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  • Acceptable Targets: Crops up disturbingly often, veering close to Crossing the Line Twice. Most of the good guys are White, Ashkenazi, upstanding folk from circa-Tel-Aviv, and the degree of villainy seems proportionate to the distance from that point of the racial/ideological spectrum:
    • Hufni, Menashe the Yemenite's grandson, is a borderline Token Evil Teammate.
    • Taleb Zangouri, the bedouin, is a creepy and cowardly criminal with no qualms about threatening teenagers at gunpoint and kidnapping the elderly.
    • Bonnie, the Judea/Samaria/West Bank/Watchamacallit settler, is an even creepier pedophile who cooperates with Zangouri.
    • Corrupt Corporate Executive Sunny has nouveau riche overtones, as opposed to the old-school socialist-Ashkenazi types of old Hasamba, and her father is played as a painfully straight Mizrahi stereotype.
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    • A minor yet poignant example: there's a poster of current Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu hanging in one of the Bad Guys' lairs. As You Know, Netanyahu is a right-wing politician who is often regarded as a relentless populist by a significant portion of same White, Ashkenazi folk from circa Tel-Aviv and other areas in Israel.
    • There have been several notable exceptions to the above early in the show - Menashe the Yemenite himself is portrayed as completely sympathetic; Iggy is probably not Ashkenazi judging by his last name (Musafi), but is one of the main protagonists; Luda is Russian (which kind-of-sort-of makes her a minority; it's complicated) and is an asset to the fledgling Hasamba; and the model boy scout Moran is a definite villain. But easily the most glaring move away from this mentality has been the introduction of Rachel - white Ashkenazi left-wing liberal, flesh of Hasamba's flesh - who eventually became a radical eco-terrorist anarchist nut and is a major season 2 villain.
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  • Cry for the Devil: Though the show already averts Black and White Morality with Uzi's ordeal, it further makes a point to sucker-punch the audience with constant details of Sunny's abusive childhood. Her dad once left her in a hotel abroad as a guarantee when he couldn't afford to pay for their stay. She spent months alone, eating out of trash cans, not knowing if anyone was ever going to come back for her. And ever since then what she'd always wanted was to be in control.

  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Straight guys end up with hot girls. Gay guys try to hit on other guys and have the crap beaten out of them, because nobody likes gay guys.
  • Faux Action Girl: Renan starts to seem like one in the second season, when her favorite pastime appears to be getting kidnapped.
  • I Knew It!: Alpha is a brainwashed Uri.
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  • Magic Franchise Word: Larnyx Uppercut ("Snokeret Lagrogeret").


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