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YMMV / The Simpsons S 20 E 8 The Burns And The Bees

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  • Designated Hero: After witnessing the antics of Mark Cuban at a Dallas Mavericks game, Burns tries to win over Springfield basketball fans with his own antics. Burns fails miserably, and decides to build a luxurious sports arena. The problem is that he decides to build the stadium at the site of an abandoned greenhouse which Lisa wants to use as a bee sanctuary. Burns is treated as the villain of the episode even though he didn’t do anything wrong. The town allowed him to build the stadium and all he wanted to do was be liked. However when Homer accidentally unleashed a hive of Africanized bees on the stadium, Burns had to pay for the damages (and presumably lawsuits) while Lisa and Homer not only get off scot-free but get exactly what they want as the arena is declared a bee sanctuary, enabling the bees to survive.
    • Furthermore he was also punished by being kicked out of the millionaires' retreat due to all the money Lisa had cost him.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The "Millionaires' Camp" that Mr. Burns gets thrown into is full of nerds, one of whom claims to be the founder of Facebook. That joke's even funnier now that Mark Zuckerberg (a nerd, though not the stereotypical Hollywood Nerd with glasses; just a shy, awkward guy who probably had no luck socially, but does now because of his wealth) is now one of the world's leading business figures, especially after the release of The Social Network.

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