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YMMV / SCP: Overlord

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  • Funny Moments: Several.
    • This exchange:
      Kolinski: You know, I should have figured something was up.
      Jansen: Yeah… Why?
      Kolinski: Well, he pulled a weapon on us.
      Jansen: Yeah, we kind of broke into his house, Kolinski.
    • Jansen's response when Kolinski starts getting philosophical.
      Kolinski: If we're going off his publicly available doctrine, there's no reason why he'd wanna martyr himself. If he went to prison, he'd still be able to preach his ideology. That's what counts, right?
      Jansen: I dunno, bro. I just type.
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    • This exchange after Besson correctly guesses the code to the basement door:
      Besson (his mask fogging up): Look at me and tell me I am not the most valuable member of this team.
      Jansen: Fix your fucking seal, dude.