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YMMV / 3-D Ultra Lionel Traintown

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  • That One Level
    • "A Festival of Knights": The final job in the game. The job consists of various objectives from past jobs which culminates in delivering supplies to a castle which is preparing for a fierce battle. Not only are most of the objectives time consuming, (the memory game being the most tedious, as you only have a limited amount of moves before the job is labeled a failure) but messing up on one of them forces you to restart from the very beginning.
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    • "School Daze 4th Grade": Not only do you have to do an addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problem, you also have to use all the numbers, which there is a lot of and there's only a few solutions that use all the numbers. Along with the various number rearranging, you're also timed. You either have to plan out each problem or look up a walkthrough with the solution. Either way, get used to shuffling numbers around under a strict time limit.
    • "Pesky Termites": A standard pickup and delivery job which is made frustrating by termites. Usually termites disable switches, but in this scenario, they destroy portions of the track. Minor problem though, the track repairing car isn't available, meaning well timed termite attacks will effectively trap you and prevent you from completing the job.
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  • Spiritual Successor: My First Trainz Set appears to be this. Whilst heavily simplified in terms of gameplay, the settings and especially the loading zones feel like a rather solid nod to this game.

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