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YMMV / Gabriella Cilmi

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  • Ear Worm: Her singles are continuously played on British radio, well, except for one network. "Sweet About Me", "Safe The Lies", "Don't You Wanna Go To Bed Now"...
  • Funny Moments: At the 2008 ARIA Awards, she ended up with six awards. The first acceptance speech was pretty much like all acceptance speeches, but she got more and more drunk between awards, so the later presentations were hilarious.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Popular in the United Kingdom; more so than her native Australia. Much like Kylie Minogue in that sense...
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  • Nightmare Fuel: Her music videos straddle the border between this and Nightmare Fuel. On A Mission and Save The Lies are very strange.
  • Sophomore Slump: "Ten" was ignored and passed over extremely fast.
  • Tear Jerker: Love Me Cuz You Want To, Defender, Robots, Safer, Sit in the Blues and What if You Knew.


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