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YMMV / Sweden: Heaven and Hell

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  • Americans Hate Tingle: Unsurprisingly given its grossly inaccurate and unflattering portrayal of their country, the Swedes have very little love for this film. The film was never given a theatrical release there, and when it was finally shown on television in 1971, it attracted a flurry of complaints. Not helping matters was the fact that director Luigi Scattini had promised the Swedish re-enactors that the film would never be shown in their country, so once they finally got the chance to see the completed film, they were outraged by how the filmmakers had assembled and edited the footage in order to push a false and salacious narrative.
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  • Values Dissonance: The film as a whole takes a very 1960s attitude towards sexuality and drug use. Perhaps the most blatant and cringe-worthy example occurs during the lesbian nightclub vignette, with the narration actively espousing the now-discredited notion that women only become lesbians because they've been raped or otherwise actively turned off by men, whom they should naturally desire.


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