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For the Marvel comic book

  • Author's Saving Throw: Jim McCann and Brian Michael Bendis essentially reinvented Bobbi when she reappeared following Secret Invasion. She had not been well-served by her previous arcs in the 1980s, but McCann in particular reinforced her espionage training and ruthlessness.
  • Broken Base:
    • Mockingbird #8 reveals that Bobbi wasn't drugged and raped by the Phantom Rider, instead she cheated on Clint with him and just let Clint believe she had been raped, because it was easier for Clint to believe that than to believe that he had been cheated on. Rape aside, fans are divided on whether this is a good or bad thing as some feel this changes Bobbi from being a strong survivor to a cheating wife. In addition, Bobbi casually waves off the fact that she killed Phantom Rider despite their encounter now being consensual. - on the other hand, others think this erases a somewhat cheap piece of Rape as Drama, even if the execution was botched.
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    • In general, Bobbi's recent 'feminist' take has been controversial. Following Chelsea Cain's brief run, the character became very vocally feminist, sometimes to a Straw Feminist level, in her appearances in other books like Dan Slott's Spider-Man and Unstoppable Wasp. As such some fans (either due to agreeing with the politics or simply already adoring her character prior to this political push) like this about her, while others (either due to being anti-feminist or even feminists/social justice advocates who dislike the handling of this aspect) really dislike this. Cain's ongoing and Slott's Spider-Man are particularly sour points.
  • Die for Our Ship: Because The Avengers has been so successful, and as such been seen by many who never read the comics, Bobbi has recently been getting slated by fans of BlackHawk/Clintasha for the slight of being Clint's wife in the comics. From being villainized to becoming an Alpha Bitch in High School A.U. fics, its now almost impossible to find a fanfic that includes Bobbi that doesn't involve her being attacked and bashed, sadly. Likely this will be mitigated somewhat by her joining Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • Saying that, some Clint/Bobbi fans have not taken kindly to Jessica moving in on him. Its generally not so bad, since a lot of them liked her before Bendis began pairing the two, they just want her out of the way. Doesn't help that Jess is replacing her on the Secret Avengers, and its been confirmed that there's no plans with her right now, meaning she's stuck in limbo before someone brings her back.
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    • In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Lance Hunter, who in the MCU is now Bobbi's ex-husband, has been getting some flack from Hawkingbird shippers for taking Clint's role as the ex-husband. Not helped by him being fairly similar to Clint, and the two having some similarities in how their relationship with Bobbi is portrayed.
      • Interestingly though, Hawkeye's wife has not received much hatred, or at least not as vocal of hatred as those against Lance Hunter, at least not from Hawkingbird shippers (less can be said for other Clint shippers on that front). The fact people seemed to expect her and the kids to die in Civil War probably explains that.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Mockingbird has gained a lot of hype after she was revealed to be joining the show's cast for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2. CBR's SDCC announcement poll actually has her announcement as the highest rated announcement of the second day, even beating Sam Raimi's Evil Dead TV series announcement, The Walking Dead season 5 trailer reveal, and Guardians of the Galaxy sequel announcements. When she appeared, it became the most highly-regarded episode of the show, and has instantly became a fan-favourite, even among people not familiar with the comics.
    • She was also this in Secret Avengers; despite having almost no advertisements and being one of the only three characters in the story who weren't in the films yet despite the vary blatant pandering to film fans (the other two being Taskmaster and Daisy Johnson, both of whom were no slouches in fan acceptance either), she easily attracted the most fan attention due to being a fun character who got a good few moments to shine in the earlier issues. She arguably became the Breakout Character due to the amount of focus she got later, including an arc focusing on her, but this ended when she was Put On The Bus when a creative team change happened.
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    • When The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! featured her for an episode, fan response was so positive, the writers decided to bring her back for the second season with a much bigger role in their take on the Secret Invasion story arc, and took the place of Spider-Woman in the story.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: While Clint is probably her most popular shipping partner thanks to once being an Official Couple with him, she's got quite a few people who instead ship her with Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Bucky Barnes.
  • Iron Woobie: Lets see...Before she got married, she was in a coma after an explosion, and decided to fake her death so her mother and brother don't have to deal with the dangers of her life. She was drugged and raped when lost in time, leading her to allow the man responsible to die. Then the spirit of her rapist came to her husband and gave him a half story, making it sound like it was a cold blooded kill, resulting in her and Clint's marriage to break down. Just as she was filing the divorce papers, she was abducted by the Skrulls, who played mind games with her at first (with two skrulls using the identities of her teammates so they could try to trick her into sleeping with one), before leaving her on a Skrull planet. She spent years being hunted by them until they found her and tortured her, ending with her killing a Skrull with her bare hands as it took the form of her husband. She eventually escaped but found herself unable to fully adapt to all the changes to the world and had to relive past issues with her now-ex husband (who believed the two were still married). After reuniting with Clint, however, the spirit of her rapist comes back, while Clint's well intentioned attempt to help her resulting in her mom and brother finding out the truth, leading the former to get shot, and the latter to declar he wishes she really was dead, putting her on a slippery slope that ends with the two breaking up again. Then, she gets shot on a mission, to which she nearly died, and the only way to save her leaves her immortal, meaning that, unless they gain immortality as well, she will outlive all of her friends. For someone just barely out of the C-Lister catagory, she's got one shitload of issues.
  • Les Yay: Her and Black Widow. When they first met, they both couldn't help but think that the other is pretty, while Natasha once kissed her to free her from being controlled by brainwashing nanites (and admits later that she didn't have to kiss her, and there were alternatives), and was fairly caring towards her when her mind was breaking down thanks to what happens in Secret Avengers. The two don't spend much time together, but when they do they tend to have chemistry. May be a case of If It's You, It's Okay.
  • Narm: The feminist zombie pirates in her recent series, who complain that they are not allowed to kill her because they think that's sexist.
  • Older Than They Think: Mockingbird is occasionally accused of being a Black Canary rip-off who was created so that she could date Hawkeye, despite Bobbi Morse having first appeared as a scientist and SHIELD agent in Astonishing Tales in 1971, nine years before she became Mockingbird and twelve years before she even met Hawkeye.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Bobbi's mother being shot and her brother refusing to let her see her unless she gives up her life as a spy.
    • The Skrulls impersonating Bobbi get some as well, with another Skrull telling Bobbi that they honestly believed that they were the real deal, to the extent that one died saving Clint (shortly after saving Wanda) and the second died believing that the man she loved shot her dead.
    • During their fight in Hawkeye & Mockingbird, the Phantom Rider tells Bobbi that she's wanted to die ever since he found out what he did to her. Bobbi doesn't refute the claim.
    • Secret Avengers has her being left behind on AIM Island with no one but Hill, Coulson, and Taskmaster knowing she's there while she has no memory, but this gets topped in #13 by the way she acts while Taskmaster tries to get her off the island. Even at her most distraught, Bobbi's always had emotion, be it cocky bluntness or raging anger, but after Forsen's apparently had her undergo serious Mind Rape, she's just, blank. She doesn't respond to anything anyone says, has a Thousand-Yard Stare at the sand while cuddling her knees like a scared little girl. This confident, cocky fighter being reduced to such a broken figure, its frightening to say the least, and only topped at the end, when under Forsen's control, she shoots Taskmaster dead.
    • At one point Bobbi was pregnant and had a miscarriage.
    Bobbi: Me and my husband, we figured his or her birthday would have been October 12th. We really wanted that kid and October 12th... That... would have been a nice day.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Badass?: Borders on out-of-universe Overshadowed by Awesome; due to not being one of the most well-known Avengers, and not appearing in the MCU until the second season of Agents of SHIELD, Bobbi is a very obscure character, and its not helped by the fact that Marvel have rarely given her much of a solo push independent of Hawkeye. As such, as well-received as she has been, there's been a Vocal Minority of MCU fans who've quickly dismissed her on the grounds she's not Black Widow, and couldn't possibly be as good as Natasha for the simple fact she wasn't introduced with her.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: Her All New All Different Marvel redesign hasn't been well received. It seems to be an attempt to make her look more like a bird, but instead it looks like an awkward attempt at redesigning a Rule 63 Nightwing. Strangely, Bobbi's look in Agents of SHIELD has been reasonably well received (if with a few critics), so you'd think they'd model the design after that. This has faded a bit as the design became more streamlined prior to her ongoing starting.

