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YMMV / The Muppet Musicians of Bremen

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Did Mean Floyd throw out Rover Joe because he didn't protect him when he thought there was a ghost, because he thought Rover Joe was intentionally pretending to be a ghost to scare him, or because he bit him after Mean Floyd stepped on him? Or was it one of the first two reasons combined with the last?
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Each of the villains is already afraid that the things they fear most are in the area at night, then they hear the animals outside without knowing what they are, the animals hear one of them screaming and think the family is in trouble so they help by fighting off the villains (without even knowing who they were up against), it's too dark in the house for anybody to get a good look at who they're fighting, and they easily defeat and scare off the villains, each of whom sees the animal they threw out/tried to kill as what they are most scared of.
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  • Visual Effects of Awesome: In wide shots, the humans are full bodied costumes, while in close up shots, they are puppets. The effect was so convincing that a Hollywood makeup company called up Jim Henson, convinced that he'd invented a new form of make-up.

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