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Funny / The Brink

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    Season 1 

Swim, Shmuley, Swim

  • After ejecting over rural Pakistan, Zeke and Jammer finally find each other on opposite ends of a large field...which Zeke notices is a minefield, but Jammer does not. Somehow, they both get through without so much as a scratch, and when they're taken captive by the Taliban, a cow walks into the field and explodes.

Who's Grover Cleveland?

  • Larson going on a rant to visiting school children that they need to revolt.

Just a Little Crazy Talk

  • Alex having an episode if he can kill Zaman and change world history. Rafiq tries to help him out, but it gets worse. It's played for comedy.

There Will Be Consequences

  • At the end of the episode, Larson remembers that he needs to call Talbot and tell him that the attack on Pakistan has been called off. Cut to Talbot and Rafiq, who by now are well outside Islamabad and exhausted.


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