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YMMV / Genzo

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  • Evil Is Sexy: Maria Kusuru. A strong, big-breasted, red-headed woman with a black corset and a whip to boot. She's also bent on overthrowing Hideyoshi, if you care...
    • For Girls, Koshiro.
  • Foe Yay: Maria with Chiyomaru. Well, actually more like Les Yay.
  • Les Yay: A tiny instance. when Kiku manages to defeat all her male suitors, her retainer decide to change plans and offers "''Prince'' Kiku's hand to various beautiful noblewomen. Kiku wasn't amused....
    • Also in the first volume, when one of Kiku's friends jokingly suggest that she should take wife and become "Feudal Lord" of Kamikawa.
  • Moe: Osato and, sometimes, Otsuru. O-Shizu in the extra.

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