For the Kathryn Erskine book

  • Fridge Logic: can be found here.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Josh. People were mean to him because of his cousin's murderous streak, so he didn't know what to do except fight back.
  • The Scrappy: Josh was this at first, both in-universe and out, but he gets Rescued from the Scrappy Heap near the end of the novel when we learn of why he bullies other kids.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The book constantly stresses these messages.
    • It's better to understand people and get to know them better rather than jump to conclusions about them and judge them harshly without hearing how they feel about it.
    • Don't demonize people for things they have nothing to do with. All it does is hurt their feelings.
    • Just because people are different and have slightly inappropriate ways of expressing themselves does NOT mean they're bad, heartless, mean, or incapable of empathy.
  • Tear Jerker: Caitlin and Harold's reactions to Devon's death, Caitlin struggling (and failing horribly) to make friends, when Caitlin tries to do something nice but is construed as mean and heartless instead, when Caitlin feels like her only friend is being taken away, Josh finally venting his frustration at his classmates' scapegoating him for the shooting, etc.
  • Wangst: This is one common complaint about Caitlin's dad, Harold. All he does is cry, sit around, and be angry at Caitlin when she does something a tad inappropriate, and even forces her to do things she doesn't want to and not leaving until she does.
  • What an Idiot!: Can't people actually EXPLAIN stuff to Caitlin in ways she can actually understand instead of just expecting her to just know what to do? Because this is what gets her in trouble and makes her more misunderstood!
  • The Woobie: Caitlin, Michael, a few others.


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