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YMMV / Oh Shit, There's Fanfiction of Us!?

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  • Funny Moments: The whole damn fic is one big funny moment.
    • Any mention of fried spring rolls results in this.
    • According to the badfic, Leon's embarrassing secret from the second motive is that he has a dick piercing. Funny enough on its own, but the really funny part is that it's promptly revealed that this really was Leon's secret!.
    • Chizuru and Ishimaru's simultaneous freak outs when fic!Mondo gets executed. Chizuru turns into a ball of rage, and Ishimaru starts bawling.
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    • The various misspellings of Celestia's name and her increasing irritation over them.
    • Any scene with Ishida in it is close to becoming this.
    • Chihiro having been turned into a pokemon is honestly this.
    • The fact that not even Junko can stomach the story.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Everyone making up a chapter for Sakura since the fanfic skipped over her suicide. Sakura is even blushing by the end of it!
    • Everyone rallying behind Celestia after her fanfic!Death certainly counts. Even if she DID react coldly to it.
    • It's been confirmed that everyone forgave Mukuro, even knowing what she did. Judging from Chizuru's reaction and the slight one-sided Ship Tease between her and Ishimaru, the dead students have actually welcomed her with open arms.
    • It's a bit more of a Heartwarming in Hindsight moment, but seeing everybody interact the same way they did when alive can be this. It means that everyone forgave their killers and accepted them as friends again, and they all even welcomed someone they didn't even know into their group!
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    • Doubling as a funny moment, but everyone's reaction to Raven's death in the fic is strangely adorable, at least until Mukuro reveals that the story's still going:
    Meanwhile, in reality, everyone was having a par-tay. Leon had grabbed Sayaka, spinning her around the room in a very clumsy, very goofy imitation of a waltz, for one. Sakura and Chihiro had soon joined them while Oowada proceeded to give Ishimaru a noggie. Chizuru was guzzling down coffee like it was the end of the world, and Celes had ordered Yamada to get some snacks.
  • Fridge Horror: It's confirmed that Chizuru is, in fact, as dead as all the other students, even though she wasn't in the mutual killing. How exactly did she die?
    • There IS a fanfic from the same author featuring Chizuru, and she's in her own mutual killing by that time. It's unconfirmed, but it's practically a Foregone Conclusion that something bad happens to her.
    • A slightly worse one, but we already know that Chizuru and Mukuro have a Pseudo-Romantic Friendship, but that'd take time to build up. It's also hinted that everyone's taken some time to get to know Chizuru, and that all of them are dead. Just how long have they been in that room?