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YMMV / Reaching Zenith

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  • Woobie Family: The Arisato family. For one, there's the canon events in Persona 3, with Minato, Minako, and Naoto's parents dying due to Death. On top of that, the twins are separated from Naoto, which is why they carry the Arisato surname while Naoto went to their grandfather and received the Shirogane name. Minato then dies to become the Great Seal. Yukari became pregnant and Minato married her before he died, but their children are all but labelled as bastard children. Rin becomes broken through her circumstances, since Yukari's only job was acting and couldn't be around much, causing her to believe that Yukari didn't want to be around her. Not to mention Rin's belief that nobody would ever care about her.

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