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YMMV / The Three Little Pigs

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  • Newer Than They Think: The story is well known and often appears in fairy-tale collections, which makes people tend to assume that, like most fairy tales, it has medieval or early modern origins. In fact, it was an original story written in 1840 — still old, but not as old as people think.

The Disney Version contains examples of:
  • Fridge Brilliance: In an attempt to gain access to Practical Pig's house (at least in the UNCENSORED version), the wolf disguises himself as a Jewish peddler. Since meat from a pig is treif (not kosher), what better way to trick pigs into thinking you're not going to eat them? Unfortunately, this is only the ORIGINAL cut we're talking about (see Bowdlerize in the Trivia tab).
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  • Growing the Beard: Previously, cartoons had little story and focused more on surreal, often repetitive imagery for it's own sake. This was the first animated short to not only have a linear plot but who's characters each had a distinct personality, two things that Disney and, indeed, most mainstream animation studios would focus on in the coming era. Amusingly, one New York theater took this to it's literal extreme when kept the short playing for so many weeks that they put up a sign saying "You've kept us here so long, we're growing beards!" complete with illustrations of the Three Little Pigs with real beards put on them. And they deliberately made the beards longer as time went by.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Big Bad Wolf is a pretty comical type of villain, but in the 1958 Disney Records audio remake, he's given a very eerie and menacing voice and growl. It doesn't help that when it was used on the read-along book-and-audio adaptations of the cartoons, the illustrations (taken from the 1948 Little Golden Book adaptation) depicted the wolf as a freaky Off-Model dark-furred version with glowing yellow eyes and gleaming sharp fangs (as shown in the above link).
    • Also Practical Pig's inventions: first off is the "Wolf Pacifier" from Three Little Wolves and the second one is the Lie Detector from The Practical Pig. While the first one is quite brutal-looking from the get-go, the second one actually has you hear Zeke Wolf screaming throughout.
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  • Sequelitis: None of the sequels did nearly as well as the original did, causing Disney to decide that you just can't top pigs with pigs.
  • Values Dissonance: Even at the time, the scene where the wolf disguises himself as a Jewish peddler earned Walt Disney plenty of accusations of anti-Semitism, accusations which, despite all of his colleagues denying it, followed him beyond the grave.


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