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  • Also a little on the funny and heartwarming sides as well, due to the slightly cheesy scenario and showcasing a moment of close camaraderie between classmates who've barely gotten to know each other: The third Battle Trial, Midoriya and Uraraka vs. Bakugo and Shoji. Both Izuku and Katsuki recognize that this will be a personal fight where Izuku will push to prove himself as Katsuki's equal. They seek each other out, and after their customary Insult of Endearment exchange, improvise an entire scenario around the exercise: Bakugo, captured by one Doctor Vertigo and tortured into evil, is now pursuing revenge against Deku, who had proven incapable of rescuing him in time, but seeing what "Lord Explosion Murder" has become, means to stop him by any means necessary, adding some dramatic garnishing to the exercise. Shoji and Uraraka get in on the act as well when they encounter each other, with Shoji in particular acting the role of a Man Behind the Man, proclaiming himself as Doctor Vertigo's final creation who masterminded the bomb plot, and even gives Uraraka the alternate hero name of Infinity Girl (likely in reference to the softball Uraraka threw out of Earth orbit during the Quirk Assessment). The rest of their classmates are absolutely hooked by the performance, and when Present Mic eventually hears of this, he immediately begins campaigning to have the footage of the fight posted online.
    • This event even comes back to positively influence later events, as during the Sports Festival's tournament portion, the crowd quickly recognizes Uraraka as Infinity Girl from the video, giving her significant publicity.

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