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YMMV / Eschatos

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  • Awesome Music: ESCHATOS is packed to the brim with catchy and awesome FM synth music by Yousuke Yasui, the original soundtrack can be seen as a love letter to the Sega Genesis system.
  • Polished Port: The PC version features higher resolution visuals and many graphical options available right from the start whereas the Xbox 360 version required playing through the game to unlock them.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Bomb items in Advanced mode. In Original, there's almost no bad time to pick them up, but in Advanced, getting a bomb hurts your multiplier and reduces your shot power, meaning that unless you absolutely need to use them, bombs should be avoided at all costs and treated like enemy attacks.
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    • In Original mode, the multiplier penalty for letting enemies escape is much harsher than in Advanced, meaning that a single death can wipe that multiplier you worked all stage for back down to x1.
  • That One Level: Stage 3 (Areas 12 through 15) is fairly long, features multiple segments throughout the stage where you fight the boss, has a tricky segment involving spinning crystals, and unlike the rest of the game, there are no extra lives here, so coming into this stage with no lives left is going to be a bad time.

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