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YMMV / Massacration

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  • Awesome Music: The fact that it's a parody band doesn't mean that they don't have their fair share of awesome songs:
    • "Metal Is The Law" will get you headbanging so hard you'll need a neck support.
    • Likewise "Evil Papagali", with its triplet-based pacing akin to "Hell Patrol".
    • The galloping "Metal Massacre Attack (Arve Arvo)" which will make you scream "AAARVEEEEEE AAAAARVOOOOO".
    • "Metal Bucetation" is a rollercoaster which starts slow, then it stops and reaches cruiser galloping speed, and doesn't stop at all.
    • "The Mummy" is a slow-paced egyptian-themed piece which will make you bang your hips.
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    • The mid-tempo "Suffocator of Metal" couples it's pace with Detonator's firm complaint.
    • The ballad "The Bull"... at least it starts as a ballad, then cuts and a furious piece of mid-tempo heavy metal starts... and doesn't stop until the last bars. Ideal for a recent breakup with your couple.
    • "Massacration", as the theme named after the band, cannot be less awesome, even as a mid-tempo which makes you scream MA! SA! CRA! TIOOOOOON! MA! SA! CRA! TIOOOOOON!.
    • After a long time, they're back... with "Grand Pedido", a surprisingly catchy piece of heavy metal ad. You won't eat at McDonald's the same again.
    • And what better song to return as a fully-fledged band than with "Metal Milf", a mid-tempo as sexy as the hot Sabrina Boing Boing.
  • Ear Worm:
  • Face of the Band: Detonator. Until the disbandment (and before his death) this was true of Blondie Hammet as well.


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