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YMMV / Pickory

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  • Nightmare Fuel: If you ride the house on the first screen to the top of the screen, you get a message of "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" After this is a largely empty screen with that creepy moon. All this while the backwards Song of Healing plays. If you die you hear Link scream and see "You shouldn't have done that..." and the game cuts to a freaked-out page with Majora's Mask on it.
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  • That One Boss: For at least one troper, it was General Tor for quite a while due to one specific part of Tor's pattern, but for others it varies greatly. This is probably because most of the boss fights have you either controlling a new weapon ( the reflector and portal gun) or have a Unexpected Gameplay Change in some way ( the aiMir fight) which will throw you off balance until you figure things out.

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