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YMMV / Star Trek Enterprise S 02 E 026 The Expanse

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  • Special Effect Failure: The probe zapping Earth looks rather like it's attacking a two-dimensional Google Maps image of Florida.
  • What an Idiot!: While the episode set the show on the way to Growing the Beard, one thing that was never cleared up was why the Xindi would use a low-power prototype of their weapon on Earth — thereby alerting Starfleet to their plans — instead of just testing smaller prototypes elsewhere and destroying Earth with the full-powered version before anyone knows what's going on. The novels later explained this away as the Xindi hoping that the weapon in this episode would ignite the Earth's atmosphere and incinerate everything on the surface, and when that plan failed, they were forced to step it up to a version that could destroy the planet outright.Of course this doesn't explain why they didn't test it first just to be sure it might work rather than risk it all from the start.

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