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YMMV / The Presets

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  • Awesome Music: While the entirety of Apocalypso is a crowner, one can't deny the sheer anthemic-awesomeness of "My People".
    • Are You The One off Beams is pretty awesome too.
    • And "Anywhere" from Apocalypso.
      • Name a song, perhaps? They're all good.
  • Funny Moments: In this horribly poor interview, the guys spend their time taking the piss out of the incompetent interviewer.
    MC Steinberg: So. Your big single.
    (long pause)
    Julian: Is that the question?
  • Tear Jerker: "Ghosts" can be a heavy listen, since it's about a man remembering his past rambunctious journeys as he tries to recover from them, and ends with him accepting these journeys as moments that he now yearns for since he's growing old.
    • Just watch the music video, and look at how downtrodden Julian looks at the "cocaine, song, and women and wine" and "soon I'll be a very old man" lines. It's like he's ashamed of his past.


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