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YMMV / Snow By Night

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  • Les Yay: To the rejoicing of some. Because, let's face it: between Jassart and Jacqui, Jacqueline is better for Mathilde.
  • Mind Game Ship: Jassart and Vivienne's relationship is more about a power game and subtle manipulation for both parts in order to try to outsmart each other for their own gain (Vivienne and information; Jassart and social, and even political, power). Comments even start to question who's playing who.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: Jassert crossed when he betrayed Mathilde, Snow and Blaise's trust. Later he didn't defend Blaise against the accusations of arson and murder he's under, but actually testified against him. No wonder Mathilde left him. At least, known at that point of the comic. A later vignette, Chapter 14's Know Your Place, details that during Jassart's Start of Darkness he long crossed the line when he decided to loot and set fire to large parts of the town of Monteroche, Sarone, out of revenge for town taking away the inheritance of Alcide's cobbler business from him.

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