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YMMV / The Queen's Mercy

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  • Angst? What Angst?: The fact that Rapunzel lost one of her hands from an assassins while she was deep into pregnancy is just glossed over.
  • The Woobie: When Elsa becomes possessed by the Goddess, Anna is really put through the ringer. She is convinced that Elsa was just manipulating her this whole time and is almost killed by her, so she willingly takes a potion that removes all memory of her life after meeting Elsa and becoming the starved and impoverished thief she used to be. After Kristoff and Eugene bring her back, she Took a Level in Cynic due to being forced back into a life that chewed her up and spat her back out. Later she was even accused of murdering children by Evangeline as a means of poisoning the lower classes' memory of their inspirational hero.
    • It's hard not to feel bad for Kristoff after Sven is killed.

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