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YMMV / Pretenders

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  • Awesome Music: The debut album, from start to finish.
  • Epic Riff:
    • "The Wait", for one.
    • An epic bass riff on "My City Was Gone".
  • Face of the Band: Chrissie Hynde.
  • First Installment Wins: It will be hard for them to top their 1980 debut album.
  • Refrain from Assuming: "My City Was Gone" is sometimes called "The Ohio Song" for its reference to the state in the chorus. (If the song were named "Ohio" it would be a Title-Only Chorus.)
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  • Signature Song: "I'll Stand by You".
  • Sophomore Slump: While Pretenders II contains some of their best-known songs, including "Talk of the Town" and "Message of Love", it's generally regarded as inferior to the debut.


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