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  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: the English translation, while pretty good for the most part, does make some strange mistakes. For example, Kim's home planet is translated verbatim as "Edem", even though "Edem" is Russian for "Eden". There doesn't appear to be a reason for the transliteration vs. translation. Also, Gamma Ophiuchi is translated as "Gamma Snakebearer", since the translator, apparently, couldn't be bothered to do a simple Internet search.
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  • Squick: energetic-specs have been modified to survive concentrated radiation exposure, which for males also means retracting the genitals during work.
  • Values Dissonance: Alex is a twenty-some-year-old man. Kim is a fourteen-year-old girl. In order to provide her with an ID (she ran away from home), they agree to get married for a day. Not only is this not weird in this 'verse, but she also insists on Alex performing his contractual duty as her husband. The story explains her attraction to him as part of her specialization as a hetaera (basically, a High-Class Call Girl). It's also common for kids of wealthy parents on her planet to receive their first sexual experience from hired "instructors". Most other planets use virtual "instructors" for their sex-ed courses. Additionally, Alex remembers his own sex ed course in school, where the teacher was explaining to the boys the proper technique for masturbation. Slightly justified, since he went to a special school for pilots, who are expected to spend a long time in space, far from potential sexual partners.

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