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YMMV / That Guy Destroys Psionics

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: There is some debate as to whether Elsimore's annihilation of the campaign was justified. Some people have called him out for taking his frustrations against the players out on the DM and his story. Even the author himself admits that he may have overreacted a little. He did title the story "That Guy Destroys Psionics," with "That Guy" being 4chan for Jerkass. However, most people seem to agree that the DM had it coming too, especially since he roughly told Elsimore's player to "minmax or GTFO" but was completely unprepared to deal with the consequences. The DM also did nothing to curb the other players' misbehavior, which led directly to Elsimore's first kill of the Big Bad (Elsimore was only defending himself after the other players made it look like he'd attacked the Big Bad, intending to get Elsimore killed in the ensuing fight). And the DM was stupid enough to have the Big Bad follow the epic-level wizard to his own private demiplane.
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  • Crazy Awesome: How else can you describe killing the Big Bad three times in a row in the first session by using the GM's own house rules against him?
  • Game-Breaker: As several commenters in the thread pointed out, telling a wizard to "Minmax or GTFO" is a terrible idea, because it always ends in an apocalyptic game-busting character (See Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards and the tabletop game breaker page for details). Elsimore destroyed the entire campaign three times over without breaking a sweat (though he did break reality).
  • Shocking Moments: The whole "had two entire planes cancel each other out to depower the Big Bad" thing.


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