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YMMV / Law And Order Special Victims Unit S 3 E 6 Redemption

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  • Complete Monster: Arthur Blessard claimed the lives of 21 different women before he was caught. His MO would involve using his job in the IRS to enter the women's homes, and once given access would proceed to bind them to their beds where he would then beat, rape, and even bite chunks of flesh off their bodies before strangling them to death. He first started this in 1983, claiming seven victims in New York City before framing a mentally disabled man, Roger Berry, when the cops were closing on to him. With Roger taking the fall, Blessard went to other cities across the country killing even more women, as well as evolving from strangling to slitting throats. After hearing of Roger's release from prison, Blessard returns back to New York and kills more women there, all so he frame Roger once more and watch him return to prison.

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