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YMMV / The Cleric Quintet

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  • Badass Decay: Justified with Dorigen, who has her nimble spellcasting fingers shattered before her Heel–Face Turn, and never fully recovers from it.
  • Fridge Logic: One of the Night Mask assassins remembers having taken part in the mission to kill Danica's parents. Danica's folks have been dead for more than a decade, yet it's been less than that since the Time of Troubles: an event in which, among other things, Bhaal the god of murder sucked out the life force out of every assassin in Faerun in order to give his avatar a Power-Up. (Also to justify 2E's elimination of the original assassin character class.) So how come this guy is still alive...? Sure, he could be classed as a thief or a fighter, but having Bhaal draw such a distinction between actual assassin-class professional hit men and members of other classes who do exactly the same work implies a seriously lapse of Gameplay and Story Segregation on that evil god's part.


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