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YMMV / Manifest Destiny

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  • Author Tract: Although the story was meant as a Fix Fic, it falls into entire pages of the author reminiscent his personal beliefs and views.
  • Broken Base: The author's portrayal of America. He makes his portrayal clear in his rebooted story in which he strongly opposes American interventionism and stating that an American centric Gate story would be no different from Japan's overt imperialism in canon.
    "Because of the research and discovery I did writing Gate, I learned the wider breadth of American and Western imperialism. America could not stand being the "better" of the two if both the JSDF and the Americans went into a Gate-like scenario."
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  • Designated Hero: Japan in general, especially Shino.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: One of the political situation in fic!Earth is that Scotland secedes from UK in protest to London's political actions. Scotland made announcements of secession after the 2016 BREXIT decision.
  • Mind Screw: Chapter 17 has the author appearing in the story to explain to the viewers as part of his author's notes.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story:
    • Earth gets the blunt of it. Just about every crisis has gotten worse. The United States has yet again intervene in the Middle East. Puerto Rico's economy has gotten so bad that it became an actual state in the Union to recoup it's debt. New York City faced race riots and martial law in 2019. The US and China got into a Space Race, leading to the US creating and using Kill Sat, which in turn has the US hit by economic sanctions. Russia is in turmoil with Putin's passing and China is in precariously similar situation. Most of the Middle East is buried under sandstorms. Iran has gone off the deep end and was invaded for its nuclear weapons test. Afghanistan is yet again in civil war. The Ukrainian Civil War ends with Loyalist Victory. Korea is united under the South after a short and brutal war involving China, preceded by an avian influenza epidemic that affected East Asia and is now currently dealing with a refugee crisis. The Drug Wars further escalates economic and environmental destruction in Latin America, the worst hit is a now collapsing Mexico. Further migration into the EU in response to the growing Sahara Desert. And Scotland seceded from the UK in protest and the victim of alienation by London's political actions.
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    • The hunt for the Flame Dragon in the Dark Elves' territory. It already started going wrong the team's first contact with the rest of Yao's tribe, who ambush the team for being an unknown, leading to their deaths when the team retaliate in self-defense, not knowing who they were until the shooting has stopped. When they finally get into the Dragon's lair, they find the dragon dead, and upon closer examination, it was damage sustained during its first encounter with RCT3 that did it in shortly after it landed, as the creature had been dead for MONTHS.
  • The Stations of the Canon: The story has a strict adherence to canon events despite the differences. The author appears almost too afraid to step beyond the canon event lines, thus in order to maintain thematic consistency the author seems almost forced to create sub-scenarios and alter minor details within established events. However, this seems no longer the case as of the Flame Dragon arc, where changes, both subtle and overt, start driving the story in a different direction.
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  • Too Bleak, Stopped Caring: Some readers are repelled by the story due to its content as it gets more bleaker with each chapter, with the Japanese characters being downright bloodthristy while the Americans are portrayed as mean-spirited.