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YMMV / The Cloak

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  • Acceptable Targets: "Oh, well crap, he's not a Communist, he's a Mormon! Which explains his company's need to make everything obnoxiously bright and friendly... and well dressed."
  • Genius Bonus: If you know anything at all about communism (which the Cloak clearly does not), the plot becomes even more funny:
    • The Cloak becomes suspicious upon hearing Yorick's name, suspecting him to be Russian and therefore a communist, but is relieved when he learns that it's actually a Polish name. Poland was a Communist-governed socialist republic at the same time that Russia was, and of course, neither of them are any longer.
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    • The Cloak accuses a corporate CEO of being a communist- patently ridiculous, since the central tenet of communism is that companies should by owned and managed collectively by their workers, not by one powerful person.
  • Squick: Robert Mitchum's Head = Floating Severed Head (that drips blood all over the place.)
    • Mittens (the cat)'s death at the beginning.

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