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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The song is about Celestia's remorse for not noticing (or for ignoring) Luna's problems, going so far as to claim she did nothing. However, in the animation, there is a scene where Celestia does try to talk to Luna, only for Luna to instigate an argument and shut her out. Was that really the only occasion Celestia tried to help, or is it possible Luna refused Celestia's help before that incident, and Celestia is blaming herself for giving up? After Luna transforms, we see Celestia listening outside the door and sadly walking away, which may imply she didn't know what else she could do at that time (and in her defense, if Luna wouldn't talk, there may not have been).
  • Better Than Canon: In the comments section to the video, it's not uncommon to see commenters mention that they find the animation's interpretation of Celestia vs Nightmare Moon more appealing than the canonical version.
    • The fight is more action-packed than the one presented in "Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2".
    • Unlike the comics, the animation seems to support the idea that outside forces had little if anything to do with Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon, as not once has she referenced anyone but herself regarding turning into her.
    • In the aforementioned episode, it's left vague if Celestia intentionally banished Luna/Nightmare Moon, or if she didn't know the elements would do that. In this version, it's clear: banishing Luna/Nightmare Moon was a genuine accident. It only happened because Celestia defended herself, and her reaction afterwards strongly implies she didn't realize the elements would do that (which makes sense since she wasn't trying to attack with them).
    • The show often justifies Celestia banishing Luna, with her (and sometimes, other characters) saying she had to do it. The issue is the show never dived into the matter beyond that, so the audience is supposed to assume Celestia is 100% innocent. But Lullaby For A Princess has Celestia blaming herself for it all and not once ever trying to justify her actions, despite we are shown she tried to help and was rejected. In other words, Celestia really is more sympathetic here than in the show because we actually see she tried to do something.
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  • Heartwarming Moments: Meta. 5 years after making the animation, WarpOut revealed that the reasoning for the silence until now was due to losing his job and having to go on a job hunt. Now he is married with a 3 year old daughter and his family takes priority. While he makes no promises about making another project like this, he wishes that he could do so in the future. The replies are filled with comments wishing his life all the best and are simply relieved that he is alright.
  • Tear Jerker: The whole thing, really, but this set of lyrics in particular:
    "Soon did that pony take notice that others did not give her sister her due
    And neither had she loved her as she deserved, she watched as her sister's unhappiness grew
    But such is the way of the limelight it sweetly takes hold of the mind of its host
    And that foolish pony did nothing to stop the destruction of one who had needed her most..."
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  • Visual Effects of Awesome: HOLY CRAP!!! The animated music video has absolutely gorgeous art and stunning effects, and does a wonderful job of conveying the emotions present in the original song.
  • The Woobie:
    • Poor Luna, neglected both by her subjects and by her own sister.
    • And poor Celestia, realizing her mistake, and knowing she can no longer do anything to get her dear sister back for the next thousand years. She might have been blinded by the glory and attention she received, but deep down, she has loved Luna the whole time.

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