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  • Complete Monster: Senator Mitchell is the head of the Congressional Armed Services Committee and the one behind the funding of many illegal projects of Dr. David Loren. Ordering the creation of the Omega Project, a deadly flesh-eating virus which targeted specific DNA, Mitchell orders the US military to bomb a small Iranian science base as a distraction, while he secretly attacks Su Cheng and his family with the "Omega project" from afar. Killing Su Cheng and his entire family, Mitchell orders his co-conspirator General Diana Clarkson to kill Colonel Harrison, when Harrison was close to discovering the truth behind Su Cheng's death. Later on, conspiring with Chinese General Shangjong, of the People's Liberation Army to orchestrate a war between China and Taiwan for profit, Mitchell ordered his mercenary Bill to impersonate a dangerous Taiwan terrorist Tsang Ong, bomb a Chinese scientific facility and threaten to use the Omega Project on China as a provocation. The resulting war claimed the lives of hundreds of people, while Mitchell poisoned the President of the United States with the Omega Project, making him die on national TV, and then injected Loren with modified "Omega project", so that he can manipulate him to travel to Shanghai University, to kill hundreds of the brightest of minds of China, solely to keep America's supremacy in the world.

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