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YMMV / Fly'N

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  • That One Level: If you're going for a No-Damage Run, a few qualify.
    • 3-2, Ywok's first Advancing Wall of Doom level. The unreliable bounce physics mean you can miss pollen through no fault of your own, and several points require abusing the reset feature of the checkpoints to give yourself more time to collect pollen.
    • 5-8. In addition to an an extremely long Colossus Climb, you then have to dive inside. The area is almost completely covered in deadly garbage, and the opening sequence requires you to float through three different rotating garbage obstacles with only two jumps to correct your course. Then you get into the main area, which is even worse, forcing you to make precision jumps and setting up devious traps. A No-Damage Run is hell.

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