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YMMV / The Days of Our Years

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  • Anvilicious: Par for the course in a workplace safety film.
  • Tear Jerker: This may very well be the most depressing short featured on the Satellite of Love. The happily engaged couple? Their wedding is ruined when the groom-to-be cripples himself in a car crash. Two elderly best friends who worked at the railroad for 42 years and are happily planning their retirements with their families? One of them accidentally runs over the other with a train when he has a heart attack at the controls and spends the rest of his life drowning in shame and isolation. A proud pappy-to-be can't control his excitement when finds out his wife has given birth? He startles a welder and gets his eyeballs melted out of the sockets before he can even see his baby boy for the first time.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • Charlie is encouraged to go back to work while his wife is giving birth, par for the course for that time.
    • Also, George is very visibly feeling out of sorts, yet (due to then-prevailing attitudes of manliness and "toughing it out" and all) zips his lips and goes right back to work. Operating heavy machinery. Furthermore, due to those same prevailing attitudes, none of George's co-workers, including his friend and neighbor Fred, seem to notice his affliction nor suggest he at least visit the infirmary (as far as we know, anyway).
    • The short seems to view people's lives as all but over if they become disabled, in keeping with the views of the time.


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