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YMMV / The Brink

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  • Crosses the Line Twice: A key component of the shows humor. One gem from episode 6:
    Vanessa: "Zekey, I'd like you to take that two-stone cock of yours and use it to make me cry out for the Holy Ghost. Then, Glenn, I'd like you to whip out your little wanker and fuck-punch me in the back of the throat with as much monkey spunk that that little cock of yours can muster. Then Zekey will whip me away from you again and whop it up my ass. I'll, um, resist appropriately, yeah?"
    • Ambassador to Pakistan Robert Kittredge, who not only sincerely believes the world will end soon, but is looking forward to it. This is a man with a lot of power in the show, and is both off-putting and hilarious.


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