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YMMV / Kamigawa Cycle

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  • Complete Monster: Mochi is the kami of the crescent moon. Desiring to remake the world in his image as well as to simply sate his curiosity, he suggested Lord Konda to steal That-Which-Was-Taken from the kami O-Kagachi, prompting a bloody war between humans and spirits. At the height of this war, Mochi himself directed the Soratami to commit massacres in the Jukai Forest and Takenuma Swamp; manipulated the Orochi into being devoured by O-Kagachi; and attempted to manipulate Toshiro and Michiko into committing more of his bloody crimes. Though styling himself the patron of the Soratami, Mochi sees them as little more than tools to cause more death in his quest for perfection, and nobody buys his lies about what he truly he is.