emotions even in front of other people, whereas he feels that Anger Born of Worry is the only appropriate way for him to respond.
    • Uraraka telling Izuku how scared she was of the thought of him dying after this incident. Poor girl had recurring nightmares and cries her eyes out more than once. Izuku is devastated to see her this way, and is spurred to do some soul-searching about how to avoid causing emotional harm to the people he cares about through his own self-sacrificing ways.

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