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YMMV / The Revolution Will Be Televised

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  • Acceptable Targets: Most people of all sorts of political backgrounds are subject to this, though some of this is due to the Jerkass characters that the duo tend to play.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Due to high levels of Black Comedy, this tends to happen.
    • The first episode had Heydon on the streets, (sarcastically) encouraging people to try and get Tony Blair a sainthood for spreading democracy to Iraq. When an Iraqi confronted him on the street and pointed out that Blair had bombed the country heavily, Heydon argued that while this was true, Blair had used "bombs of democracy".
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    • Upon revelation of MI6 torturing prisoners of war, Raffe van der Koont arrives with a series of BDSM fans outside their offices, demanding that they be let in to the kinky torture rooms.
    • Their response to a magazine naming Tony Blair the most influential person of the year? Propose alternate covers with individuals such as Hitler and Myra Hindley instead. They went inside the office of the magazine to do this.
  • Nightmare Fuel: While the series generally runs on Black Comedy, particularly with Eugene X and Dale Mailey, they are just characters that Heydon and Jolyon play. There are people with mindsets like that in real life:
    • Heydon mentions that when visiting the KKK, in-character as Eugene, one of them decided to test him on some phrases in Afrikaans. One can only imagine what they might have done, had they caught him out.
    • Jolyon mentions that as part of their filming in the USA, he had to hang around with a violently anti-immigration militia near the American-Mexican border. They were all armed to the teeth, and he really didn't feel like pushing any Berserk Button they had.
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  • Unacceptable Targets: Sort of; while Heydon and Jolyon tend to mock certain groups in-character, they quite clearly aren't being serious. Examples include the disabled, people that have been royally screwed over by the very rich, and so on.